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Gloves to Streamer Trick
Gloves to Streamer
Trick by Premium Magic - $19.95 NOW $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

A great opening effect! You are supplied with one black glove and one white glove. You take off each glove and place them together in your hand. Magically, you turn the two gloves into one beautiful black and white silk streamer. Very easy to learn and perform!

Everlasting Sponge Balls Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Everlasting Sponge Balls
Trick by Eric Leclerc - $40.00

Eric Leclerc, Canada's two-time magic champion and host on National Geographic’s Brain Games, has released his favorite kid show routine to the magic community. It’s a hilarious, super-amazing Sponge Balls from Mouth routine that's perfect for parlor or stage. Eric’s use of the Finger Pointer Wand...

Original Auto Silk to Rose Trick
Original Auto Silk to Rose
Trick by JL Magic - $125.00

There are so many versions of Silk to Rose on the market. Some are quite mechanical and others require lots of sleight of hand. This one is virtually automatic, and highly visual, which is why we think it's so great.  Very elegant magic using a silk and a rose - nothing more...

Super Soft Sponge - Something or Nothing Trick
Super Soft Sponge - Something or Nothing
Trick by Magic by Gosh - $10.00 NOW $7.60 (SAVE $2.40)

These are GREAT utility items for the restaurant or close-up worker, and they even play great for kids!Sponge words that are perfect for any magician... For whenever you need to throw out "Something" or "Nothing" literally. This prop is going to be a great addition to your bag of tricks....

Torch to Rose Trick
Torch to Rose
Trick by The Essel Magic - $5.95 NOW $4.52 (SAVE $1.43)

This is a stage item, and a beautiful one at that. If you are opening with a sequence to music, what a lovely prop this is to grab attention.  This is a flashy and easy effect, perfect for opening your show. The magician enters the stage holding a lighted torch, passes a hand over the...

Mismade Flag With A Twist Trick
Mismade Flag With A Twist
Trick by Magic by Gosh - $25.00 NOW $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

Mismade Flag is a classic, wonderful routine for American audiences and this is the finest version we've come across. Why? Because this version has an additional twist -- a phase where your audience sees a flag where the stars and stripes are all mixed up. This gives you additional...

Card Castle with Six Card Repeat Trick
Card Castle with Six Card Repeat
Trick by The Essel Magic - $19.95 NOW $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

This is a really smart combination of two classic tricks. Imagine doing Six Card Repeat, each time counting a packet of six cards, and then throwing three onto a tray, then showing you still have six in your hands. It gets more amazing the more times you throw away three and STILL count six....

Half Full Trick
Half Full
Trick by Alexander Illusions LLC - $85.00

Half Full is yet another effect in Scott Alexander and Puck's line of powerful commercial magic. It is based on a long-forgotten trick called "Milkan," which was a favorite of Faucett Ross. Half Full is a versatile trick that can be a quick opener, or a full five-minute routine of...

String of Flags Trick
String of Flags
Trick by - $24.95

This String of Flags is a fantastic production item. Made of 100% pure silk and printed in FULL color. You can produce this amazingly visual assortment from your mouth, a square circle, cones, tubes, etc. This is a "must have" for all parlor performers!

Smokin Flash Silk Trick
Smokin Flash Silk
Trick by G Sparks Magic - $49.99 NOW $37.99 (SAVE $12.00)

"This great utility prop is designed for my beautiful silk and flash routine." A SELF CONTAINED FLASH AN ASH TRAY WITH BUILT IN SECRETS PERFECT FOR ANY BURN AND RESTORE ROUTINE Enjoy the Magic by G Sparks The push button electronic flash ash tray with a...

Easter Basket Production Trick
Easter Basket Production
Trick by - $35.00

Employing a body load to produce a basket of flowers, bowl of water, or some other large item from a foulard is a centuries old concept. Producing a full Easter basket makes for an impressive and colorful finish for a seasonal show. The modus operandi is exactly that taught by Professor Hoffmann,...

Pack Flat Illusions 2 for Kid's & Family Shows Book
Pack Flat Illusions 2 for Kid's & Family Shows
Book by - $49.95

From the author of the best-selling "Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows" comes a sequel jam-packed with even more new and amazing large-scale stage effects for the modern kids and family show magician. The book features a collection of ten original stage routines and illusions...

