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Super Giant Devil's Hank -- Black Trick
Super Giant Devil's Hank -- Black
Trick by Wack-O-Magic - $49.95

This new Black Devil’s handkerchief is a GIANT 30” square. It's properly made with the "No Sag" feature. This means you can use objects much larger and heavier than with the old-fashioned Devil's Hank. These are painstakingly sewn, in a Los Angeles workshop, by professionals in the...

Whoopee Seat Cushion - Normal Trick
Whoopee Seat Cushion - Normal
Trick by No Sleeves Magic - Michael Rosander - $20.00

This is the companion, ungimmicked seat cushion to match the Whoopee Seat Cushion. This cushion will not "pass gas." You can use this additional seat cushion in conjunction with the gimmicked one. Here are just a few ideas for routines with both cushions: Cards Across with two spectators...

Giant Peacock Silk 45
Giant Peacock Silk 45"
Accessory by Goshman - $35.00

Bursting with color! Use this new design 45" peacock as a production silk, blendo silk, or background silk. Do you get the feeling a TV show is about to begin? Wow, that's no turkey! But it is nearly four feet square!

Break Away Fan Trick
Break Away Fan
Trick - $15.00

You take out a Japanese fan to use for a volunteer to hold. Next you ask him or her to be VERY careful with it because it is very valuable. You fan it and as an afterthought hand it over to an assisting spectator to fan likewise. Wonder of wonders! When the assistant opens it, the blades of the...

Instant Art Insert  Refill
Instant Art Insert
Refill - $25.00

Inserts for Ickle Pickle's Instant Art. Available as: Snowman, Santa in Chimney, Rudolph, Haunted House Snowman: A black and white snowman suddenly turns into Frosty the Snowman with his Top Hat, Corncob Pipe, Candy Cane, Red Button Nose, Blue Stripped...

The Incredible Growing Sponge Tomato Accessory
The Incredible Growing Sponge Tomato
Accessory by Magic by Gosh - $49.95

Holy Tomato! This giant tomato has all the strength and versatility of a 6" Goshman sponge ball. That's because it's made by Goshman and then the finishing touches are added in Spain by Vanishing Inc. Magic partner Undermagic. Check out the above video and see how it magically (and automatically)...

Devil's Hank Pro - Black Trick
Devil's Hank Pro - Black
Trick by Sumit Chhajer - $19.95

The Devil's Hank is a magician's utility device used primarily to vanish small objects. Coins, cards, finger rings disappear like magic! The method is simple and easy to do, but extremely convincing in the eyes of laymen. Best of all, AmazeKids loves how this is packs flat and has an organic feel...

Alpha Reel (Large) Accessory
Alpha Reel (Large)
Accessory by James George - $34.95

After Ten Years of Extensive Research, the Ultimate Levitation Device is Now Even Better then Ever... You will be floating and levitating all sorts of things with greater ease then ever before, even if you are brand new to Magic! Be the life of the party and amaze your friends and...

Foam Egg  Accessory
Foam Egg
Accessory by Goshman - $5.00

Perfect for use with the Goshman Foam Dove or on their own, these highly compressible white eggs measure 1.75 inches by 1.25 inches. Sold individually.

Silk to Egg (Vernet) Accessory
Silk to Egg (Vernet)
Accessory by Vernet - $8.00

The performer pushes a colored silk into his closed left hand. When he opens his hand the silk is seen to have turned into an egg! Offering to "explain" the trick, the magician shows that the egg is hollow with a hole at one end. He pulls the silk out and displays the hollow egg. Again, he...

Silicone Egg Accessory
Silicone Egg
Accessory by Alan Wong - $9.95

Super-realistic looking white-shell silicone egg made by none other than Alan Wong. These quality silicone eggs look just like the real thing. However, due to the fact that they're silicone, they can be compressed into a very small space and will retain their shape when expanded....

Invisible Thread Not Stripped Accessory
Invisible Thread Not Stripped
Accessory - $3.95

Perfect for almost any routine with invisible thread, this package includes a 20-foot length of thread with 142 individual strands ready for separation. Includes detailed instructions which contain a floating bill routine fully illustrated by Tony Dunn.

2" 50 Super Soft Sponge Balls (Blue)
Accessory by Magic by Gosh - $44.00

2" 50 Super Soft Sponge Balls (Blue)

2" 50 Super Soft Sponge Balls (Green)
Accessory by Magic by Gosh - $44.00

Bag of 50 Super Soft Sponge Balls.

1.5" Ultra Soft Sponge Balls (Red)
Accessory by Goshman - $4.58

Goshman sponge balls are renowned as the best sponge balls available on the market, and these 1.5-inch ultra soft sponge balls are no exception; quite simply the best sponge balls available today. A package of 4 high-density ultra soft sponge balls in red, allowing you to conceal and...