Snow Storm

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Snow Storm - magic

One of the true classics of magic for its timeless elegance and beauty, Snow Storm is a delight for the eyes for children and adults alike.

Imagine tearing white tissue paper into little pieces, which you then dip into a glass of water. After putting the wet tissue into your hand, you take a folding fan and wave it over the damp tissue. Suddenly little flakes of tissue paper blow out of your hand, then more, and more... Soon the entire stage is taken over by the Snow Storm.

Get Snow Storm now and get ready to see the wonder of magic in the audience's eyes!


Community questions about Snow Storm

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  • 1.

    Jeff asks: Is snow storm an effective trick for street performers or generally outside?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: Aside from a concern over littering, the wind can affect the display of the snowstorm . Keep those considerations in mind when making the decision.
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  • 2.

    Randy asks: Is the fan included? how difficult to perform?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: The fan is not included. It will take practice, but like all good tricks, is totally worth it.
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  • 3.

    Tabitha asks: what is the snow storm effect I have never seen it before for all different tricks that I have seen before

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Snow Storm by The Essel Magic