Magic by Tora Magic

Magic Crystal Cube 4 Trick
Magic Crystal Cube 4
Trick by - $250.00

It's rare to find new, original and COMPLETE routines that are ready to add into your children's or stage repertoire. This is a fantastic new routine with many cool twists and turns. You begin by showing a crystal cube with a silk inside. You magically extract the silk from...

Flower Crystals From Frame Trick
Flower Crystals From Frame
Trick by - $350.00

You show an empty black frame that folds flat and has nothing hidden inside it.  Yet, when you open the frame and reach inside, you produce a sturdy chrome box full of mylar flowers. The box has clear window panes on each side and the flowers inside glisten in the stage lights. You...

Color Changing Rubik Trick
Color Changing Rubik
Trick by - $150.00

First, you show a Mixed Rubik's Cube to audience and put it in a box.  Then, get The Rubik's Cube out of the box but The Mixed Rubik's Cube has changed into a Solved Rubik's Cube!  Now, put The Solved Rubik's Cube inside the box. This time it changes into a All...

Color Changing Dice Trick
Color Changing Dice
Trick by - $150.00

First, you show a Black and White Die to audience and put it in a box.  Then, get the Black and White Die out of the box but it has changed into a Red and White Die!  Now, put the Red and White Die inside the box. This time it changes into a Multi-Color Die!!...

Die Box Set Trick
Die Box Set
Trick by - $450.00

First, you open up and show the Wooden Box with Handle to audience and show the Wooden Rubik's Cube Box as well.  Then, close up the Wooden Boxes and then you will remove the Rubik's Cube and place it in the Wooden Box with Handle... Now, even though you put the Rubik's Cube inside the Wooden...

Appearing 4 CD player from Frame Trick
Appearing 4 CD player from Frame
Trick by - $2500.00

The magician shows an empty frame to the audience and then puts it on the table. Then produces four big CD Players one by one. This item includes two special folding tables and 4 PCS - big appearing CD Players in different colors.

Vanishing Dove Cage Trick
Vanishing Dove Cage
Trick by Tora Magic - $1300.00

Yet another world classic from the Tora Magic Company. On the stage is seen a beautiful table on wheels resting on top of the table a large Dove Cage. The magician enters on stage and begins his performance by placing four doves into the dove cage. The magician covers the dove cage with...

Glassy Briefcase Trick
Glassy Briefcase
Trick by - $350.00

This product has been designed and produced at Tora Magic Company. At first the magician shows a glassy briefcase that is totally glassy and the audience can see into it easily. Then with a gesture the briefcase filled by USD bills. After production of bills; you bring the bills...

Book to CD Player Trick
Book to CD Player
Trick by - $300.00

At first the magician has only a book in this hands... He shows its dimensions, and then he opens the book and turns through the pages and shows audience. So the spectators may see that it is a normal book. He then draws a CD player on a page in the book and then places the book on the table,...

Multiplying Dice Trick
Multiplying Dice
Trick by - $99.00

Looking for a production display that keeps going and going? Tora Magic's Multiplying Dice will do this for you! Show two open, rectangular tubes. Lift one and there lies a ball. Lift the other and there lies a large die. Simply covering them with the tubes makes the two switch places....

Tora Dice Tower Trick
Tora Dice Tower
Trick by Tora Magic - $160.00

If you need a stage effect that transcends language barriers while becoming progressively more impossible, then take a look at Tora Dice Tower!Four stacked black dice get covered with and empty tube. However, when a colored cover is put on the front and the cover removed, the dice now match the...

Color Changing Dice Trick
Color Changing Dice
Trick by - $179.95

Wait until you see the surprised reactions you get from the multiple color changes of the Color Changing Die! Display a large white die on all sides and place it into a box. When you remove it from the box, it is RED! Again, display all sides and put it back into the box. Remove it, and now it...

Back of Tora Cube Trick
Back of Tora Cube
Trick by - $425.00

Looking for an effect that really gets the audience participating, even yelling and screaming, before being dumbfounded and surprised? Then check out Back of Tora Cube.You show a Rubik's type cube and put it into a Die Box. Even though you slide it from side to side, and the audience can hear...

Tora Red Box Trick
Tora Red Box
Trick by - $72.50

An incredible way to make items appear from thin air! Meet the Tora Red Box!The performer shows the box empty on all sides and even puts his hand through the open sides of the box. However, with just a simple wave of his hand, the performer is able to produce silks, sponge balls, money, flowers,...

Tora Clown Table Trick
Tora Clown Table
Trick by - $162.50

This table introduces you before you hit the stage. It's the Tora Clown Table!Let your table take care of the introductions and let them know what type of show the audience is about to see - FUN! The iconic clown image immediately implies fun and merriment is on the way, and everyone is going to...

Tora Magician's Table Trick
Tora Magician's Table
Trick by - $172.50

Leave no doubt about the type of show your audience is there to see with the Tora Magician's Table!This table makes and introduction for you and tells everyone that a magician is coming. Using an iconic image of a magician in tails with rabbit in hat, this table will serve as a great platform for...

Tora Crystal Drawer Box Trick
Tora Crystal Drawer Box
Trick by - $162.50

If you are looking to get audience attention and not let go, then check out the Tora Crystal Production Box! It's so hot, it catches on fire!Imagine showing a transparent box. But when you pull out the drawer, the drawer catches on fire! Now you close the box and the box instantly fills with...

Super Aquarium Frame Trick
Super Aquarium Frame
Trick by - $312.50

Need a production item to get the attention of your audience? How about getting their attention 12 times?That's what the Super Aquarium Frame does. You show a box empty, but then pull out a Flower box full of flowers, again, and again, and again... Get the picture? 12 Flower boxes in all appear....

