Magic by Mr. Magic

Soft Rope Small (33') Accessory
Soft Rope Small (33')
Accessory by Mr. Magic - $5.00

Rope magic is an essential and interesting branch of magic. There are several interesting ways by which a magician can use a piece of rope. Cut & restore, ring on rope knot etc. are but a few interesting rope magic's. Unfortunately till date the magicians had to depend upon the coarse...

Mirror Tube Trick
Mirror Tube
Trick by - $39.95

Effect: This is a magical utility apparatus which can be used in an endless number of ways to create beautiful magic. It's uses are limited only to your imagination. The Apparatus: This is a simple glass tube (9.5') with a double faced mirror situated lengthwise in the middle of the...

Color Changing Candle Trick
Color Changing Candle
Trick by - $12.00

Magician shows a picture of a white candle, which is inside a windowed envelope.  The Magician removes the card, shows both sides, and replaces it in the envelope.  The color of the candle changes to Red when he rubs the candle on the picture with a Red silk. ...

Mystic Cone Trick
Mystic Cone
Trick by - $19.95

This is a nice little trick that is used to produce, vanish or change: silk handkerchief's/ silk ribbons/ playing cards or similar items.  You may use this product to make an handkerchief disappear or change color by just placing it in the empty cone.  Rings of ribbon may get linked...

Foating Lady Trick
Foating Lady
Trick by - $5.00

This is one of the best close-up miracles ever developed. Perform it right under the noses of the spectators and watch their reaction. You show two playing cards. Take out a match stick or borrow one. Now you place the picture of the Lady (supplied) on one of the cards, you give your...

Finger Flower Production Trick
Finger Flower Production
Trick by - $8.00

The performer magically produces different colored flowers, one at a time from bare hands, causing an effective colorful opening to his/her platform/stage show. The trick is easy to perform, very strong in effect. This package contains 16 beautiful flowers in various colors! Set of 16

Magic Change Bag (Zipper) Trick
Magic Change Bag (Zipper)
Trick by - $18.00

This is one of the most important utility devices used by a magician. You will have the ability to perform endless number of magical effects with this bag. This is because the bag enables the magician to make items appear, vanish, exchange, grow or shrink! This magic trick is very easy to...

Multicolor Rope Link 24
Multicolor Rope Link 24"
Trick by Mr. Magic - $4.95

A true baffler for adults and children alike. You tie the ends together of three different-colored ropes, and with a magical wave of the hand, they combine together to form a 24-inch-long multi-colored rope.A perfect opener to grab their attention!

Midas Pot Trick
Midas Pot
Trick by Mr. Magic - $27.95

Using the pot of King Midas, you can cause transformations limited only by your imagination. Change coffee beans into coffee, corn into popcorn, sawdust into gold dust. There are hundreds of possibilities. Go wild and get yours today!

Magic Tea Pot Trick
Magic Tea Pot
Trick by Mr. Magic - $35.00

It looks like a normal teapot, but what until you see what it can do. You'll be able to fill five glasses with its contents, but each glass will fill with a different-colored liquid! If that's not enough for you, then when the lid is opened, the teapot is now filled with silks! Get yours...

Ever Filling Glass (Locking) Trick
Ever Filling Glass (Locking)
Trick by Mr. Magic - $9.95

This model of the Ever Filling Glass has some special features. The outer visible glass is now made from a much tougher grade of plastic, which will not break easily, even if dropped. It has a simple but clever "lock" fitted which greatly enhances the effect. This enables you to...

Ball To Dice Trick
Ball To Dice
Trick by Mr. Magic - $12.00

The magician shows two sponge balls, one yellow and one black -- one in each hand. The black ball is placed over the yellow ball into one closed hand. He waves his other hand over the balls. When the closed hand is opened, it is seen that both balls have now melded into a solid yellow die with...

Polka Dot Hanky, White on Black Trick
Polka Dot Hanky, White on Black
Trick by Mr. Magic - $9.95

A production silk of all black with white polka dots, measuring 21 inches by 21 inches. When folded, this fine silk takes up very little space.

Breakaway Wand Trick
Breakaway Wand
Trick by - $6.00

This is a true piece of comedy magic! You hand a volunteer a solid magic wand. As soon as you turn your back the wand breaks into pieces. You take the wand back and "repair" it. As soon as you hand it back to the volunteer the wand falls to pieces again. The more time you do it the funnier it...

