Everything Cub Scouts For The Magician

Book by Brian Hoffman
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Everything Cub Scouts For The Magician

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Book by Brian Hoffman ($45.00)

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Everything Cub Scouts For The Magician - magic

Who better to write a book on performing magic shows for Cub Scouts than one of the very few in the magic community who’s a Cub Scout leader, a magician and can share it all in a book written for you?

Brian Hoffman knows all about scouting—and all about magic. A Scout leader for over 7 years, he’s seen firsthand how the Scouting organization has changed. (Did you know that Cub Scouts now accepts girls?) So, performing for and marketing magic shows to them has changed, too. In Everything Cub Scouts for the Magician, Brian shares it all:

  • The latest policies in Cub Scouting including organization terminology, attire, structure and requirements.
  • Resources for finding local Cub Scout Packs and Roundtables.
  • Pointers to make your marketing stand out and demonstrate your understanding of the
  • Cub Scouts organizational structure.
  • A sample of a Cub Scouts pack budget and event agenda.
  • Numerous ideas for booking shows all year-round.
  • More than 10 specific Cub Scout themed magic routines, tricks and gags.

When you can “speak the language” of an organization, it’ll improve your marketing, your client interactions and your performance. This book will show you how. It has the most up-to-date information on the world of Scouting so you can understand the culture, enter the network and succeed in this recently changed and growing market.

Having performed for thousands of children over 10 years, Brian Hoffman provides powerful insight into the Scouting market. In Everything Cub Scouts for the Magician, Brian shares what he has learned as both a performer and Scout leader. He presents a detailed portrayal of the Cub Scout culture, the routines that best connect to Scouts, and the tools magicians need to successfully enter and build this vast and growing market.

“A must-have book if you want to perform for Cub Scouts! Brian knows what he is talking about. I promise on Scout's honor!" Ken Scott, Award-winning Comedy Magician
“Scouts can be a tough group to entertain. I implemented one simple technique from Brian's book and immediately had a better, well-behaved audience of Scouts. Everything Cub Scouts for the Magician is packed full of these pro tips that will help you book, write, and present the perfect show for this profitable and fun (once you know the secrets) market.” Christopher Barnes a.k.a. Christopher T. Magician

If you do shows for family audiences, you owe it to yourself to get the free download of the table of contents plus a few free pages of Everything Cub Scouts for the Magician so you can determine if it’s a good fit for you.

At AmazeKids, we’ve seen the few books and tricks that have been written about performing for Blue and Gold Dinners and Scouts. Everything Cub Scouts for the Magician gets our highest-ranking merit badge, for sure. When you buy it and read it, we’re sure you’ll agree you’ve purchased the definitive book on selling, customizing and performing a magic show for scouts.


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Customer reviews for Everything Cub Scouts For The Magician


Fantastic book! If you do Scout style shows - then you NEED this book! Even being Canadian I found some great tips that I will use right away! Well written and full of useful information - highly recommend!!



I’ve been entertaining scouts for over 30 years but Brian’s book has given me a lot of up to date information to improve my show and create an immediate rapport with the scout leaders.



This book is a Double bonus. You get plenty of information about Cub Scouts and the organization AND you get a book that gives you tips on performing in front of organized groups of kids.
Get this book. You will find something in it you will find valuable.