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Anaconda Rope Trick
Anaconda Rope
Trick by Uday's Magic World - $39.95

You know the power of rope magic, so get fifty feet of soft white rope here for your next routine! Note: No instructions are included.

Appearing Wand Trick
Appearing Wand
Trick by The Essel Magic - $15.00

A magician should always have a magic wand on hand, and with this one, you'll always be ready to make a wand appear instantly at your command! Buy yours today!

Jumping Rising Twirling Wand Trick
Jumping Rising Twirling Wand
Trick by The Essel Magic - $5.00

If you need a wand with a little extra magic already included, check out this wand! It rises into the air, starts whirling, and then shoots up into the air! 

Versatile Mirror Box Trick
Versatile Mirror Box
Trick - $40.00

A standard mirror box will let you pull materials out of a seemingly empty box. This new version will also let you transform one object into another! Upgrade your mirror box today!

Zig Zag Pencil Trick
Zig Zag Pencil
Trick by Mr. Magic - $7.00

The classic magic apparatus is back! Show an unbroken pencil and place it into its case, only to show it broken into 3 pieces when you move the center portion of the case. Now push in the center section and remove the unharmed pencil! Puzzling and perplexing!

Zombie with Stand Trick
Zombie with Stand
Trick by Mr. Magic - $40.00

Zombie is a classic magic effect where a large glittering ball floats up and down on a cloth and sometimes vanishes in an aerial manner. Varying from spooky to comedic depending on the presentation, this handsome set is ready to perform and comes with its own stand.

Magic Tea Pot Trick
Magic Tea Pot
Trick by Mr. Magic - $35.00

It looks like a normal teapot, but what until you see what it can do. You'll be able to fill five glasses with its contents, but each glass will fill with a different-colored liquid! If that's not enough for you, then when the lid is opened, the teapot is now filled with silks! Get yours...

Production Sleeve Fan Rolex #2 Trick
Production Sleeve Fan Rolex #2
Trick by The Essel Magic - $17.00

You'll definitely get some attention when produce these beautiful metallic fans right in front of their eyes!

Twin Tube Production Trick
Twin Tube Production
Trick by The Essel Magic - $80.00

Two effects in one, a combination of the classic Square Circle Production and Multiplying Bottles.  You can present two cylinders as completely empty. But when nested, you are able to produce colorful silks, streamers and even spring flowers from within the once empty cylinders while showing...

P&L Billiard Ball Stand Trick
P&L Billiard Ball Stand
Trick by Zanadu - $449.95

Need a way to add some class to your billiard ball routine? Want to make billiard balls appear or vanish in a classy and most magical way? Then it doesn't get much better than this P&L Billiard Ball Stand. The quality you expect from P&L, there is something truly magical about this...

P&L Goblin Phantom Tube Trick
P&L Goblin Phantom Tube
Trick by Zanadu - $24.95

A perplexing and visual appearance your audiences will love. A tube is shown empty and then small pieces of tissue are placed over each end, one at a time, forming a drum head. The tissues are broken, and silks or other item appear from the tube that, just moments before, had been shown...

Drop Down Mirror Box Trick
Drop Down Mirror Box
Trick by Ickle Pickle Products Inc. - $150.00

If you need a beautiful production device that leaves you "clean", the Drop Down Mirror Box is the illusion for you. Show nothing in the box, close the doors, lift the lid and open the doors to show a live rabbit (or whatever else you choose)! And the interior is uncovered and "clean"! Your...

Carnival Streamer Halloween Trick
Carnival Streamer Halloween
Trick by Ra El Mago - $24.95 NOW $12.47 (SAVE $12.48)

If you want to get audience attention, especially around Halloween, there's nothing quite like the Carnival Streamer Halloween. Each one has 30 lines that are 16 feet long and can't fail to get noticed. Get yours today!Contains 10 Halloween Carnival Streamers.

Dove Pan Botanica Trick
Dove Pan Botanica
Trick by The Essel Magic - $24.95

No one says you have to produce a dove from a dove pan. The possibilities are really limited by your imagination. In that vein, why not produce a bouquet to brighten up a routine?

90ft Mouth Coil (Halloween) Trick
90ft Mouth Coil (Halloween)
Trick by Ra El Mago - $10.95

Why do kids and magicians love mouth coils? Probably because they are unexpected and get a great reaction!This mouth coil is an impressive 90 feet long. That's right, 90 feet. That's the distance from 3rd base to home plate in baseball, and this mouth coil will get you there. In addition, these are...

Coin Vanishing Stand Trick
Coin Vanishing Stand
Trick by The Essel Magic - $14.95

Coins disappear from the top of this stand, yet the open front "proves" they didn't just fall underneath the stand. Great for a variety of routines.

Rare Coin Penetration Trick
Rare Coin Penetration
Trick by The Essel Magic - $14.95

A baffling item, perfect for a kids show. Show a clear, empty glass and add a ball to show its normalcy. After removing the ball and covering the glass with a silk, a coin is added on top so the silk slowly sinks to the bottom. The ball is added on top of all. Miraculously, you can pull the coin...

Mouth Coil 25ft/10ct Trick
Mouth Coil 25ft/10ct
Trick by The Essel Magic - $9.95

If you are looking for highly visual and startling effects, the Mouth Coil fulfills both requirements. No one expects you to start pulling 25-foot streamers from your mouth, which is why it's so fun to do so. Get yours today!

Candle Through Silks Trick
Candle Through Silks
Trick by The Essel Magic - $29.95

You show three silks threaded through a wooden box. A lit candle is passed through the box and silks. However, despite this, the silks can be shown unharmed by the flame. A true puzzler for audiences!

Miser Dream Glass Trick
Miser Dream Glass
Trick by The Essel Magic - $7.95

Now you can perform Miser's Dream with ease! Ready to go out of the box, this version of the classic effect will let you pull an unlimited number of coins from thin air, yet it's simple to perform. Has everything you need!

Squeaker Accordian Double-Voice - Medium Trick
Squeaker Accordian Double-Voice - Medium
Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - $8.00 NOW $4.00 (SAVE $4.00)

This medium-sized squeaker is perfect for comedy magic and performing for children. Make it part of your next routine!Double-voice squeakers make a sound both when they are pressed and when they are released.Squeaker Length Approximately 2 1/2" (6.5cm)

Commander Light Trick
Commander Light
Trick by Mr. Magic - $99.95

Full of comedy potential, this flashlight is completely under your control, even when in the spectator's hands! Let them examine it to their hearts' content, but you still turn it on and off by whenever you desire.

Mini Triangular Box Trick
Mini Triangular Box
Trick by Mr. Magic - $19.95

Another classic production apparatus. Although a triangular box is shown empty, you can produce a variety of items, including silks, flowers, paper, money, etc. Now you can fold the box flat again, yet when you return it to its triangle shape, you can again start producing more items!

Leather Packet Wallet Accessory
Leather Packet Wallet
Accessory by TCC Playing Card Co. - $4.95

Stop using those old packet trick card wallets! You know the ones. They bend your cards, the plastic tears, they can't even protect themselves. Instead get yourself a Packet Wallet by TCC! These new Packet Wallets are made from PU leather with quality and craftsmanship in mind. They...

Flash Silk Vanishing Wand Trick
Flash Silk Vanishing Wand
Trick by The Essel Magic - $11.95

Every magician has secretly wanted to make something disappear with a wave of a wand, and now you can. With a magical wave, this wand can make a silk disappear.