Magic by Graffix Magic

Santa's Adventures Trick
Santa's Adventures
Trick by Graffix Magic - $65.00

Santa has been having trouble getting down the Chimney in one piece. His body gets all mixed up and eventually winds up back to normal. Includes: 1 wooden tube decorated to look like a chimney4 wooden blocks with Santa Claus on themInstruction sheet

Jelly Bean Snake Can Trick
Jelly Bean Snake Can
Trick by Graffix Magic - $19.99

This is not your grandfather's Snake Can! Why? What can be so different? Because you don't have to switch the empty can for the snake-filled one! That's what makes The Jelly Bean Snake Can so amazing and why we recommend it so highly at AmazeKids. Imagine this. You offer some jellybeans to a...

Assistant Certificate Trick
Assistant Certificate
Trick by Graffix Magic - $17.00

Our Certificates are printed in the USA on 100# Gloss Cover Stock. Included with your Certificate is a plastic wand to make it easy to roll your certificate into a wand for presentation to your Little Assistant. Brighten the day of the Birthday Boy or Girl with this Professional...

Deco Sheet Trick
Deco Sheet
Trick by Graffix Magic - From $17.00

From Imagin-If Magic come an ALL NEW product. Decorate your Magic Apparatus, the walls of your magic den or any other smooth surface. Decals are made from the best indoor/outdoor commercial Air Release Vinyl. Included: Instructions Squeegee ...

Wand to Rabbit Trick
Wand to Rabbit
Trick by Graffix Magic - $65.00

Have some fun with the kids during your show! Ask if one of them would like to be turned into a Rabbit. One, Two, Three and POOF! The GIANT wand opens up and turns your eager volunteer into a Rabbit coming out of a Hat!!!! Giant Wand...

Circus Seals Trick
Circus Seals
Trick by Graffix Magic - $27.00

The working of this terrific Kids trick is very easy. You are supplied with four different jumbo cards with a picture of a Seal on each. Each seal has a different color ball on his nose. Show the 4 Seals and mix them up. Place them in the supplied stands so you cannot see what color...

Fooled and Fooled Again Rabbits Trick
Fooled and Fooled Again Rabbits
Trick by Graffix Magic - $22.00

Here's a classic sucker effect reformulated for the kids magician. It's the Fooled and Fooled Again plot with colorful jumbo cards portraying very cute, very kid-friendly pictures of bunny rabbits. You show a fan of just three jumbo cards with different colored rabbits -- two...