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Everything Cub Scouts For The Magician Book
Everything Cub Scouts For The Magician
Book by Brian Hoffman - $45.00

Who better to write a book on performing magic shows for Cub Scouts than one of the very few in the magic community who’s a Cub Scout leader, a magician and can share it all in a book written for you? Brian Hoffman knows all about scouting—and all about magic. A Scout leader for over 7 years,...

Bubble University Online course
Bubble University
Online course by Carisa Hendrix - $280.00

Want to create a whole new show to sell to your clients? Or elevate your act by adding something extraordinary? When you enroll in Bubble University, you’ll soon be performing your own, highly interactive, mind-blowing Bubble Show for family audiences at birthday parties, preschools,...

Entertainer's Marketing Academy Book
Entertainer's Marketing Academy
Book by Matt Fore - $295.00

Are you looking to enhance your business? Can you use more gigs? Ready to learn how to increase your income performing magic? Then read on, as here's a product geared for you. Matt Fore is a writer for, and The Huffington Post. Most importantly, Matt Fore is...

Kids Show Masterplan Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Kids Show Masterplan
Book by Danny Orleans - $50.00 NOW $25.00 (SAVE $25.00)

Danny Orleans' new book is destined to become the modern-day guide to performing magic for children. Combining his classroom experience as a preschool and kindergarten teacher with over 40 years of performing magic for children in schools, museums, libraries, private parties and...

Wacky Science Show Franchise Full show
Wacky Science Show Franchise
Full show by Doug Scheer - $2500.00

Are you a professional kid show magician that would like to add a dynamic show to your line up that could easily add $10,000 or more to your annual income? The Wacky Science Show is looking for a few great performers. Wacky Science is more than just whiz, bang, poof, and pop. Sure it's...

Sign Here Book
Sign Here
Book by Todd Neufeld - $30.00

If you get paid for performing, you need to have a signed contract from your clients. If you think you don't really need a contract, or think you know everything you need to know about contracts, then think again... and read this book. Sign Here! Contracts for Variety Entertainers is a guide...

Life's Magic CD CD
Life's Magic CD
CD by Bill White - $19.95

Contains ten tracks Beyond Twilight Cascade Fusion Aaron`s Myth Classical Confusion Carribean Conjurin` Coming of Ages The Story RiNgMaStR 12 Bars x Ten Fingers = Oh Yeah Elevationary Theory

Cue Control Book
Cue Control
Book by Axel Hecklau - $30.00

Many artists do not use music in their shows simply because they don not realize there is a reliable and invisible method for controlling music, without using a sound technician. Cue control offers solution for this problem and makes it possible for solo artist to add more variety to...

Blue and Gold Book
Blue and Gold
Book by Kyle Peron - $40.00

Looking to book more shows in February? Performing at Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinners may be the answer. This 60-page softcover book is jammed full of the most relevant information in regards to working any scouting program or event -- and it's one of the ONLY books that is devoted solely to...

Santa Appears DVD
Santa Appears
DVD by John Kaplan - $35.00

Ever been faced with having to make someone - Santa, the CEO, a celebrity, guest of honor - magically appear? John Kaplan has. On many occasions for the same client, which meant that it had to be done differently each time. Here you will find a half-dozen of John's favorite...

Halloween Show DVD
Halloween Show
DVD by Tony Chris - $35.00

Are you planning a Halloween-themed magic show? Looking for ideas, inspirations, and routines to make your show “Spooktacular?” You’ll learn a lot from Tony Chris’ The Halloween Magic Show DVD. Tony’s been performing in character as “Count Zackula” at schools, shopping malls and corporate...

Safety Magic For Children Book
Safety Magic For Children
Book by David Ginn - $20.00

KARL WAGNER, veteran of over 10,000 school shows across the USA, has written the first textbook on performing safety message magic. Not only does Karl offer you dozens of kid show routines that are both FUN and FUNNY, but he teaches you how to inject safety messages (or ANY messages) into many...

Booked Beyond Belief DVD
Booked Beyond Belief
DVD by David Ginn - $15.00

For 40 years now David Ginn had made a living magic - by sending letters & flyers, calling clients on the telephone, and going to see people in person. Those are the only 3 ways to self book shows. Everything, including your website, fits into those 3 categories. and it takes all 3 working...