Food To Go 2.0

Trick by George Iglesias and Twister Magic
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Food To Go 2.0

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Trick by George Iglesias and Twister Magic ($50.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Food To Go 2.0 - magic
Food To Go 2.0 Food To Go 2.0 Food To Go 2.0 Food To Go 2.0 Food To Go 2.0 Food To Go 2.0

In our opinion, this prop should be named “Anything to Go.” Because you can show it empty on both sides and produce just about anything from it! A book, a doll, a baseball, burgers, headphones, candy bars, a cupcake, a coffee cup…the list is endless.

This is a 21st century version of U.F. Grant’s Temple Screen. Check out the video. George Iglesias has reconfigured it for the modern-day performer—especially if you perform themed shows at parties, libraries, schools and special events.

You get:

  • Panels ready to customize with any message or graphic
  • Improved design. This version has two hidden panels and load chambers.
  • Seven hidden neodymium magnets to assure perfect panel alignment
  • Downloads for graphics (food menu, snack and technology catalogues)
  • Made of finest materials with matte finish

Here are seven ideas on how you can customize the graphics and production item for themed shows and events. Birthday Party Use graphics of party hat, cake, “Happy Birthday” text, candles, smiling children’s faces, presents, then produce a cupcake

Holiday Party Use graphics of Santa, Reindeer, Presents, Christmas Tree, Ornaments, Snowman, then produce a bag full of candy canes!

Nutrition Show Use graphics of different food groups and text to support them, then produce a piece of fruit like an Apple, Orange, or Banana.

Fairs Use graphics of Popcorn, Candy Apples, Pretzels, Bag of Peanuts, Fake Ice Cream Cone, text “Snacks” and then produce a Plastic Cup with a Straw!

Library Use graphics of a Library Building, Bookshelves, Librarians, Books, Bookmark, Popular book cover, the produce a model of a Brain or a Book to support the 2020 theme “Imagine Your Story”

Princess Party Use graphics of icons from the Disney Princess Movies such as a Magic Lamp, Snowflake, Poison Apple, Glass Slipper, Seashell, or Bow and Arrow. Then produce a 3D figure of one of the Disney Princesses

Character Building Show Use graphics of Pillars in different colors with text on them: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. Then produce a 3D model of one of the Pillars.

Get George Iglesias’ “Food to Go” and you’ll have a customizable utility prop that will become your “Go-To” production device for your next show.

Panel size: Each panel is 9x12


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  • 1.

    Irwin asks: What is the size of one panel?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: The whole package is 12.0 x 9.0 x 0.3 inches. You do get some digital images to print out for the panels, and those are 7 x 11 inches.
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  • 2.

    Paul asks: I notice in the video that the food prices are shown in dollars. Is there an english version which shows the prices in sterling ?

    • 1. Tony answers: Nope! at this moment, it comes in the US dollar only
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  • 3.

    Erik asks: Hi, Is it continuously customizable or is it permanent once you install the images? Thanks.

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Hi have been using Food to Go 1.0 for years! In fact, I've already customized the pictures to produce new items. this is a fantastic opener you can do with or without patter... it is great for kid shows too. glad to see they have new version out! I've been looking for a back up prop for a long time now. Glad this came out!