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Dancing Selfie Stick Trick
Dancing Selfie Stick
Trick by Doug Bennett - $125.00

If the Dancing Cane married an iPhone, they’d probably spawn a Dancing Selfie Stick! But inventor Doug Bennett created it first. Check out the video. This is a great opener for stage or platform. It has all the animation of the Dancing Cane, but you perform it with a contemporary device that...

Metamorpho Spots Trick
Metamorpho Spots
Trick by Mr. Magic - $24.95

The magician displays an empty black can with white spots, and two silks - one black, and another white. "This is a white silk dyed black, and this is a black silk dyed white" he says, "and this is my black and white transformation tank, which will make the white silk black and the black...

Never Ending Case Trick
Never Ending Case
Trick by JL Magic - $120.00

A really mysterious magic case from which the magician can pull out a large volleyball and will continue to take out more items than could possibly have fitted in the case to begin with! The back of the never ending case is shown so everybody can see. NOTE: Only...

Buddha Envelopes Trick
Buddha Envelopes
Trick by Nikhil Magic - $19.95

The Professional Buddha Envelopes takes the classic Buddha Papers to a whole new level. Instead of just one transformation, with this new and improved version you can do up to three changes. Turn a blank piece of paper into a dollar, then a $20 and then a $100! How is this possible? ...

Shoe Business 2.0 Trick
Shoe Business 2.0
Trick by Scott Alexander - $99.95

Shoe Business 2.0 is an updated version that combines the Comedy Drink in the Shoe with the Bandana/Banana premise. Created by professional magician, Scott Alexander, this modern-day comedy magic classic uses a bottle of water, a borrowed shoe and a smart phone personal assistant's voice. The...

Snake Eyes Trick
Snake Eyes
Trick by - $12.00

Looking to add a little scream to your Halloween? Here’s a walk-around trick for older kids and teens from AmazeKids Magic Star Tom Burgoon -- the perfect magical prank for the Trick or Treat season. At AmazeKids we DO NOT recommend that you perform this for children under 8 years old....

Unbreakable Phone Trick
Unbreakable Phone
Trick by Lynx Magic - $119.95

Can you make a borrowed cell phone end up inside a sealed Pringles Can? Thanks to Lynx Magic you can! Attention magicians: This could be the most modern version of the 'Banana Bandana' trick of the decade. You explain that you're going to learn a new magic trick with a cell phone and a...

Joe Lefler Pro Suitcase Table Accessory
Joe Lefler Pro Suitcase Table
Accessory by - From $439.00

Looking for a magician's table? Here at AmazeKids and Vanishing Inc., we have the world's most popular table for professional magicians, clowns, and variety entertainers. Our partner, Showtime Magic Productions makes the Joe Lefler Pro Suitcase Table. This high quality, precision-crafted table is...

Overstuft Trick
Trick by Bizzaro - $29.99

For kids, Oreo cookies taste like magic. But when you twist open the cookie, eat the crème filling, then make it slowly, visually and magically reappear between the chocolate wafers—mouths drop, eyes bulge and oohs and ahhs are everywhere. Long out of stock, Overstuft by Bizzaro is...

Naughty and Nice Rope Trick with Ropes Trick
Naughty and Nice Rope Trick with Ropes
Trick by - $22.60

Robert Baxt has created a charming, heartwarming script and routine for the classic Professor's Nightmare which explores sibling rivalry but, in the end, teaches the importance and power of love of family. This is just the type of routine that we like to have on AmazeKids because it combines...

Comedy Drink Trick Trick
Comedy Drink Trick
Trick by - $350.00

Are you looking for funny? Really funny? Many professional magicians consider Dunn's Drink Trick to be one of the funniest bits of business in magic. Ricki Dunn, known as America's Funniest Pickpocket in the 1970s, closed his show with this routine for over twenty years because the visual...

