Collard 2

Trick by John Archer
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Collard 2

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Trick by John Archer ($49.00)

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Collard 2 - magic
Collard 2 Collard 2 Collard 2 Collard 2 Collard 2 Collard 2 Collard 2 Collard 2

“Collard 2” is a solid, audience tested, five-minute comedy routine that is great for parlor and stage. You bring out a cuddly toy and tell the audience that it needs a name. The audience work together to create a random name (which really is a free choice). A spectator then takes a look at the dog’s name tag. Amazingly, it has the selected name inscribed on it.

“Collard 2” offers a much improved method from the original. Built in collaboration with Levent, it produces a routine so strong that you’d be barking mad not to perform it.

Includes custom clipboard, specially moulded clip gimmick, the certificates (and PDF to print refills yourself), the pen and a bag to carry everything. Instructional download.

Note: You will need to provide your own stuffed animal and collar.


Community questions about Collard 2

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  • 1.

    Anthony asks: Where can we find a stuffed dog like in the trailer

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: Any stuffed teddy bear will work. I am sure you could find one like that on Amazon.
    • 2. aaron answers: 99 cent store
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  • 2.

    aaron asks: Do you still get yo hand out the dog as a gift?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: You certainly can. You would want to remove the collar though, of course.
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  • 3.

    Harlan asks: Appears to be the Al Koran Medallion. My problem with it was mu lousy penmanship...He states engraved does it look engraved in reality??

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: It certainly appears to be engraved, just like Koran's Medallion.
    • 2. Jeff answers: Does the secret and/or routine make the final reveal of the dog's name look like it was engraved? Or will it look like hand writing on the dog tag?
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  • 4.

    Gene asks: will you have to purchase refills for the name tags?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: The good news is that they are very to get standard replacements from many stores.
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  • 5.

    John asks: What comes with the performance?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: You get all the required props and gimmicks.
    • 2. Tyler answers: Everything you need to perform it but a stuffed animal
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  • 6.

    Timothy asks: Are there written instructions or captions on the download?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: There are not.
    • 2. Gerome answers: I purchased the trick, but I cannot seem to log into the instructions. I have the card with the password but I have been unable to even get to that point. Please help
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  • 7.

    Steven asks: Possible to perform this with an actual dog?

    • 1. S. Patrick answers: You can totally use a real dog for this as the magic is in the tag and not the dog, as long as you can train the dog to sit still long enough for you to do the dirty work.
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  • 8.

    David asks: Hi I had the original. Great routine. But I found the paint chipped off the name badge making it unusable. Has this been rectified

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: The name badge is not painted in this version. It is custom moulded.
    • 2. Brandon answers: A bonus tips video gives you an idea that you can use should the gimmick paint have chipped on your old one. I have both the old and new and found this to be a definite improvement.
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  • 9.

    Damian asks: can this be done closeup at a table? or must this be a stand up/parlor/stage routine

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: It's almost certainly better as a stand-up piece.
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  • 10.

    Michael asks: Can we see a picture of the collar?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: We'd be happy to provide a photo over email.
    • 2. Claes answers: Same here, i really want to see how the collar looks.
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  • 11.

    javier asks: Could I see a picture of dog collar too please?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: Please email us.
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  • 12.

    liam asks: Is it possible to have the name written in a different language? Or is this limited to English letters only?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: You can perform this effect in any language.
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  • 13.

    Ken asks: where is the PDF file for the birth certificates?

    • 1. James answers: It is available at the top of the explanation page.
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  • 14.

    Ray asks: Same question as Kenneth: where are the PDF's for the birth certificates?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: The PDFs can be found in your account area.
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  • 15.

    PASCAL asks: Does we received a link to download rhe birth certficat with the order ?

    • 1. Ken answers: I have purchased Collard2 and there is no download for the birth certificate.
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  • 16.

    Guy asks: Can you create your own themed birth certificate or does it have to be the included one?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: You can create your own, for sure.
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  • 17.

    Ken asks: John refers many times to the dialogue with Levent as though it is part of the explanation and I can't seem to find it anywhere, where might that be?

    • 1. James answers: They have added a link to the Levent conversation at the top of explanation page.
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  • 18.

    Dean asks: Any idea where the tag replacement gaffs can be purchased?

    • 1. Dean answers: Looks like they are 33mm shipped from U.K. - Amazon carries them
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  • 19.

    Preston asks: Is it copyrighted?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: That depends on what you are talking about :)
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  • 20.

    Jason asks: I noticed that the explanation, discussion with Levent, and birth certificates are available for download. Can Archer's performance be downloaded for study?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: Here's a link to a full performance on YouTube
    • 2. Jason answers: The performance on YouTube cannot be downloaded. It would be helpful to have a copy of this available offline, as is offered for the explanation and interview with Levent. Is it possible to add a downloadable version to your website?
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  • 21.

    Damian asks: if the tag breaks, where can I get another one without having to rebuy the entire collard 2 set? Do you sell refills?

    • 1. AmazeKids responds: We don't sell refills of the tag, but I can't imagine it breaking. If it does, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to help.
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  • 22.

    Rick asks: Does the name on the tag have to be forced? Or can any random name be chosen & used?

    • 1. Tony answers: It's free choice so any name can be used
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  • 23.

    YinHowe asks: Is there anywhere we can see a performance of Levent"s routine?

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