Flexible Mirror Trick
Flexible Mirror
Trick by Mr. Magic - $20.25

The performer displays a large framed mirror. He taps the mirror with a magic wand proving that it is solid. It is then placed into an appropriate size cloth bag. Holding the bag in one hand, taking a large needle in the other hand, the performer suddenly pushes the latter through the center of...

Multiplying Juice Bottles Trick
Multiplying Juice Bottles
Trick by Mr. Magic - $69.95

These bottles look real, but they're actually imitation bottles made from plastic. You'll also receive instructions that will teach you how to seemingly produce one of these bottles from thin air, only to turn it into two bottles! You'll learn other ways to continue making the bottles multiply,...

Evaporating Milk Glass (with handle) Trick
Evaporating Milk Glass (with handle)
Trick by Mr. Magic - $9.95

The performer forms a paper cone using a sheet of newspaper. From a transparent jug he pours milk into the paper cone, leaving a little quantity in the jug, which he places aside on the table. Making magical passes around the paper cone he suddenly unfurls it, makes a throwing motion towards the...

Metamorpho Spots Trick
Metamorpho Spots
Trick by Mr. Magic - $24.95

The magician displays an empty black can with white spots, and two silks - one black, and another white. "This is a white silk dyed black, and this is a black silk dyed white" he says, "and this is my black and white transformation tank, which will make the white silk black and the black...

Zig Zag Pencil Trick
Zig Zag Pencil
Trick by Mr. Magic - $7.00

The classic magic apparatus is back! Show an unbroken pencil and place it into its case, only to show it broken into 3 pieces when you move the center portion of the case. Now push in the center section and remove the unharmed pencil! Puzzling and perplexing!

Ultra Visual Color Changing Feather Trick
Ultra Visual Color Changing Feather
Trick by Mr. Magic - $7.95

Looking for a unique color change? This apparatus allows you to change the colors of feathers with a simple pass of you hand. Amazing visual magic for your audiences.

Commander Light Trick
Commander Light
Trick by Mr. Magic - $99.95

Full of comedy potential, this flashlight is completely under your control, even when in the spectator's hands! Let them examine it to their hearts' content, but you still turn it on and off by whenever you desire.

Production Silk 16
Production Silk 16"x16" (Merry Christmas)
Accessory by Mr. Magic - $10.00

These silks are manufactured for various different types of magic shows. An imaginative magician will find new was to incorporate these into his shows. This Merry Christmas silk is a more specialized occasions.

Stiff Rope Accessory
Stiff Rope
Accessory by Mr. Magic - $5.00

This will remind you the famous Indian Rope Trick Illusion. You show a rolled up piece of rope. Now uncoiling the rope you stretch the rope between the two hands, horizontally, and pretend to hypnotize the rope. Dramatically release one end of the rope from one hand. The rope remains in the...

Production Silk 16
Production Silk 16"x16" (Thank You)
Trick by Mr. Magic - $10.00

These silks are manufactured for various different types of magic shows. An imaginative magician will find new was to incorporate these into his shows. 

Jumping Rose Trick
Jumping Rose
Trick by - $8.00

Jumping Rose' is another great opening 'Quickie'.The performer enters stage, stands facing the audience. He points towards a beautiful red rose fixed at the top of the left breast pocket of his jacket. He takes the flower in his hand, throws it towards audience but the flower instantly returns...

Production Spring Ball Accessory
Production Spring Ball
Accessory by - $5.95

Magicians use this ball for production purposes. You can produce this from a lantern ball, mirror box, triangular box, genii tube, etc.  Includes: 2 x balls made from from G-1 wire and wrapped with velvet. When you compress the ball it should be a 1/2" and after releasing it becomes...

Mini Triangular Box Trick
Mini Triangular Box
Trick by Mr. Magic - $19.95

Another classic production apparatus. Although a triangular box is shown empty, you can produce a variety of items, including silks, flowers, paper, money, etc. Now you can fold the box flat again, yet when you return it to its triangle shape, you can again start producing more items!

Indian Sweet Vase Trick
Indian Sweet Vase
Trick by Mr. Magic - $25.00

This switching device is brimming with possibilities. Transform silks to crayons, sawdust to wood, or anything else you can dream up! Your audience won't know what happened! Purchase yours today!

Zombie with Stand Trick
Zombie with Stand
Trick by Mr. Magic - $40.00

Zombie is a classic magic effect where a large glittering ball floats up and down on a cloth and sometimes vanishes in an aerial manner. Varying from spooky to comedic depending on the presentation, this handsome set is ready to perform and comes with its own stand.

