Magic by Mikame

Party Surprise Box Trick
Party Surprise Box
Trick by - $180.00 NOW $136.80 (SAVE $43.20)

Mikame's high quality production of Party Surprise Box. Bring a gift to your next birthday occasion. Open the box and show a Birthday card. Place the top back on and open it again to reveal a birthday cake.

Turn Box Trick
Turn Box
Trick by - $154.20 NOW $117.19 (SAVE $37.01)

Ideal to set on your book shelf just waiting for the time to perform a miracle. It appears to be an Encyclopedia for Magicians down to every detail. The front and back covers are actually swinging doors. This Encyclopedia is a 'Flip Over Box', but with a big improvement. The...

New Sucker Block Box Trick
New Sucker Block Box
Trick by - $215.00 NOW $163.40 (SAVE $51.60)

Begin by showing all 4 sides of the Block Box, then a solid yellow square block. Now put the solid block inside the empty Box, and close the top and front doors. The routine can go on and on! The Block is on the left! Not on the right! You decide to help out the audience...

Square Squared Trick
Square Squared
Trick by - $280.50 NOW $213.18 (SAVE $67.32)

To improve a classic is nearly impossible, but Mr. Mikame has done the unimaginable. With a premier collaboration between Mikame Craft Inc and Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc, Square Squared is the classic Square Circle, improved for today's working magicians. A Deceptive device with better...

Double Flower Tray Trick
Double Flower Tray
Trick by - $168.00 NOW $127.68 (SAVE $40.32)

Display an empty tray and put some flash paper on it & paper transforms into spring flowers! Repeat the effect but this time CHANGE the paper into a large bouquet of spring flowers. A repeat production tray. Many more effects possible Can be used to produce silks or sponge balls instead of...

Mujinzo Trick
Trick by - $192.00 NOW $145.92 (SAVE $46.08)

Impossibly produce objects from a seemingly empty box, which can be examined! Dimension Approximately 11 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 4 3/4" (29cm x 19cm x 12cm)

Appearing Silk Accessory
Appearing Silk
Accessory by Mikame - $25.00

Out of an empty hand with the sleeve rolled up, a 60 cm sq silk appears instantly. Reliable and Easy to Perform consistently.

Cutie Mouse Trick
Cutie Mouse
Trick by - $37.70 NOW $28.65 (SAVE $9.05)

From the insightful mind of Mr. Mikame comes Cutie Mouse, Animal Magic for everyone! Made with only a handkerchief, this mouse is so cute. Instructions on the handkerchief allows for ease in folding this mouse. The instructional DVD will teach you the various...