Needle Thru Balloon Professional

Trick by Bazar De Magia
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Needle Thru Balloon Professional

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Trick by Bazar De Magia ($13.00)

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Needle Thru Balloon Professional - magic

Needle Thru Balloon is a modern-day classic, a very baffling magic trick that will fool your audience every time. The plot is straightforward: You inflate a transparent balloon, you show an 18-inch long needle threaded on a long piece of yarn. Although your audience can guess what's going to happen next, they stare transfixed, as you defy the laws of physics. Without any cover, you stick the needle through the balloon, from one end to the other and the balloon doesn't break!

Impossible? Yes! That's why it's magic! This is a fantastic routine to communicate lessons that "Anything is Possible," Success can be just one effort away" or "Overcoming Fears by Just Trying." Kids magicians can use Needle Through Balloon by first drawing a face on the balloon, or during Halloween, drawing a vampire face on it and tell the myth about vampire slayers. There are so many possibilities.

Vanishing Inc pros use this trick at corporate meetings to illustrate "market penetration," how to "blow away" the competition, and, as the balloon is inflated,  "corporate growth."

AmazeKids magician Danny Orleans has performed this with older children and teens as he stands behind an onstage assistant, helping her pierce the balloon as she performs the magic herself. The look on her face as the needle punctures the balloon, then again as it's extracted and the yarn stretches through the balloon really sells the impossibility of it all to the audience.

Whether you perform at kids birthdays, schools, libraries or trade shows and corporate meetings, remember to add the professional sized Needle Thru Balloon to your repertoire. It's versatile, packs flat, plays impossible and is probably the most mysterious penetration on the market performed with familiar objects. And it's a great trick if you really want to make a "point."

With Needle Thru Balloon Professional, you get the extra-long needle, 10 balloons, and instructions. You can purchase more balloons in bulk at any party supply store. This is easy to do, allowing you to focus on your presentation. Choose to use an audience helper to inflate the balloon, or perform this alone as a silent piece. Is a storytelling routine a better choice for you? Or do you want to teach success by making an audience member the star of the show? Each one of these is a possibility as you do the impossible with the always amazing Needle Thru Balloon.


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