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Magic Squeaky Trick
Magic Squeaky
Trick by JL Magic - $15.00

Imagine a squeaker with a secret on-off switch. A squeaker that you can control, so you can make it squeak, but your spectator can’t! Imagine the possibilities! Well, at AmazeKids we have not only imagined such a Squeaker, but we’ve made it a reality. Check out the video for Magic Squeaky! ...

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Extreme Change Bag Accessory
Extreme Change Bag
Accessory by Jim Pace - $85.00

Imagine you putting an object -- any object -- into a change bag and suddenly the rim of the bag is engulfed in flames! Now, with Jim Pace's Extreme Change Bag, you can make it happen. This is a revolutionary way to perform a transformation. Here are just a few great ideas that you can do at a...

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Tora Glassy Table Trick
Tora Glassy Table
Trick by Tora Magic - $198.00

Quit performing out of a bag on a chair. This little beauty is what you need for your next performance! Whether you use it as a performing table or a side table to hold used effects, this table will meet your needs. And it also folds up flat for easy transport! Look like a pro when you perform and...

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Bowling Ball from Briefcase Trick
Bowling Ball from Briefcase
Trick by Daytona Magic Inc. - $199.00

An impossible production that will get their attention! Walk onstage with a normal-looking briefcase, but then you pull out a bowling ball or basketball! Now you can show both sides of your thin, solid briefcase, even the inside! A stunning production they won't soon forget! Bowling ball...

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S.B. Tube Trick
S.B. Tube
Trick by Lee Jah Bond - $59.95

Looking for that perfect way to make an object appear? How about from a bubble of smoke? With the S.B. Tube, you can now create smoke bubbles easily every time. You can blow your regular bubble, and when you need smoke, just press the button -- magic happens! This device is easy to use and includes...

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Sponge Balloon Dog Trick
Sponge Balloon Dog
Trick by Alexander May - $25.00

Only capable of making balloon snakes and eels? We've got you covered now with a Sponge Balloon Dog! Looks just like a real balloon animal dog, yet it's made from sponge and ready for your next surprise production! Palm it or produce it from a dove pan - your imagination is the limit! Order yours...

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The Table the World Awaited Trick
The Table the World Awaited
Trick by Rich Hill's Illusion Shop - $349.00

Yes, you've been wanting it, you've been waiting for it even. It's Rich Hill's The Table the World Awaited ™ but even better!! Bring this beauty with you for your next performance and see what you've been missing! Put it together in less than 10 seconds and you're ready to go! Available in...

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Colorful Sponge Eggs Trick
Colorful Sponge Eggs
Trick by Timothy Pressley - $29.95

Make that next egg routine more visual and colorful with these vibrant sponge eggs! Whether you use them for Easter magic, fairy tales, or anything else your imagination can conjure up, these colorful sponge eggs are ready to add visual appeal to your next routine. Make them appear, disappear,...

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Airborne Pro & Glass Trick
Airborne Pro & Glass
Trick by G Sparks - $25.95

"Clearly the worlds' quietest airborne." WHISPER SILENT ACTION NO TOP CLEAR LIKE GIMMICK WORKS ON MOST BOTTLES INCLUDING WATER BOTTLES Enjoy the Magic by G Sparks This new gravity fed hook-up is clear, quiet and you can start with the bottles' top on. ...

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Wilting Magic Wand Trick
Wilting Magic Wand
Trick by Strixmagic - $55.00

If you like the classic Breakaway Wand, you'll love the Wilting Magic Wand!! The Breakaway Wand is a comedy classic, but the Wilting Magic Wand is the next step in its evolution! Nothing to palm or hold, you can use this wand during your performances without fear of activation, yet when a...

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Ribbon Magic Wand Trick
Ribbon Magic Wand
Trick by Strixmagic - $45.00

Let the craziness begin with the Ribbon Magic Wand.  When a spectator holds a wand for the performer, the performer grabs the tip and walks away, leaving a long black ribbon trailing behind. Kids will start screaming with laughter when they see the perplexed volunteer trailing behind you! The...

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Diamond Cut Red Silk 24 inch Trick
Diamond Cut Red Silk 24 inch
Trick by Magic by Gosh - $3.58

Need a large silk but not all the bulk of a square silk? Check out this diamond-shaped silk! It's made of high-quality material, just as you'd expect from Magic by Gosh, and is ready to be incorporated into virtually any silk effect. Small enough for close-up yet big enough for the stage. Order...

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ABC Blocks Trick
ABC Blocks
Trick by Daytona Magic Inc. - $100.00

Here's an amazing effect that audiences won't see coming! Three wooden blocks are removed from a dowel and placed in a hat. Then they are again stacked on the dowel and covered with a tube. When the tube is removed, one block is missing and is found inside of the hat! Truly inexplicable and truly...

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Coin Ladder Trick
Coin Ladder
Trick by Amazo Magic - $540.00

Producing coins is very visual, but how can you enhance the appearance? Try this Coin Ladder from Amazo Magic! Now you can mark the appearance of a coin with an auditory experience as each coin clinks and clanks down the coin ladder. Don't settle for just a drop in a bucket when you...

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Professional Rope Trick
Professional Rope
Trick by TCC Playing Card Co. - $9.95

Rope magic is incredible and fascinating to audiences, and now you can get the same rope used by professionals. Each package contains 6 meters of pure white rope that is soft and easily cut. Get yours today! Note: Because the rope is completely sealed, it may be very tight for awhile....

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Back of Glassy Cube Trick
Back of Glassy Cube
Trick by Tora Magic - $247.50

If you are looking for one effect that lets you vanish, transform and produce objects from thin air, then this is the effect for you! One glassy box is shown to have a Rubik's Cube inside, while another is shown empty. However, when the Rubik's Cube is removed and placed into the empty box, it...

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Plans for the Rolon Table Book
Plans for the Rolon Table
Book - $10.00

If you've ever seen the Rolon table in action, you know how quick and versatile it can be, setting up in under 20 seconds. This manuscript contains the plans for building your own, so buy now and see how valuable this can be in your next show!

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Christmas Eve Box Trick
Christmas Eve Box
Trick by Tora Magic - $148.00

An incredible and mystifying way to produce objects! Just like Santa, this box really delivers. Although you show it empty to the audience, you can proceed to play the part of Santa and produce objects from the box. A fun and baffling way to get your crowd in the holiday mood! Order your box today!

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Rubik's Playing Cards Deck of cards
Rubik's Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Fantasma Toys - $12.00

Are you a true Rubik's Cube fan? Do you wake up under Rubik's Cube sheets in your Rubik's Cube pajamas and immediately solve a few Rubik's Cubes for fun? Then you need to get yourself a deck of Rubik's Playing Cards, the latest addition to Fantasma Magic's Rubik's line of products! ...

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Santa Claus Table Trick
Santa Claus Table
Trick by Tora Magic - $123.00

Looking for a way to instantly set a holiday theme or mood for your magic show? The check out this Santa Claus Table! Not only is this a sturdy place for your props, but this table lets your audience know they are in for some holiday fun! Santa is even has a present with a bunny...

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