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Lotz of Magic for Kidz Book
Lotz of Magic for Kidz
Book by John Breeds - $49.95

In this new 200-page book LOTZ of MAGIC for KIDZ, John Breeds treats you to over 30 routines from his working repertoire. His full explanations, attention to the smallest detail, and over 300 crystal-clear illustrations and photos show you how someone with 35 years of performing experience...

Everything Cub Scouts For The Magician Book
Everything Cub Scouts For The Magician
Book by Brian Hoffman - $45.00

Who better to write a book on performing magic shows for Cub Scouts than one of the very few in the magic community who’s a Cub Scout leader, a magician and can share it all in a book written for you? Brian Hoffman knows all about scouting—and all about magic. A Scout leader for over 7 years,...

The Library Performer's Handbook Book
The Library Performer's Handbook
Book by Tom Hughes - $55.00

Libraries are wonderful places to perform family shows. Audiences are attentive and curious about their world. The setting is quiet. And you almost always get a full house. What’s the secret to getting booked at libraries? It’s all about orienting your routines and your marketing around books and...

Book by Christopher T. Magician - $45.00

Get a master class in how to build comedy routines for adult and family audiences. Christopher W. Barnes' (internationally known as Christopher T. Magician) book, explains how he creates routines from the ground up. In its 492 pages, he lays out 29 classic comedy magic tropes (classic plots)...

AbracaDAMMIT! 2 Disaster Stories & Life Lessons From the World's Top Magicians Book
AbracaDAMMIT! 2 Disaster Stories & Life Lessons From the World's Top Magicians
Book by Benjamin Zabin - $19.95

AbracaDAMMIT! 2 is a compilation of mistakes and life lessons from the world's top magicians! This is a cherished collection of candid conversations. Imagine if someone transcribed TED Talks delivered by exceptional professionals in the magic industry and put them into a book. Each...

Plans for the Rolon Table Book
Plans for the Rolon Table
Book - $10.00

If you've ever seen the Rolon table in action, you know how quick and versatile it can be, setting up in under 20 seconds. This manuscript contains the plans for building your own, so buy now and see how valuable this can be in your next show!

Tricks & Stunts with a Rubber Dove Book
Tricks & Stunts with a Rubber Dove
Book by Ian Adair - $15.00

If you do work with doves or plan on it in the future, check out Tricks & Stunts with a Rubber Dove. This comprehensive text details how you can use this prop to enhance a current dove act and perform illusions otherwise impossible. Topics include how to properly handle the dove, vanishes,...

Puppets with Punch Book
Puppets with Punch
Book by Tony Green - $20.00

A case study of successful Punch and Judy routines, Puppets with Punch by Tony Green deserves to be in the library of aspiring and expert puppeteers alike. Some of the topics in this book include: The Honey Bee, Witchy Whoops, Lollipops, Sammy Seal, The Chinese Magician, plus many other...

Children's Showtime Book
Children's Showtime
Book by Michael Elliot - $20.00

This text may be difficult to come across, but it's worth adding to the library of a children's entertainer. Michael Elliot has taken his top material, including his Chinese Sticks Routine, along with family friendly patter. Do yourself a favor and pick up this one before it's gone!

Novel Notions Book
Novel Notions
Book by Ian Adair - $25.00

With over 25 effects for a variety of venues, Novel Notions is full of magic for any performer. Whether you do magic close-up or onstage, for children or adults, with livestock or mentalism, there really is something for everyone! So pick up your copy today and get your mind working in so way...

The Lilliputians Book
The Lilliputians
Book by Will Ayling - $20.00

If you do any kind of puppet work in your shows, you need this book in your library. There is a wealth of information on glove and rod puppets, including routines and puppetry. It also contains information on staging your puppet show, including sound effects, music, drama, and so much more! Improve...

Professional Punch Book
Professional Punch
Book by Tony Green - $20.00

If you do any puppet work in your shows, then it always pays to check out the classic texts, like Professional Punch. This volume was written by Tony Green, who not only performed with the classic Punch & Judy puppets, but made them as well. It its pages, you'll find a wealth of puppet material...

