Miracle Dowsing Rods

Trick by Tenyo Magic
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Miracle Dowsing Rods

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Trick by Tenyo Magic ($14.95)

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Miracle Dowsing Rods - magic

Dowsing rods were once used to locate sources or fresh water or metallic ore. Now, thanks to the geniuses at Tenyo, you can use them to find hidden coins, lost cards, or whatever your imagination can conjure!

Imagine a spectator puts a coin into an envelope and mixes it with several others, yet your dowsing rods react only to the envelope with the coin inside. Or say a card is selected and lost in the deck, but the dowsing rods can find the selected card with ease!

All this and more is possible with the Miracle Dowsing Rods! Order yours today!


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Miracle Dowsing Rods by Tenyo Magic