Sponge Carrot to Rabbit

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Trick by Timothy Pressley ($65.00)

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Sponge Carrot to Rabbit - magic

Magically transform a sponge carrot into a sponge bunny in the palm of your hand with the remarkable Sponge Carrot to Rabbit!

You'll receive:

  • 1 Carrot to Rabbit Gimmick
  • 4 additional baby carrots

Everything is crafted with authentic Goshman super-soft sponge.

You can use this Sponge Carrot to Rabbit set to perform one of the 4 complete routines included with your purchase or create your own innovative magic routine.

Rabbit Trap: Challenge your audience to catch the rabbit as he secretly moves carrots back and forth from your hand and pocket.

Count the Carrots: Carrots multiply uncontrollably before a rabbit magically appears and eats them all.

Teleporting Carrots: Carrots apparently teleport from your hand into the hand of a spectator and then a rabbit appears in their hand.

Hare in My Mouth: After an endless supply of carrots appear from your mouth, you then produce a sponge rabbit from your mouth.

NOTE: The included instructions for these routines assume the magician has a basic understanding of sponge magic, sleight of hand and misdirection.


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  • 1.

    Michael asks: Does the Count the Carrots routine require things to be passed between the magician and the spectator? Also just making sure there's not a typo in the price. $65 seems like a lot, but maybe these are indestructible sponges or something and no won't ever require refills. I guess on that note - how long would you expect these to last if being used in multiple shows a day? Will refills be available? If so what will they cost?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: I'd always prefer to do a sponge routine that uses a spectator's hand. No, the price is not a typo. They sponges are made from goshman supersoft so will last you a lifetime. As ever, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy for any reason, ship them back in good condition and we'll refund you. Hope that helps.
    • 2. Michael answers: Thanks for the reply. I'd also prefer to do it in a spectator's hand, but that's not feasible for the near future. So, to be more specific: Rabbit Trap and Hare In My Mouth seem like they would work for a virtual show. Would Count the Carrots work in a virtual show?
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Sponge Carrot to Rabbit by Timothy Pressley