The Walnuts

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The Walnuts - magic

They look right real walnuts don't they? But some are not! They're fake, made by a Hollywood Special FX creator.

They're made of firm, but lightweight polyurethane foam! Look at the picture. Can you spot which are the Urethane Rubber Walnuts? There was a contest to see who could tell the difference, only one person ever came close, and he admitted that he just guessed!

So what are they good for? If you're a fan of Dai Vernon or Harry Riser, you'll know about The Walnut Trick or "The Peripatetic Walnuts" in Volume Two of The Vernon Chronicles, by Stephen Minch. In Harry's version, in his book, The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser, three walnuts magically fly from the magician's pocket to an inverted glass that is covered by an empty can. As with most of Harry's magic, this version is extremely clean and contains significant subtleties. And the rubber walnuts are the perfect accessory because they won't talk as they contact the glass! A brilliant application!

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“The two walnuts I ordered arrived today and they are perfect. Just what I expected.” -- Steve Pellegrino

“The size and color are superb! It is an exact match for the type of walnuts I usually find at my grocery store.”-- Dave V.

“Size & color are perfect. They blend in perfectly with real walnuts.”-- Domino Magic

“These are the best rubber walnuts I’ve ever seen... Exceptional” -- Paul Gross, Hocus Pocus Magic

“These don’t look like good fake walnuts, they look like real walnuts!” -- Walt Anthony

"I have to say, even with all the good things I'd heard and read, I was surprised at the excellent quality of the walnut." -- Darrell King

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