Magic by Ronjo

Water Tight Mirror Bucket Trick
Water Tight Mirror Bucket
Trick by Ronjo - $69.95

This is a high quality very deceptive mirror bucket which is water tight.  You are supplied with this beautiful prop and explanations for 18 effects. With it, you can make items appear, disappear or transform. Secretly switch one item for a duplicate item and no one will suspect...

X-Ray Wand Trick
X-Ray Wand
Trick by Ronjo - $49.99

A spectator chooses a playing card and is asked to hide it behind their back. Now get another volunteer (or use the entire audience) to assist you. Show the wand and explain you will either give them X-Ray vision or that you wand is actually an X-Ray machine. Place the wand in front...

Rabbit Wand Accessory
Rabbit Wand
Accessory by Ronjo - $59.99

Bring the birthday child up to help you with your next big trick! You explain you will turn him/her into a rabbit! Show everyone your magic wand. Place the wand in front of the spectator and let gravity unroll the wand revealing a digital printed picture of a rabbit with a cut out of...

Sneaky Snake Trick
Sneaky Snake
Trick by Ronjo - $30.00

Comedy magic with surprise endings are great choices. The Sneaky Snake card trick, is so much fun. The snake steals the show and you control the fun. Sneaky snake grabs two innocent cards from the deck, he is ordered to drop one of the two immediately! You now struggle to pull the...