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Ribbon Magic Wand Trick
Ribbon Magic Wand
Trick by Strixmagic - $45.00

Let the craziness begin with the Ribbon Magic Wand. When a spectator holds a wand for the performer, the performer grabs the tip and walks away, leaving a long black ribbon trailing behind. Kids will start screaming with laughter when they see the perplexed volunteer trailing behind you!The...

Wilting Magic Wand Trick
Wilting Magic Wand
Trick by Strixmagic - $55.00

If you like the classic Breakaway Wand, you'll love the Wilting Magic Wand!! The Breakaway Wand is a comedy classic, but the Wilting Magic Wand is the next step in its evolution! Nothing to palm or hold, you can use this wand during your performances without fear of activation, yet when a...