Magic by Eric Hawkesworth

A Magic Variety Show Book
A Magic Variety Show
Book by Eric Hawkesworth - $9.95

If you need a source for some different types of magic not covered in other texts, try Eric Hawkesworth's A Magic Variety Show!Eric shows you how to combine several types of magic into a cohesive show, and includes sections on Chapeaugraphy, Paper Tearing, Shadowgrahs, and tips on presentation...

Making a Shadowgraph Show Book
Making a Shadowgraph Show
Book by Eric Hawkesworth - $24.95

If you're looking for something unique to add to your show, check out Making a Shadowgraph Show by Eric Hawkesworth. You'll get a complete rundown of everything you need, including setting up the shadowgraph show, projection lights, operations and arranging the program. As a bonus, you get...

Rag Picture Shows Book
Rag Picture Shows
Book by - $14.95

Rag pictures are geometric "cut-out" shapes composed of felt, plastic, foam, etc. When put on a black (typically felt) background by magnets, double stick tape, etc., and moved around, they create different objects, accenting any story you are telling. If you need to add something...

Puppet Shows to Make Book
Puppet Shows to Make
Book by - $14.95

If you are a puppeteer or are thinking of being one, this book should be in your library. This comprehensive text not only covers living marionettes, finger puppets, rod puppets, and skeleton puppets, but it also discusses how to routine and develop your puppet show and even how to build your own...