Magic by No Sleeves Magic - Michael Rosander

Michael Rosander is passionate about creating productions that incorporate magic, comedy, and unique characters with one unifying theme. Under his company, No Sleeves Magic, Rosander lets his imagination run wild in his performances. His degree in theatre has given him the structure and knowledge to mold magic in such a way that every trick and action has a purpose and every transition propels the story forward.

In addition to his love for magic, Michael Rosander enjoys a career as a working actor for film and television. He can be seen in the CBS series Under The Dome, the host for Walmart commercials, and several award-winning short films. Rosander recently finished up his first lead role in the film Adrenaline, starring John Schneider from Dukes of Hazard.

Since 2014, Michael has been lecturing at Magic Conventions including KIDabra and the Kapital Kidvention, sharing this approach to magic with magicians everywhere.

Show-Time: Secrets, Structure, Strategies & More Book
Show-Time: Secrets, Structure, Strategies & More
Book by - $40.00

Learn how to create a powerful performance from scratch using the step-by-step tools found within the pages of actor/magician Michael Rosander of No Sleeves Magic's new book.He reveals the secrets of how to develop your character and select the right effects to construct an entire act from start...

Super Squirter Trick
Super Squirter
Trick by - $40.00

Imagine if the puppet you were talking to during a kid show actually sneezed! Imagine water going everywhere, kids going crazy and the adults laughing as they experienced their children's reaction. Imagine no more, as Super Squirter gives you the ability to produce a stream of water...

Whoopee Seat Cushion Trick
Whoopee Seat Cushion
Trick by - $75.00

This trick is a gas! Literally! Imagine bringing a victim/volunteer up to the stage and asking him to have a seat. As the volunteer sits down, the audience hears the passing of gas. You look at the volunteer and ask him to stand up. Lifting up the seat cushion, you remove a deflated whoopee...

Whoopee Seat Cushion - Normal Trick
Whoopee Seat Cushion - Normal
Trick by - $20.00

This is the companion, ungimmicked seat cushion to match the Whoopee Seat Cushion. This cushion will not "pass gas." You can use this additional seat cushion in conjunction with the gimmicked one. Here are just a few ideas for routines with both cushions: Cards Across with two spectators...