Arm Ratchet Bone Snapper

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Click, Click! Snap! Snap! You can secretly create this sound effect thanks to AmazeKids partner RosenGadgets and Magic Wagon. This Arm Ratchet / Bone Snapper gimmick even has a vanishing "pull device" so you can show your hands empty after making the sound!

Check out the video above. Based on the old watch winder device, by simply turning a small wheel with the subtle movement of your thumb, you can create the sound of breaking your finger, or a spectator's neck!

Here's just a few of the many uses for this clever gadget!

  • Simulate the sound of a winding watch
  • Create the sound of a key winding up a the classic Handkerchief Mouse popularized by Quentin Reynolds.
  • Use as a comedy Arm Ratcheting Device when you "pump" a kid's arm for the Comedy Funnel.
  • "Crack" a friend's back. (Check out the video)
  • Creates the sounds of Snapping Bones to get priceless audience reactions
Best of all, the attached pull device allows you to end up completely clean -- with absolutely nothing in your hands. This is a great, affordable utility device for every magician! Get the Arm Ratchet / Bone Snapper and get cracking today!

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