Magic by Sumit Chhajer

Devil's Hank Pro - Black Trick
Devil's Hank Pro - Black
Trick by Sumit Chhajer - $19.95 NOW $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

The Devil's Hank is a magician's utility device used primarily to vanish small objects. Coins, cards, finger rings disappear like magic! The method is simple and easy to do, but extremely convincing in the eyes of laymen. Best of all, AmazeKids loves how this is packs flat and has an organic feel...

Fan to Hat Trick
Fan to Hat
Trick by - $84.00 NOW $63.84 (SAVE $20.16)

The performer produces and displays a large fan of cards. He tosses the fan of cards into the air and it transforms to a magician's top hat, decorated all over with cards! He can wear the novel top hat or use it as a container for the props in his act, like cards, balls and silks.

Bird Cages From Book of Fire  Trick
Bird Cages From Book of Fire
Trick by - $180.00

Audiences are always fascinated with any illusion that contains fire.... If the fire comes with a surprise kicker it's even more fascinating and magical! A normal book produces automatic fire flames and then instantly produces THREE Large Bird Cages! This book is a versatile...

Appearing Bird Cage Trick
Appearing Bird Cage
Trick by - $55.00 NOW $41.80 (SAVE $13.20)

One wooden bird cage that can be used as a refill for Book of Fire - by Sumit Chhajer. Dimensions Approximately: 6" x 6" x 6.75".

Dots to Die  Trick
Dots to Die
Trick by - $45.00

A flat square with 1 dot at one side and 4 at another side, when thurned changes to 2 and 5 dots respectively. Finally they change to 3 and 6 dots. Further toss the flat square in mid-air, instantly it changes to a Jumbo Dice.

Breath Trick
Trick by Sumit Chhajer - $20.00 NOW $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

 "A young faro lost in the desert walks aimlessly. He happens upon a beautiful stone half buried in the sand. As he blows the sand off of the stone to view it more clearly, he instantly notices a design that was not there a moment before. The design on the stone was an arrow pointing the...

Dice Production Frame Trick
Dice Production Frame
Trick by Sumit Chhajer - $175.00 NOW $133.00 (SAVE $42.00)

Produce 3 crazy dice cubes one after another from an empty frame, without stopping produce another 3 dice. Then, produce another 6! Features: Produce 12 Big Dice Cubes Perform surrounded Self Contained Easy to carry and Packs Flat Easy to Perform with great reaction! Perfect...

Center Tear Jumbo Card  Trick
Center Tear Jumbo Card
Trick by - $9.95 NOW $7.56 (SAVE $2.39)

The Diamond Cut, Restore Card is easiest, simplest and the most effective torn and restore trick, to be perform for small or large audience. Display a full sized giant card. Fold it twice and cut the center corner. Burn or vanish the piece in front of the audience and with just a wave...

Dots to Die 2.0 Trick
Dots to Die 2.0
Trick by Sumit Chhajer - $35.00 NOW $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

Dots to Die 2.0 is modified version of a classic with an oddly logical ending which finally brings a sense of closure to the routine.  The modified version will enable you to perform the trick effortlessly.  There are no magnets, no extra dots to attach or detach. The working...

Trick by - $85.00

CRYSTAL CLEAR is a trick that is perfect for family shows. Doing a trick with feather flowers can add color and a visual quality to any family program, and this is a great one.  Show a clear, empty rectangular tube - continually turn it and allow the audience to see right through to the...