Liar DVD
DVD by Robert Baxt - $49.95

The lie detector is a classic comedy premise that can now be done by anyone, without a secret assistant, with a supplied gimmick that's extra loud for extra laughs. This is made for the 21st century because it'll remind your audience of the paddle that TSA security uses at airports! Robert...

Super Giant Devil's Hank -- Black Trick
Super Giant Devil's Hank -- Black
Trick by - $49.95

This new Black Devil’s handkerchief is a GIANT 30” square. It's properly made with the "No Sag" feature. This means you can use objects much larger and heavier than with the old-fashioned Devil's Hank. These are painstakingly sewn, in a Los Angeles workshop, by professionals in the...

Ultimate Dancing Cane Trick
Ultimate Dancing Cane
Trick by - $89.95

The Ultimate Dancing Cane is the lightest, most beautiful wood cane ever made for the professional magic community. Michael Mosher made a first edition of these over 10 years ago, and sold hundreds in just a few months.... a second improved edition sold out 5 years later as well. The...

Super Giant Devil's Hank -- Metallic Blue Trick
Super Giant Devil's Hank -- Metallic Blue
Trick by - $49.95

This new Metallic Blue Devil’s handkerchief is a GIANT 30” square. It's properly made with the "No Sag" feature. This means you can use objects much larger and heavier than with the old-fashioned Devil's Hank. These are painstakingly sewn, in a Los Angeles workshop, by professionals in...

Triangle of Terror Trick
Triangle of Terror
Trick by - $45.00

Imagine this: You attach a leash to a wooden triangle that is used in billiards games. You balance a cup of water on it. Then you swing it, whirling it around, over and over again in a giant circle over your head! The water stays in the cup. The cup stays on the triangle and the audience is...

Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers DVD
Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers
DVD by Danny Orleans - $129.00

Teenagers! They are so obnoxious and skeptical! Right? Not necessarily! Danny Orleans is an expert in presenting magic to preteen and teenage audiences. In this 3-DVD set he shares over 40 years of experience performing more than 2000 shows at junior highs, high schools and private...

Wack-O Bowling Pin Production Trick
Wack-O Bowling Pin Production
Trick by Wack-O-Magic - $50.00

Look at the photo. This is the ONLY Rubber Bowling Pin that's the actual size of a real bowling pin!! Better yet, watch the video clip of me performing three quick routines with it. (The last one will surprise you!) What I really like about the Rubber Bowling Pin is that provides a...

Magic Marker Trick
Magic Marker
Trick by - $35.00

Probably the best magic gag since the Funkenring! A genuine sharpie marker turns into a cane in the blink of an eye - but the effect on the audience is even more amazing! Adults and kids will jump out of their skin, freak out for a moment, or just laugh out loud! This cool...

Halloween Show DVD
Halloween Show
DVD by - $35.00

Are you planning a Halloween-themed magic show? Looking for ideas, inspirations, and routines to make your show “Spooktacular?” You’ll learn a lot from Tony Chris’ The Halloween Magic Show DVD. Tony’s been performing in character as “Count Zackula” at schools, shopping malls and corporate...

Insta-Snake Trick
Trick by - $65.00

Imagine being able to launch a Spring Snake from any container, including a paper bag, hat, silk, Halloween mask, your shoe or even another snake! Now you can throw away your can of peanuts, because AmazeKids and our partner from Wolfs Magic have Insta-Snake. This gimmick gives you the...

Thought Bubbles Accessory
Thought Bubbles
Accessory by - $49.95

What if your audience could see what you're thinking?  Now they can with Wonder Imagery's Thought Bubbles. Someone makes a funny comment - the audience sees you thinking "LOL!" Someone takes a photo of you - everyone sees you thinking "I'm on Facebook!" You have someone pick a card...

Audience Management Book
Audience Management
Book by Gay Ljungberg - $34.95

Whether you are a performing magician, clown, juggler, ventriloquist, or stand in front of an audience for any other reason; you can improve your act by reading this book. In this book, Gay Ljungberg shares his performing experience with the reader and reveals a treasure of valuable...