Infinity Teapot

Trick by Thanh Nguyen
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Infinity Teapot

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Trick by Thanh Nguyen ($29.95)

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Infinity Teapot - magic
Infinity Teapot Infinity Teapot Infinity Teapot

An amazingly beautiful production device that will baffle audiences of all ages.

A blue scarf is pulled from a teapot and set on the table. You then tip the teapot over to show it pours blue water. Two other colored scarves are then produced from the teapot, which then fills the glasses up with matching colors.

Nobody will know where this water came from.

Then, amazingly, you're able to still produce more items from the teapot.

Both the lid and bottom of the teapot can be removed.

Infinity Teapot is extremely easy to perform. It's great for stage magic and children's magic and can be combined with many other routines.


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Infinity Teapot by Thanh Nguyen