Magic by Paul Osborne

Paul Osborne is a magic legend. Nearly single-handedly, he introduced the concept of a family magic and illusion show to theme parks in North America. He consulted and designed illusions for David Copperfield, David Blaine and a host of other magic luminaries. Within the magic community, most magazine readers will recognize his name from his distinctive artwork detailing how to build illusions which were part of his Osborne Illusion Systems.

Kids and family magicians are fortunate that Paul has shared many of the routines he created for theme parks in his book series, Kidtrix. These books contain performance and construction instructions for many routines and the props necessary to make them. Until he suddenly passed away in 2016, Paul actively lectured, consulted and performed magic worldwide.

One Man Illusions Book
One Man Illusions
Book by Paul Osborne - $37.00 NOW $28.12 (SAVE $8.88)

An all new book from Illusion Systems for the single performer in today's budget-challenged world. You'll find 19 props you can easily build and perform without an assistant at any venue! Featuring ideas from Paul Osborne, Tom Palmer, Abbott's Magic, and Patrick Wolford. KID...

Kidtrix 2 Book
Kidtrix 2
Book by - $25.00 NOW $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

This book by Paul Osborne is the second in a series especially geared to the kid show performer! Hundred of illustrations along with never-before-seen, audience tested routines and props. Stuff you will want to perform - All new props and routines are included: Bully...

Kidtrix 3 Book
Kidtrix 3
Book by - $26.50 NOW $20.14 (SAVE $6.36)

This is the latest in the series of Kidtrix books! It features all-new props and presentations for magicians who perform for children and their families. With a foreword by Bev Bergeron, this 50-page publication features a fresh look at illusions designed amd routined for the younger crowd. You'll...

Kidtrix 1 Book
Kidtrix 1
Book by - $27.50 NOW $20.90 (SAVE $6.60)

The first in a series of books by famed illusion systems creator, Paul Osborne, geared to the kid show performer! Hundred of illustrations along with never-before-seen, audience-tested routines and props. After reading these tricks, you'll be eager to try out these creative routines: ...