Sherpa - Year of the Dragon

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Accessory by Sherpa ($39.95)

Possibly discontinued.
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Sherpa - Year of the Dragon - magic

If you're looking to add elegance and style to your Sharpie marker pen, look no further than this limited edition 'Year of the Dragon' Sherpa pen shell.

For those who are unaware, the Sherpa is a unique pen shell introduced in 2008 that holds a variety of disposable pens and markers including Sharpie - the magician's staple pen. Each Sherpa is designed with an innovative cap to keep the colour of your marker or pen bold and fresh every time, and this limited edition model is a collector's must-have item.

In honour of the 2012 'Year of the Dragon', this one-of-a-kind Sherpa is limited to 888 pieces and is decorated with emerald dragon scales and includes the Chinese symbol for Dragon on the barrel, as well as an etched dragon on the clip. Each pen includes its own unique number etched on the center ring and the box insert is also numbered as well.

  • Limited run of 888 pieces
  • Unique dragon scale design
  • Easy to fit a Sharpie pen into
  • Innovative cap to keep ink fresh

Fun fact - the name 'Sherpa'
The Sherpas are a well known community that have helped make history by guiding several adventure seekers to the top of Mt. Everest. Sherpas have the unique ability to withstand high altitudes and its effects. This community has acclimated itself throughout the years to the unusual conditions that occur while climbing a massive mountain. Just as the thrill seeking hiker needs a guide to climb Mt. Everest, the Sherpa pen guides your writing instrument to the next level.

Your purchase includes the limited edition 2012 'Year of the Dragon' Sherpa pen shell, as well as a standard Sharpie marker pen.


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