Rainbow Monte Trick
Rainbow Monte
Trick by Juan Pablo - $49.95

The magician shows three blank cards and one Ace. He makes the monte and the spectator always loses. At the end of the show the magician shows that there were three Aces and only one white card. Completely examinable  No gimmicks  Very visual

Sleeve Bouquet (10 Flowers) Trick
Sleeve Bouquet (10 Flowers)
Trick by Uday - $20.00 NOW $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

These lovely feather bouquets are a great single-handed production item. You can compress them into a very thin bundle to fit either up your jacket sleeve or into a production box and they pop open when produced.

Basket of Roses Trick
Basket of Roses
Trick by Premium Magic - $44.95 NOW $34.16 (SAVE $10.79)

The performer's assistant holds a colorful cut out wood flower basket in their hand. It has five holes in which are placed five different colored silks in the shape of flowers. The performer removes the silks, drops them into a metal flowerpot. He makes a tossing motion with the pot towards the...

Change Bag Standard (Repeat) Accessory
Change Bag Standard (Repeat)
Accessory by Bazar De Magia - $29.00 NOW $22.04 (SAVE $6.96)

Use the Change Bag Repeat with any object that fits into the bag. Producing!  Vanishing!  Changing!  One hand activated!  New design!  Plastic handle, no more scratched wood! Greatest utility ever! Put an item inside the bag,...

Change Bag Velvet (Repeat) Accessory
Change Bag Velvet (Repeat)
Accessory by Bazar De Magia - $32.00 NOW $24.32 (SAVE $7.68)

Use the Change Bag Repeat with any object that fits into the bag. Producing!  Vanishing!  Changing!  One hand activated!  New design!  Plastic handle, no more scratched wood! Greatest utility ever! Put an item inside...

Production Spring Ball Accessory
Production Spring Ball
Accessory by - $5.95

Magicians use this ball for production purposes. You can produce this from a lantern ball, mirror box, triangular box, genii tube, etc.  Includes: 2 x balls made from from G-1 wire and wrapped with velvet. When you compress the ball it should be a 1/2" and after releasing it becomes...

Clatter Box Trick
Clatter Box
Trick by - $49.95

The performer displays a blue colored metal box with two doors on its front and back. The front door is opened and a silk is found inside the box. the performer draws out the silk from the box and showing the box empty closes the door. The performer vanishes the silk by putting the silk into the...

Puzzle Mania Trick
Puzzle Mania
Trick by - $39.95

THIS TRICK ALWAYS SOLD OUT AT EVERY LECTURE IT WAS SHOWN AT. VERY POPULAR EFFECT WITH BOTH MAGICIANS AND MENTALISTS. Available again by popular demand, long off the market for over three years. Now made in up-to-date topical frame puzzles, with characters from Frozen, Spiderman,...

Wrong Way Trick
Wrong Way
Trick by - $39.99

We've all seen and surely performed the classic Crazy Compass (the arrow on the sign trick), but for the kids magician here is a great new jumbo version with a hilarious ending. It looks like this. You show a large traffic sign, around 12-inches square, consisting of a big white arrow...

Milk Magazine with Magazine Magazine
Milk Magazine with Magazine
Magazine by Uday Jadugar - $12.00 NOW $9.12 (SAVE $2.88)

A classic piece of magic and mystery, the Milk Magazine is a 'must have' for any general magic performer. This refill gimmick by Uday Jadugar is perfect to fit into any magazine or newspaper and is made to the highest standards. For those unaware of the effect, you display a magazine or...

Colossal Coloring Book of Magic Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Colossal Coloring Book of Magic
Trick by Danny Orleans - $44.95

This is big! It’s really big! – and when you’re doing kids shows, bigger is better. That’s why Danny Orleans has performed his Colossal Coloring Book routine in every kids show he's done for the past 30 years. Now he's made it available to the magic community. This is a professional prop for...

Dream Dots Trick
Dream Dots
Trick by Amazo - $72.50

A classic magic effect just got better! Awarded by Fantasio, Dream Dots Vanishing Cane is a must for any stage or cabaret general magic performer. Vanishing and appearing canes have been a staple for magicians the world over, with the Fantasio canes known as one of the most reliable and...

A Trip to The Circus Trick
A Trip to The Circus
Trick by - $85.00

A Trip to The Circus is an effect inspired by David Copperfield and Frederic Culpit's classic Abbotts's Bathing Beauty effect. In this, George Iglesias brings us his children's version as a 7-minute solid comedy routine with a great twist and plot that's ready to entertain audiences of...