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Human Xylophone Trick (pre-order)
Human Xylophone
Trick (pre-order) by - $130.00

Searching for a fantastic, stage-filling routine with tons of audience helpers? Keith Fields' amazing bit of business in which eight audience members are transformed into a musical scale, becoming a "Human Xylophone," is loads of fun! Keith's six-minute interactive routine, filled with...

Mrs. Brown’s Magic Cookie Trick
Mrs. Brown’s Magic Cookie
Trick by - $85.00

Imagine doing a "Spot Card" routine with a giant chocolate chip cookie where the chocolate chips magically appear as the cookie is turned over. That's what Mrs. Brown's Magic Cookie is all about. You remove an enormous ‘cookie’ from its package while telling the audience about Mrs. Brown’s...

Whoopee Seat Cushion Trick
Whoopee Seat Cushion
Trick by - $75.00

This trick is a gas! Literally! Imagine bringing a victim/volunteer up to the stage and asking him to have a seat. As the volunteer sits down, the audience hears the passing of gas. You look at the volunteer and ask him to stand up. Lifting up the seat cushion, you remove a deflated whoopee...

Princess in a Pickle  Trick
Princess in a Pickle
Trick by - $295.00

This could be the ultimate photo opp kids routine. But it's also a contender for the ultimate Pack Flat/Plays Big routines for children’s audiences. David Kaye’s Princess in a Pickle is the first set of headless silks that can be combined with a complete story -- and it uses four child-helpers...

Banner Gags Trick
Banner Gags
Trick by - $40.00

Young children think Silly Billy's (aka David Kaye) recently released Banner Gags, are very, very funny. These represent a brand new idea for kid shows. The Banner Gag starts out as a thin 9-1/2 inch stick. It has a rolled up sign in it. When you pull the handles, it opens into a large 9-1/2" x...

Jumbo Inflatable Wands Trick
Jumbo Inflatable Wands
Trick by - $15.00

The reason that we, at Amazekids, like Silly Billy's Jumbo Inflatable Magic Wands so much is that you can use them in your show and then give them away to the party guests. These are easy-to-inflate, jumbo wands that are 27" long. You inflate them by blowing them up like a balloon, but they are...

Foam Cookie Trick
Foam Cookie
Trick by Albert Goshman - $7.50 NOW $5.70 (SAVE $1.80)

Imagine the expression on kids' faces when you make this giant cookie appear! This is the perfect prop to use as a finale with any Oreo cookie routine. Pull it out of your Magic Cookie Box. Combine it with Cookie Bite. Mix it up with Moreo. There are so many possibilities. This hilarious, giant...

Dove Cake Trick
Dove Cake
Trick by Goshman - $30.00 NOW $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

These colorful, high-quality and highly-compressible foam birthday cakes easily fit into the standard dove and chick pans, square circles, etc. Available in two sizes: Chick Cake (H10" x W4") and Dove Cake (H10.5" x 5.75").

Chick Cake Trick
Chick Cake
Trick by Goshman - $24.00 NOW $18.24 (SAVE $5.76)

These colorful, high-quality and highly-compressible foam birthday cakes easily fit into the standard dove and chick pans, square circles, etc. Available in two sizes: Chick Cake (H10" x W4") and Dove Cake (H10.5" x 5.75").

Celebri-Tie Trick
Trick by - $140.00

Anytime during your show you take off your coat, let it hang casually over your shoulder and throw your tie backwards over the opposite shoulder. A split second later the tie rises above your shoulder and... it's alive! It can dance, sing and even find a card chosen by a spectator!...

Gypsy Balloon DVD
Gypsy Balloon
DVD by Tony Clark - $25.00

How do you make the classic Gypsy Thread routine play even better in your show? Well, Tony Clark has the answer! He's added a helium balloon. The string that holds your helium balloon is broken into several smaller pieces. You gently rub the pieces together into a small ball of string....

Zipper Change Bag Ickle Pickle (Blue) Accessory
Zipper Change Bag Ickle Pickle (Blue)
Accessory by - $40.00 NOW $30.40 (SAVE $9.60)

With the Ickle Pickle One-Handed bag, the secret move can be done so quickly that your assistant can drop the object into the bag, then immediately reach back inside to find it`s vanished or changed!

