Extreme Change Bag

Accessory by Jim Pace ($85.00)

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Imagine you putting an object -- any object -- into a change bag and suddenly the rim of the bag is engulfed in flames! Now, with Jim Pace's Extreme Change Bag, you can make it happen. This is a revolutionary way to perform a transformation. Here are just a few great ideas that you can do at a kid's birthday, school show or family show with this clever prop that takes the traditional prop to a whole other level.

  • Put a piece of (sponge or real) bread into the bag, add a dose of fire and pull out toast!
  • Put a white silk into the bag only to have it burst into a flash of fire and... Whoosh... it becomes a live dove.
  • Put a "borrowed" sock or tie into the bag, say the magic words and feign horror when it catches on fire. Pull out the "burnt" article of clothing. Then change it back.
  • Use it for a "Baking Cupcake Trick." Add the ingredients and pretend not to see the fire. (Don't worry, the kids will tell you!). Then pull out a sponge cupcake.

Extreme Change Bag is a great utility device if you want to add a flash or a big "mistake" to your show. Use it to pretend to burn, vanish or materialize any small object.


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