Magic by Vincenzo DiFatta

Metallic Spring Flowers Trick
Metallic Spring Flowers
Trick by - $13.00 NOW $9.88 (SAVE $3.12)

Wonderful colored flowers appear out of an ancient magic book, or out of a wallet, a pan or anything else you can think of!When closed they are 6.5 x 5 in. (16.5 x 13.5 cm) Bright colorsSuper resistantHigh quality material. 

Top Crystal Box Trick
Top Crystal Box
Trick by - $300.00 NOW $228.00 (SAVE $72.00)

Show an empty transparent box, just blow on it, and it will magically fill with a colored flowers bouquet.  Empty it, close it again with its lid, a magic gesture... and the box will instantly refill with 8 juggler's colored balls! Two astonishing productions from nothing,...

Squeeze Away Block Trick
Squeeze Away Block
Trick by - $51.75 NOW $39.33 (SAVE $12.42)

Three examined wooden blocks, two red and one yellow are placed inside an open cabin made of wood, with the yellow block between the red ones. The two red blocks are squeezed together and the yellow block gets smaller and smaller until it vanishes completely! In the end the two red blocks can...

Jumping PomPom Trick
Jumping PomPom
Trick by - $30.99 NOW $23.55 (SAVE $7.44)

The magician shows a wand from which hangs the pompom and says that the red ones are the most magical. Said that, he passes the wand behind his back and the red pompom move from one end to another. Then, he repeats the same moves and makes them return to the starting point. For the audience is...