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Bag to 'The End' Silk Trick
Bag to 'The End' Silk
Trick by The Essel Magic - $39.95

Being able to use a bag in a kids effect that then BECOMES a silk sign is very strong. It's visual and surprising, and colorful. It also punctuates the end of a show, allowing you to end with a great applause cue.  The magician shows 4 different, brightly-colored silk hankies (black, white,...

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Miracle Lamp Trick
Miracle Lamp
Trick by Amazo Magic - $320.00

What a beautiful effect for your stage act. If you perform for family audiences or on stage, consider adding this beautiful effect to your act. The magician displays some milk and subsequently vanishes it. After the milk disappears, the magician removes the lampshade from a nearby lamp and unplugs...

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Trick by Sumit Chhajer - $85.00

CRYSTAL CLEAR is a trick that is perfect for family shows. Doing a trick with feather flowers can add color and a visual quality to any family program, and this is a great one.  Show a clear, empty rectangular tube - continually turn it and allow the audience to see right through to...

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Lota Bowl AL Trick
Lota Bowl AL
Trick by The Essel Magic - $34.95

Mr. Magic Lota Bowl is a totally self-working miracle, perfect for stage or parlor performances. The Lota Bowl can be performed serious or as a repeating comedy prop in your act. The Lota Bowl is a classic prop. You make seemingly endless amounts of water appear in the bowl, which you...

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The Bucket DVD
The Bucket
DVD by Vernet Magic - $25.00

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing we love to support at Vanishing Inc. Magic. Greco has been doing the Miser's Dream for a lifetime, and he shares everything you need to put together your own routine. It's that rare classic suitable for kids but also killer for adults. Our highest...

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Christmas Carol Book Test Book
Christmas Carol Book Test
Book by Josh Zandman - $49.95

The performer riffles through the pages of the Christmas book. The participant at any time, says stop and looks at the first word on the page. The performer knows the word without asking a single question or having anything written down. Nothing to memorize No duplicate words No...

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Genii Tube Trick
Genii Tube
Trick by Tony Karpinski - $150.00

The Karpinski Genii Tube has unique features that differentiate it from the traditional Genii Tube. The square design, rather than the more common cylinder design, has two distinct load chambers which can be filled separately. Additionally, the hinged division allows the tube to be opened...

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Easter Basket Production Trick
Easter Basket Production
Trick by Donato Colucci - $35.00

Employing a body load to produce a basket of flowers, bowl of water, or some other large item from a foulard is a centuries old concept. Producing a full Easter basket makes for an impressive and colorful finish for a seasonal show. The modus operandi is exactly that taught by Professor Hoffmann,...

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Flash Parasols  (1 piece set) Trick
Flash Parasols (1 piece set)
Trick by MH Production - $12.50

Flash Parasol is the latest creation for your umbrella performances. Flash Parasol has a bigger surface and it opens with great force making the parasol open a lot quicker so your show runs smoother. Available in Black, White, Red, Red & White and Multi-colored.

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Super Cannon Pro Trick
Super Cannon Pro
Trick by Aprendemagia - $90.00

A professional confetti cannon that gives you a confetti explosion anytime you need it. SUPER CANNON PRO can throw confetti from 1 meter to 10 meters high. You are able to use it in either houses or on big stages. Now, you just need to get one and put it to work. A remote control...

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Peek-A-Boo Santa Trick
Peek-A-Boo Santa
Trick by David Kaye - $247.00

Danny Orleans of AmazeKids thinks Silly Billy has the best Santa Claus trick ever created for young children (aged 3 - 6 years). It's reminiscent of Run Rabbit Run, but with a chimney and Jolly Old St. Nick. Plus, the finale has so many possibilities. It is Santa Claus’ first day on...

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Snake Eyes Trick
Snake Eyes
Trick by Tom Burgoon - $12.00

Looking to add a little scream to your Halloween? Here’s a walk-around trick for older kids and teens from AmazeKids Magic Star Tom Burgoon -- the perfect magical prank for the Trick or Treat season. At AmazeKids we DO NOT recommend that you perform this for children under 8 years old....

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Super Giant Devil's Hank -- Red Trick
Super Giant Devil's Hank -- Red
Trick by Wack-O-Magic - $49.95

This new Red Devil’s handkerchief is a GIANT 30” square. It's properly made with the NO SAG feature. This means you can use objects much larger and heavier than with the old-fashioned Devil's hank. These are painstakingly sewn, in a Los Angeles workshop, by professionals in the theater...

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Big Red Nose  Trick
Big Red Nose
Trick by Samuel Smith - $20.00

A Great New Christmas Routine by Samuel Patrick Smith Rudy starts as a blue-nosed reindeer. The kids object, so you magically turn his nose red. You like it better the other way, but when you try to change it back, the color vanishes from the reindeer's nose! Children howl...

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Candy Store Trick
Candy Store
Trick by Daytona Magic Inc. - $111.38

Make candy appear! The magician displays a beautiful wooden stand, brightly decorated as a candy store. The front panel is opened to show six candy canes inside. The magician visibly removes three of the candy canes and closes front panel. After a wave of the hand, the magician opens the front...

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Santa Costume Bag Trick
Santa Costume Bag
Trick by Daytona Magic - $40.00

A small bag is displayed to the audience. The magician shows the bag is empty, even turning it inside out and allowing a member of the audience to feel the inside.  A silk handkerchief is dropped into the bag and a child from the audience is asked to wave his hand over the bag making the...

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Santa's Adventures Trick
Santa's Adventures
Trick by Graffix Magic - $65.00

Santa has been having trouble getting down the Chimney in one piece. His body gets all mixed up and eventually winds up back to normal. Includes:  1 wooden tube decorated to look like a chimney4 wooden blocks with Santa Claus on themInstruction sheet

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Santa's Chimney Trick
Santa's Chimney
Trick by Daytona Magic - $118.13

Santa`s Chimney Your holiday utility production box! With Santa`s Chimney you can show the chimney to be empty, place it in the base and magically produce all sorts of items! Produce or transform silks, flowers, small live animals and more-anything that can fit! Dimensions...

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Santa Stuck in the Chimney Trick
Santa Stuck in the Chimney
Trick by Daytona Magic - $70.00

Santa Stuck in Chimney Santa just can`t seem to get down the chimney in one piece! The magician stacks three wooden blocks with Santa Clause on them and covers everything with a "chimney." Everytime he lifts the chimney, the blocks are out of order until the magician saves the day and puts...

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Forgetful Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Trick
Forgetful Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Trick by Daytona Magic - $213.75

A model of an absentminded Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is shown to the spectators, and the magician talks about how Rudolph is very forgetful. He forgets where he put his Christmas list and how to get things ready for his famous Christmas Eve ride. He is so forgetful that he once forgot where he...

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