Magic by Lee Alex

Snow Leopard Vest Trick
Snow Leopard Vest
Trick by - $245.00

The magician is wearing an all black waistcoat, with or without a jacket. Under minimum cover of a handful of confetti thrown toward the waistcoat (or up in the air), this becomes dotted with white polka dots. Nothing is added or taken away from the waistcoat, which may be worn normally...

Happy Birthday Vest  DVD
Happy Birthday Vest
DVD by - $435.00

A plain white vest buttoned at the front and showing out from underneath an ope jacket (the vest may also be worn and performed without a jacket) becomes emblazened with a beautifully illustrated brithday (or celebration) cake. After more byplay (many ideas given) the cake on the vest becomes...

Christmas Color Change Vest Trick
Christmas Color Change Vest
Trick by - $220.00

BRAND NEW DESIGN - EXCLUSIVE - ONLY 100 PIECES AVAILABLE. ONCE THEY ARE GONE, THEY ARE GONE! This is a new Christmas design suitable for the long festive season. A plain white vest is worn throughout your performance. At any point in your program a black and white Christmas...