If Ever A Wiz There Was 2

Book by Keith Fields
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If Ever A Wiz There Was 2

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Book by Keith Fields ($35.00)

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If Ever A Wiz There Was 2 - magic

When a successful, professional family entertainer shares his creative process in a book with actual scripts, hints and tips for his never-before released routines -- routines that are part of his children’s show -- the entire magician industry takes notice.

Perhaps that’s why Keith Fields’ first book If Ever a Wiz There Was was so successful. Now he’s released Part 2. This contains more of Keith’s approach to entertaining children. You get eleven practical, audience-tested routines that have been part of his working repertoire at schools, special events and theaters.

Routines include:

  • Water Poi -- If you want to inject a hint of risk to a kids show, use a trick with water! There's no real danger with this one... just loads of laughter. It looks like you have great skill, but it's really very easy.
  • The Birthday Test -- How do you know you have the right birthday child? Use The Birthday Test!
  • The Bill in the Box of Mystery -- A classic plot with some extra twists to make this take on a classic perfect for a family audience.
  • The Great Golf Game -- One of Keith’s favorite routines. When you combine an Egg Bag with a Chop Cup, these two classic props are given a new lease on life.
  • The Bungee Hat -- A sure-fire comedy bit that Keith uses in both kid and adult shows
  • Crazy Glue -- Another piece of business that can be a routine on its own or a great running gag.
  • Bucket Head Twister -- Or how to make a $2000 illusion for about $20
  • Cut and Restored Rope -- Keith’s number one ‘go to’ routine for any show where there are children in the audience.
  • T&R Balloon -- The title says it all! This is one of those tricks that the parents in the audience talk about for a long, long time.
  • The Clown with No Nose -- A simple game with a magical twist that is filled with built-in laughs.
  • The Bucket and Pole -- A stunt that goes horribly wrong... with hilarious results!

There’s enough material in this book for you to create two 45-minute shows! If you’ve seen Keith perform, or have purchased his products at AmazeKids, then you know firsthand that he's a world class performer and his work is among the highest quality of family magical entertainers. His If ever a Wiz There Was books are your secret passage to understanding his creative process and a chance to inject his British charm, wit and hilarity into your own show.


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