Santa Claus Table Trick
Santa Claus Table
Trick by - $123.00

Looking for a way to instantly set a holiday theme or mood for your magic show? The check out this Santa Claus Table! Not only is this a sturdy place for your props, but this table lets your audience know they are in for some holiday fun! Santa is even has a present with a bunny...

Back of Glassy Cube Trick
Back of Glassy Cube
Trick by - $247.50

If you are looking for one effect that lets you vanish, transform and produce objects from thin air, then this is the effect for you!One glassy box is shown to have a Rubik's Cube inside, while another is shown empty. However, when the Rubik's Cube is removed and placed into the empty box, it...

Tora Glassy Box Trick
Tora Glassy Box
Trick by Tora Magic - $150.00

Why use boxes that only perform a single production when the Tora Glassy Box can do it TWICE! You display an empty box for the audience, but suddenly it fills with colorful flower objects. Just as you clear those out, now it fills with money! An astounding display for your audience!Surprise...

Tora Glassy Table Trick
Tora Glassy Table
Trick by Tora Magic - $198.00

Quit performing out of a bag on a chair. This little beauty is what you need for your next performance!Whether you use it as a performing table or a side table to hold used effects, this table will meet your needs. And it also folds up flat for easy transport!Look like a pro when you perform and...

Tora Silk Production Box SMALL Trick
Tora Silk Production Box SMALL
Trick by Tora Magic - $150.00

Want to produce objects in a way that will make your audience's heads spin? Read on! Show a beautiful-looking and totally empty box to the audience. In an instant, many items appear from the empty box by magic! This box was produced with the finest wood available and is...

Tora Production Box Trick
Tora Production Box
Trick by Tora Magic - $225.00

If you are looking for a classy but confounding way to produce objects for your routines, then look no further than the Tora Production Chest! With this elegant-looking and hand-crafted wooden chest, you can show it empty before pulling many items from it. A true wonder! Get yours today!

Appearing Billiard Stick Trick
Appearing Billiard Stick
Trick by Tora Magic - $59.95

This high quality production item from Tora Magic is ideal for either a themed act or simply as a shocking moment in your show. The telescoping prop begins a little larger than a foot in length, and telescopes to a huge, full-size pool cue. The ideal use for this prop would be as a final...

Magic Table Accessory
Magic Table
Accessory by Tora Magic - $99.00

Are you frustrated when you need to perform at a friend's house or a paying gig, but they don't have the right table for your props? Are you the type of performer who wants a classy looking table that's not heavy and bulky? Check out this beautiful table by Tora Magic! This is a mobile...

Tora Wonderful Paper Bag Trick
Tora Wonderful Paper Bag
Trick by Tora Magic - $70.00

Looking for a fun production that's bound to baffle an audience? Then check out the Tora Wonderful Paper Bag! You show an empty paper bag, yet you can reach in and produce a bottle, and another and another...until twelve bottles are standing on your table! Treat your spectators to this mind-blowing...

Wonderful Coin Bucket Trick
Wonderful Coin Bucket
Trick by Tora Magic - $150.00

Effect:  The magician shows both his hands to the audience quite empty, and then a Coin Bucket will be displayed to them empty as well. After that,he starts catching coins from the air,here,there,and everywhere. He is even able to make coins appear from the spectator's ears, head, pocket. With...

Tora Antique Dice Box Trick
Tora Antique Dice Box
Trick by Tora Magic - $260.00

You know the Die Box, you love the Die Box. Now it's time to upgrade your Die Box with the Tora Antique Dice Box! It's made from real wood and looks fabulous! Order yours today!

Tora Large Bottles Trick
Tora Large Bottles
Trick by Tora Magic - $120.00

It keeps going, and going, and going... That's what happens with the Tora Large Bottles production!You can show a paper bag empty inside, yet your are able to produce bottles of soda one after another -- six times in fact! You can even stop in the middle and show the bag empty again! And if your...

Flower Bouquet From Silk Trick
Flower Bouquet From Silk
Trick by - $275.00

Here's an extremely magical production that your audience will love! The magician walks onstage with several large, brightly colored silks hanging from his hand. Each is a different color. He removes a silk to show that it is flat, and places it back in his hand on display. He...

Christmas Eve Box Trick
Christmas Eve Box
Trick by - $148.00

An incredible and mystifying way to produce objects! Just like Santa, this box really delivers. Although you show it empty to the audience, you can proceed to play the part of Santa and produce objects from the box. A fun and baffling way to get your crowd in the holiday mood! Order your box...

Split Dice Trick
Split Dice
Trick by Tora Magic - $120.00

Looking for a visual display for stage? Imagine a giant die on a pedestal. Cover it, and after a magical gesture the die changes color! Yet your cover is empty! Repeat again and again, changing the color each time. For the finale, with a last cover and magical gesture, the larger...

Appearing Rubiks from Tora Magic Trick
Appearing Rubiks from Tora Magic
Trick by Tora Magic - $65.00

Need that perfect way to start a Rubik's Cube routine? Then you need Appearing Rubiks! Imagine showing an empty paper bag. Now imagine the looks of amazement as you pull out a Rubik's Cube. Now imagine the screams when you repeat this effect over and over to produce a total of SIX...

Automatic Appearing Candle DVD
Automatic Appearing Candle
DVD by Tora Magic - $99.95

The magician shows a candlestick to the audience with a candle in it. He lights the candle and then he takes the candle from the candlestick and makes it disappear. Now he takes the empty candlestick and in a magic movement the candle appears again in the candlestick. This trick is very...