Magic by Wood Crafters

Flying Carpet Illusion Trick
Flying Carpet Illusion
Trick by Wood Crafters - $650.00

A member of the audience is chosen by the magician to go on an adventure, a Magic Carpet ride...  The audience is shown a "Magic Carpet" resting on two steel swords and a decorative screen. The volunteer is asked to sit on the "Magic Carpet." Slowly, the decorative screen is taken away. Next,...

Fire Book Book
Fire Book
Book by Wood Crafters - $80.00

The performer opens a book and instantly flames are seen coming from the pages!

Silk-Cola Trick
Trick by Wood Crafters - $39.95

In your hands, a silk scarf suddenly appears inside an empty Coke bottle! Easy to do and definitely amazing! If you can put the Pringles can over the Coke bottle, you can do the trick! You'll get a lot of use out of this one, because you can do it in a number of different ways. Produce...

Appearing Wand Trick
Appearing Wand
Trick by Wood Crafters - $29.95

This wand is a total of 8 feet long! The white tips of the wand are extra large! Great for any appearing wand routine!

Appearing Bamboo Pole Trick
Appearing Bamboo Pole
Trick by Wood Crafters - $29.95

The Appearing Bamboo Pole is an amazing 8 feet long! Great item for any magician to have in their arsenal.

Appearing Mop Trick
Appearing Mop
Trick by Wood Crafters - $39.95

This mop is perfect for any production! Close up or stage!