Magic Squeaky

Trick by JL Magic
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Magic Squeaky

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Trick by JL Magic ($15.00)

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Magic Squeaky - magic

Imagine a squeaker with a secret on-off switch. A squeaker that you can control, so you can make it squeak, but your spectator can’t! Imagine the possibilities! Well, at AmazeKids we have not only imagined such a Squeaker, but we’ve made it a reality. Check out the video for Magic Squeaky!

Features: You can make the squeak sound

  • Appear
  • Disappear
  • Travel from one squeaker to another.
  • Travel from a squeaker to any object such as a cell phone, an empty hand, a sponge ball, a rubber ducky

In this AmazeKids’ exclusive. You get:

  • Two gimmicked squeakers
  • One non-gimmicked squeaker
  • A carrying pouch
  • Download of ideas, routines and tips written by Danny Orleans

Here are just a few of the many ideas on how you can use Magic Squeaky:

  • Invisible Switch: Press the Squeaker to hear the squeak. Pretend to push an invisible switch on the Squeaker. Now it doesn’t squeak!
  • Squeak-to-Squeak: Make the squeak  sound magically move, as the sound “disappears” from one squeaker and is heard from the other.
  • Squeaking Sponge Ball: Use two Magic Squeakys (one palmed, the other in plain view) to make the sound travel from the Squeaker to the Sponge Ball and back again.
  • Balloon Squeak: Why does your balloon squeak? Is it that squeaker you have hidden in your hand? I don't think so!
  • Sucker Squeak: Make the squeak sound appear in any object such as a ball, a tangerine, or a volunteer’s hand. Then you show the audience the secret: the hidden squeaker. But, when they press it, there’s no sound!
  • Squeaking Duck: Use a child’s rubber duck next to your Magic Squeak. Show how the factory puts the squeak sound in the rubber duck by making the sound travel from the squeaker into the duck. Danny Orleans gives you a little-known method where you can make any child’s rubber toy appear to have a squeaker embedded. When you squeeze the toy, you can make it squeak or not squeak. The sound is totally under your control without any palming of any squeakers! By combining that method with the Magic Squeaky you can make the sound travel magically with both the duck and the Squeaker being totally examinable.

At AmazeKids, we’ve been having so much fun with Magic Squeaky. It can squeak or not squeak each time you squeeze it—totally up to you—totally under your control. The power of this little prop lies not only in the fact that you can make it squeak or not squeak each time you squeeze it, but that your spectator can’t make it squeak when they try!

Perfect for close-up or living room shows, when you add Magic Squeaky to your repertoire, you’ll be adding the sweet sound of squeaking to your kids magic!


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Customer reviews for Magic Squeaky


Magic Squeaky is a versatile utility item. It's easy to see how it can be the "secret ingredient" to liven up any routine, and also Danny presents a complete routine in the demo video that would work not just close-up but also in a birthday party setting in a living room. It's also surprisingly fun to play with, more fun even than a regular non-gimmicked squeaker.



The Magic Squeaky was a hit with the Kindergarten class that I entertained today. I used it like a break-away wand. The kids loved it! Everyone wanted to try it. Danny includes several well thought out routines for using the Magic Squeaky. I can’t wait to use it again. I’m going to carry it in my pocket from now on. Don’t leave home without it!



Dave Thomen, get life dude. Your Opinion should not matter if you've never purchased the product. If you want to be somebody become a journalist maybe somebody listen to you.

As for the magic squeaky, it always makes children laugh and they have a good time. I've also done it on puppies. Everyone gets a laugh and that's what it's all about. Stop taking magic so serious people.



As a professional magician who uses a squeaky as a secret not to be shown, I'm disappointed in this release. Like coin manipulation, the "I knew it" from a child would vanish the method rather than exposing it. I have seen Dan and purchased other great items from AmazeKids but not this one. I'll continue to take the Peter Studebaker and Jeff McBride approach to the mystery of audio.