Magic by Mark Presley

Turbo Tube Accessory
Turbo Tube
Accessory by Mark Presley - $60.00

Use Turbo Tube to vanish, restore, reappear, color change,make confetti burst high into the air and more. The Imagination is up to you! The Turbo Tube is a great utility prop that you will use in every show! Features and Benefits No co2 cartridges required Just load the...

Sew What Magic download (video)
Sew What
Magic download (video) by Mark Presley - $0.99

The magician removes a silk handkerchief from his/her pocket and throws it into the air. The magician then catches it and folds the handkerchief in his hand while the other hand reaches down for a pair of scissors. The magician, using the pair of scissors, snips cutting motions high above and...

Bangel Insango Trick
Bangel Insango
Trick by Mark Presley - $25.00

You show your an empty paper bag. You then proceed to puncture a hole in the bag using a dowel rod. The dowel rod goes through one end of the bag and out the other.  Next you feed a rope through the holes that you just punctured. Now once again, you show your audience the bag and now all...

Butterfly In a Box Trick
Butterfly In a Box
Trick by Mark Presley - $34.95

It's a magical life-like butterfly. People are amazed as they watch it fly in the air....fluttering around you. The "Butterfly in a Box" is ready to go at anytime. Take it out of the box and watch it do its magic. It is easy to perform...adding elegance and beauty to your performance. You can...

Magicians Tape Trick
Magicians Tape
Trick by Mark Presley - $12.00

Use the Magicians Tape to tape off your magic props while you set up. The Magicians Tape sends a clear message that says "Magician's Props DO Not Touch or you will DISAPPEAR!" How many times either before or after you set up do you get people coming up and handling or touching your props...

Abra-Ca-Banner Set Accessory
Abra-Ca-Banner Set
Accessory by Mark Presley - $89.95

The AbraCabanner is an awesome looking banner that looks professional and it will make your show look even more professional. The banner dimensions are 2 feet wide by 3 feet long. It's the perfect size for the traveling magician. The idea of being able to customize a birthday banner...