Open Sesame Book
Open Sesame
Book by Eric Lewis and Wilfred Tyler - $25.00

This book has long been regarded as one of the most important texts ever produced on children's magic. Most notable is the first chapter of Open Sesame, topics reproduced below, which should be required reading for entertainers of children. If you entertain children or ever want to, you should...

Puppet Shows to Make Book
Puppet Shows to Make
Book by Eric Hawkesworth - $14.95

If you are a puppeteer or are thinking of being one, this book should be in your library. This comprehensive text not only covers living marionettes, finger puppets, rod puppets, and skeleton puppets, but it also discusses how to routine and develop your puppet show and even how to build your own...

A Magic Variety Show Book
A Magic Variety Show
Book by Eric Hawkesworth - $9.95

If you need a source for some different types of magic not covered in other texts, try Eric Hawkesworth's A Magic Variety Show!Eric shows you how to combine several types of magic into a cohesive show, and includes sections on Chapeaugraphy, Paper Tearing, Shadowgrahs, and tips on presentation...

Making a Shadowgraph Show Book
Making a Shadowgraph Show
Book by Eric Hawkesworth - $24.95

If you're looking for something unique to add to your show, check out Making a Shadowgraph Show by Eric Hawkesworth. You'll get a complete rundown of everything you need, including setting up the shadowgraph show, projection lights, operations and arranging the program. As a bonus, you get...

Opus Thirteen Book
Opus Thirteen
Book by Eric Lewis - $49.95

Take journey with Eric Lewis and his superlative magic in Opus Thirteen. Not only are the effects amazing and crowd=pleasing, but they span a huge range of magic, including close-up, parlor and stage; children's magic and the bizarre; and so much more.Do yourself a favor and but your copy today...

Teaching Magic Book
Teaching Magic
Book by Eugene Burger - $39.95

Eugene Burger was, in our opinion, magic's greatest teacher. It is such a thrill to see his legacy live on through this wonderful new volume, co-written by Larry Hass. Teaching Magic is a finely tuned blend of method and theory which guides you through the process Eugene used to develop his magic....

Television Puppet Magic Book
Television Puppet Magic
Book by Ian Adair - $14.95

If you do hand puppetry, then this book should be in your collection. It includes timeless advice on puppetry as well as comedy bits for adults and children alike. Also included are tips on props, cards, silks, Magic Coloring Book, lollipops, eggs, wands, and much more.

Profit at the Party Book
Profit at the Party
Book by David Hallett - $29.95

Profit at the Party should be in the collection of every kid show performer. Not only does it have effects for children, but it also has numerous gems of advice for all aspects of the show, including marketing tips that stand the test of time. If you perform children's shows or plan to...

Polished Presentations Book
Polished Presentations
Book by Johnny Cooper - $5.00

If you are looking for a text with a collection of classics for stand-up and close-up, then look no further than Polished Presentations by Johnny Cooper. Johnny takes you through his presentations for classics using balloons, cups and balls, ring and rope, vanishing cane, cards, and much more! ...

Best of Belcher Book
Best of Belcher
Book by Len Belcher - $29.95

If you are looking for strong stand-up effects perfect for family audiences, you are in luck! Best of Belcher is packed with material for just such occasions, as well as practical advice on amplifying routines for stronger audience reactions. Get this essential stand-up resource now,...

Excellence in Family Magic Book
Excellence in Family Magic
Book by Scott Green - $40.00

Struggling to come up with engaging magic for all ages? Worried that your family show bores adults? Tired of seeing grownups in the crowd more interested in their phones than your sleight of hand? Magician Scott Green performs over 200 family shows every year in greater Chicago. He’s a familiar...

Kidshow Matters Book
Kidshow Matters
Book by Jim Kleefeld - $55.00

If you love performing for children at family-oriented events...if you work hard to make your show fun, entertaining and significant...if you find performing magic for children rewarding--as a hobby or profession--then Jim Kleefeld’s Kidshow Matters is a very good fit for you. This is...

Baker's Brainwaves Book
Baker's Brainwaves
Book by Roy Baker - $19.95

Roy Baker was one of the most versatile performers to ever grace a stage. Baker performed everything from Mentalism, close-up, Stage and parlor magic. His mind never seemed to turn off. Inventing Plots, methods, and routines for not only Adults, but also some great routines for Kids' show...