Magic by Paul Romhany

Paul Romhany

With over twenty years of international success from performing in television, theater, luxury cruise ships and corporate events, Paul Romhany has taken magical entertainment in a new direction by combining his unique interpretation of Charlie Chaplin with the magical arts. His award-winning Chaplinesque act has taken him all over the world, performing for millions of people from almost every country.

He has shared his experiences, his successes and challenges in books and articles for the magic community, for there is much to be learned from a working pro with the vast experience that Paul has. Ever the innovator, he founded and continues to publish the first digital monthly magic magazine "VANISH."

Paul currently lives in British Columbia and has released products that have been part of his repertoire for magicians who perform for kids and family audiences. He has lectured and performed at magic conventions worldwide.

Comedy Drink Trick Trick
Comedy Drink Trick
Trick by - $350.00 NOW $266.00 (SAVE $84.00)

Are you looking for funny? Really funny? Many professional magicians consider Dunn's Drink Trick to be one of the funniest bits of business in magic. Ricki Dunn, known as America's Funniest Pickpocket in the 1970s, closed his show with this routine for over twenty years because the visual...

Mentalism For Young Minds Book
Mentalism For Young Minds
Book by - $85.00

One of the most anticipated books in magic and mentalism has now arrived!! Paul Romhany has produced the most comprehensive collection of material for the performer who wants to add mentalism in their show from pre-schoolers to high school students. Everything from walk-about routines to...

Wild Card Tricks For Kids! Trick
Wild Card Tricks For Kids!
Trick by - $25.00 NOW $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

NEVER BE CAUGHT WITHOUT A MAGIC TRICK FOR KIDS AGAIN Paul Romhany's Copy Cats and Happy Faces are tricks you can carry with at all times, and if there are kids present you will have a routine that they can easily follow with strong visual magic. It's a wild card routine that gets the...

Color Change Hank  Magic download (ebook)
Color Change Hank
Magic download (ebook) by - $20.00

The Color Change Hanky is the perfect opening routine as it can set up the performer's personality, and show they have incredible skill. In this 74 page book Paul Romhany shares several hilarious professional scripts that take this classic effect to new levels, and includes some original twists...

Mentalism for Young Minds - Volume 1 Book or download
Mentalism for Young Minds - Volume 1
Book or download by - $40.00

This book covers performing mentalism for pre-schoolers to teenagers, even adults will be fooled and entertained by the routines in this book. A treasure trove of effects, essays and advice from real world performers who make their living by entertaining family audiences. This book is destined to...

Happy Faces DVD
Happy Faces
DVD by - $35.00 NOW $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

Looking for a routine that will play well for adults as well as children? Paul Romhany's Happy Face is the perfect routine for family entertainers and motivational magic. Based on a Wild Card effect, Happy Faces is destined to become a classic of Family Entertainers. Childrens Show:...

Bearly Impossible Book
Bearly Impossible
Book by - $20.00 NOW $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

For the past twelve years this routine has been the opening act of Paul's Mentalism Show, both land and cruise ship work. This book details the original method plus the updated method and equipment used. The book also explains a solo version that Paul uses in more intimate situations. This...

The Real Deal Book
The Real Deal
Book by - $50.00

This book has been in the making for over 25 YEARS! 450 pages and 52 contributors from all over the world. For the past 25 years Paul Romhany has been traveling the world working every gig you can imagine. From a headline act on cruise ships, television to trade-shows and...

Mentalism for Young Minds - Volume 2 Magic download (ebook)
Mentalism for Young Minds - Volume 2
Magic download (ebook) by - $45.00

Volume 2 is LARGER and has MORE ROUTINES, TRICKS and ADVICE than volume 1. This has OVER 55 routines direct from professional performer's repertoires. Everything from walk-about to stand-up shows. Many with props you can make yourself, or have in your cupboard. When Paul...