Magic by Twister Magic

The Magic Tube Trick
The Magic Tube
Trick by Twister Magic - $39.95

Two colorful scarves and a bunch of M&M's in the most contemporary packaging—a colorful tube—are all the props you need to perform a wonderful candy routine for kids. It’s from the inventive minds of Gabbo Torres and George Iglesias and it’s great for close-up, a living-room birthday party or...

CAP IT Trick
Trick by Twister Magic - $10.00 NOW $5.00 (SAVE $5.00)

Vanish any small object from the audience, like a ring, coin, bill, signed card or any other small item. Show a bottle of soda, water or juice of any kind and give to the spectator to hold. Now invite him to open the "factory sealed" bottle to realize that after pouring all the liquid out the...

Comedy (Passe-Passe) Potato Chips Trick
Comedy (Passe-Passe) Potato Chips
Trick by Twister Magic - $80.00

Wouldn't it be a great idea to perform the classic Passe-Passe Bottles with potato chip cans? Now you can thanks to George Iglesias' Comedy Potato Chips. It's the perfect solution for a family-friendly Passe-Passe routine. On the table your audience will see two yellow tubes, a Pringles...

Multiplying Potato Chips Extra Set Trick
Multiplying Potato Chips Extra Set
Trick by Twister Magic - $80.00

The perfect compliment for the Multiplying Pringles (8 Set) Transform your 8 set into a 12 set! Contents: 1 Sets of 3 Gimmicked Pringles Cans 1 Instructional DVD 1 Special sticker to cover 1 real Pringles Can. 1 Special sticker to cover the top of 1 real...

Super Coke Trick
Super Coke
Trick by Twister Magic - $45.00

Another great prop from George Iglesias that Twister Magic is proud to present! A Cola bottle that looks 100% real! Comes with a real Coca Cola label on it! You can even show it a few inches away from your spectators. A useful magic prop that, can be used in many...

Super Coke (half) Trick
Super Coke (half)
Trick by Twister Magic - $55.00

Finally the Rolls Royce of all cola latex bottles has appeared, just in time for you to make it disappear!This performance gem is a two-piece apparatus and is sealed so it will hold liquid without leaking! It looks like a 100% real Cola bottle and comes with a real Coca Cola label, yet it can be...

Popcorn Machine 3.0 Trick
Popcorn Machine 3.0
Trick by Twister Magic - $80.00

What do kids like to snack on? Popcorn! Now you can make a standard-looking popcorn container magically overflow with popcorn, creating a magical moment that'll make kids oooh and ahh. Click on the above video and see how amazing this production looks! George Iglesias has improved his Popcorn...

Multiplying Potato Chips Set Trick
Multiplying Potato Chips Set
Trick by Twister Magic - From $120.00

Wouldn't it be a wonderful opportunity for the family or kid show entertainer, to be able to perform the Multiplying Bottle Routine with something more appropriate for children such as... Potato Chip Cans? Thanks to AmazeKids and our partners at Twister Magic, now you can. Effect: ...