Magic by Daytona Magic Inc.

Candy Store Trick
Candy Store
Trick by Daytona Magic Inc. - $111.38

Make candy appear!The magician displays a beautiful wooden stand, brightly decorated as a candy store. The front panel is opened to show six candy canes inside. The magician visibly removes three of the candy canes and closes front panel. After a wave of the hand, the magician opens the front...

ABC Blocks Trick
ABC Blocks
Trick by Daytona Magic Inc. - $100.00

Here's an amazing effect that audiences won't see coming!Three wooden blocks are removed from a dowel and placed in a hat. Then they are again stacked on the dowel and covered with a tube. When the tube is removed, one block is missing and is found inside of the hat!Truly inexplicable and truly...

Ice Cream Truck Trick
Ice Cream Truck
Trick by Daytona Magic Inc. - $120.00

This trick is perfect for kids' magicians as well as clowns! As you tell the story of the neighborhood Ice Cream Man and his daily visits, you show a beautifully hand-crafted wooden prop with an ice cream truck silk-screened on the side. When you open up the truck, you reveal four silk-screened...

Bowling Ball from Briefcase Trick
Bowling Ball from Briefcase
Trick by Daytona Magic Inc. - $199.00

An impossible production that will get their attention! Walk onstage with a normal-looking briefcase, but then you pull out a bowling ball or basketball! Now you can show both sides of your thin, solid briefcase, even the inside! A stunning production they won't soon forget! Bowling ball not...