Classic Botania Jumbo Trick
Classic Botania Jumbo
Trick by Mr. Magic - $80.00

The magician shows an empty tube open at both ends and then places it on a flat wooden base. He drops a flower dart in it or sprinkles some invisible magic seed. After some magical gesture, when he lifts the tube, a large bouquet of flowers appears. It is even larger than the tube!

Crystal Flash Appearance Box Trick
Crystal Flash Appearance Box
Trick by Mr. Magic - $55.00

Nothing is quite as startling as a flash production. And yet the Crystal Flash Appearance Box will let you do just that. A seemingly empty box suddenly fills with flowers, cash, or a large ball in the blink of an eye! As startling as it is beautiful, this production with keep them talking. Pick...

Clatter Box Trick
Clatter Box
Trick by - $49.95

The performer displays a blue colored metal box with two doors on its front and back. The front door is opened and a silk is found inside the box. the performer draws out the silk from the box and showing the box empty closes the door. The performer vanishes the silk by putting the silk into the...

Multiplying Golf Balls (White) Trick
Multiplying Golf Balls (White)
Trick by - $5.00

Here is a great twist on the classic 'Multiplying Ball' routine. This classic can now be done with golf balls! Designed rough surfaces of the balls make these balls very easy to work with. They appear as a miniature set of golf balls. We supply a set of four regular balls and the special...

Color Changing Rose Trick
Color Changing Rose
Trick by - $10.00

The performer shows a beautiful yellow rose. He then turns the rose completely around to show all sides. Next, the performer slowly and magically covers the rose with his hand for a brief second. Magically the yellow rose has changed into a red rose! The rose can be handed out! This magic trick...

Candy Factory Trick
Candy Factory
Trick by - $18.00

The Performer shows a beautiful, empty cylinder and a glass full of colored sugar or Liquid. The Performer then passes the glass through the empty cylinder. Like Magic, the glass comes out filled with candy! The candy can then be passed out for the audience to enjoy!Perfect for Child...

Multiplying Wand Trick
Multiplying Wand
Trick by - $30.00

With music playing the performer picks up his wand and makes a few magical passes over his wand. With a slow turn the wand turns from 1 to 2! A black wand and a red wand! This repeats 2 more times until the magician has 4 wands! All different colors! Available in Black or Multi...

Square Circle  Trick
Square Circle
Trick by - $110.00

The Square Circle is probably the easiest-to-work, most versatile production device for the family magician. You can use it to vanish or produce almost anything (smaller than a shoe). What objects would you like to make magically appear at your next show? Silks a Baseball ...

Pyramid Production Box Trick
Pyramid Production Box
Trick by - $20.00

The Magician shows a Blue colored triangular box. The box looks like a pyramid. He unfolds the Box into a "V" shaped panel. It is seen that the three sides and the bottom of the Box (all in the shape of trapezium) are hinged together. He then reverses the panel. The other side of the panel...

Aqua Change Vase (Aluminium) Trick
Aqua Change Vase (Aluminium)
Trick by - $24.95

Here is an excellent apparatus to change liquid into a solid object. The performer shows a metal vase. This is shown to be empty. A glass of water/any liquid is poured in the vase. This is now covered with an empty cylinder which the audience clearly has seen right through. Next, making magical...

Color Changing Silk Scarf Trick
Color Changing Silk Scarf
Trick by - $10.00

The performer is shown holding a beautiful blue scarf in his hand. The performer closes his hand into a fist and pulls the scarf through but when it comes out the other end of his fist it has changed into a red scarf! This magic trick looks like real magic! Colors may vary. This magic trick is...

Magic Change Bag (Repeat) Trick
Magic Change Bag (Repeat)
Trick by - $18.00

This is one of the most important utility devices used by a magician. You will have the ability to perform endless number of magical effects with this bag. This is because the bag enables the magician to make items appear, vanish, exchange, grow or shrink! This magic trick is very easy to...

Cane to Umbrella Rainbow Trick
Cane to Umbrella Rainbow
Trick by Mr. Magic - $79.95

There's nothing like a startling transformation to get your audience's attention right from the beginning of the show, and Cane to Umbrella Rainbow will do just that! Imagine entering the stage with a black cane upright on a stand with a silk tied to the top. Yet by removing the silk, the cane...

Night Club Dove Vanish Trick
Night Club Dove Vanish
Trick by Mr. Magic - $120.00

An astounding disappearance. You place a live dove inside a beautifully decorated box. Moments afterwards, pull the box apart to show that the dove is nowhere to be found.