Pancho the Pickin Duck Trick
Pancho the Pickin Duck
Trick by - $17.95

Kids love puppets and kids love magic. So, kids are really going to love Pancho the Pickin' Duck when he does a card trick while blindfolded! Watch the video and you’ll see the appeal that this darling, pack-flat-play-big, yellow duck will have on your audience. There are tons of...

Fresh Fish Sold Here Trick
Fresh Fish Sold Here
Trick by - $4.00 NOW $3.04 (SAVE $0.96)

A long strip of paper with the words "Fresh Fish Sold Here" printed on it is displayed to the audience. The magician then tells the audience a story, during which he removes single words from the strip by ripping them off. At the end of the story, the only word left is "Fish." He then folds the...

Forgetful Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Trick
Forgetful Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Trick by - $213.75

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Professor's Nightmare Pro Trick
Professor's Nightmare Pro
Trick by - $8.00 NOW $6.08 (SAVE $1.92)

Now you can perform one of the most popular rope tricks of all time. Show three lengths of rope, each of a different length. One is long, the second is of medium length, and the third is a short piece. Gathering the ropes together, you give them a deft tug. As if made of...

Snow Leopard Vest Trick
Snow Leopard Vest
Trick by - $245.00 NOW $186.20 (SAVE $58.80)

The magician is wearing an all black waistcoat, with or without a jacket. Under minimum cover of a handful of confetti thrown toward the waistcoat (or up in the air), this becomes dotted with white polka dots. Nothing is added or taken away from the waistcoat, which may be worn normally...

Happy Birthday Vest  DVD
Happy Birthday Vest
DVD by - $435.00 NOW $330.60 (SAVE $104.40)

A plain white vest buttoned at the front and showing out from underneath an ope jacket (the vest may also be worn and performed without a jacket) becomes emblazened with a beautifully illustrated brithday (or celebration) cake. After more byplay (many ideas given) the cake on the vest becomes...

Square Squared Trick
Square Squared
Trick by - $280.50 NOW $213.18 (SAVE $67.32)

To improve a classic is nearly impossible, but Mr. Mikame has done the unimaginable. With a premier collaboration between Mikame Craft Inc and Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc, Square Squared is the classic Square Circle, improved for today's working magicians. A Deceptive device with better...

Professional Fountain of Silks Accessory
Professional Fountain of Silks
Accessory by G&L - $95.00 NOW $72.20 (SAVE $22.80)

The G&L Professional Fountain of Silks are known and used by performers all over the world. This is because of the highest quality of all materials that are used in constructing them. They are built here in the United States by G&L. The small bundle can be hidden behind a prop or pulled...

Double Flower Tray Trick
Double Flower Tray
Trick by - $168.00 NOW $127.68 (SAVE $40.32)

Display an empty tray and put some flash paper on it & paper transforms into spring flowers! Repeat the effect but this time CHANGE the paper into a large bouquet of spring flowers. A repeat production tray. Many more effects possible Can be used to produce silks or sponge balls instead of...

Shrinking And Growing Head Spiral Extreme Trick
Shrinking And Growing Head Spiral Extreme
Trick by - $85.00

The magician displays a spinning spiral. The audience is asked to stare at the spiral while the magician counts backwards from ten to one. When the audience looks at the magician, his head appears to inflate like a balloon! A spectator is brought on stage and the process is repeated. Now when the...

Pack Flat Illusions for Kid's & Family Shows Book
Pack Flat Illusions for Kid's & Family Shows
Book by - $45.00

Are you a kids or family entertainer looking for more stage props and illusions beyond the dependable classics such as the square circle, dove pan, tip over trunk, drawer box and Zig Zag Girl? Are you looking for a Harry Potter-themed illusion? From one of Asia's top professional...

Plates Through Arm Illusion Trick
Plates Through Arm Illusion
Trick by - $99.99

A solid plate penetrates through the performer's or a spectator's arm. The props are comprised of a frame and plate. The frame is spring hinged and can be split in half by pulling apart the opposite edges, to show the entire inside of the frame as empty. Place your arm through the hole in the...

The Flying Carpet Trick
The Flying Carpet
Trick by Tenyo Magic - $65.00 NOW $49.40 (SAVE $15.60)

What your spectator sees: You make the Flying Carpet float in mid-air, approximately 4 inches above the floor! There is absolutely nothing between the base and the Flying Carpet. Next, you actually step onto the Flying Carpet! While still standing on the Flying Carpet, you bend down to...