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Rubber Fruit - Latex Lemon Accessory
Rubber Fruit - Latex Lemon
Accessory by Wack-O-Magic - $20.00

Amazekids is thrilled to bring you the absolute best collapsible, rubber fake fruit on the market. Custom molded and hand painted by a Hollywood FX artist in his own shop, this latex lemon looks like the real thing. But it collapses almost flat and then expands when you need it to. That...

Super Giant Devil's Hank -- Metallic Blue Trick
Super Giant Devil's Hank -- Metallic Blue
Trick by Wack-O-Magic - $49.95

This new Metallic Blue Devil’s handkerchief is a GIANT 30” square. It's properly made with the "No Sag" feature. This means you can use objects much larger and heavier than with the old-fashioned Devil's Hank. These are painstakingly sewn, in a Los Angeles workshop, by professionals in...

Human Xylophone Trick (pre-order)
Human Xylophone
Trick (pre-order) by Keith Fields - $130.00

Searching for a fantastic, stage-filling routine with tons of audience helpers? Keith Fields' amazing bit of business in which eight audience members are transformed into a musical scale, becoming a "Human Xylophone," is loads of fun! Keith's six-minute interactive routine, filled with...

Triangle of Terror Trick
Triangle of Terror
Trick by Keith Fields - $45.00

Imagine this: You attach a leash to a wooden triangle that is used in billiards games. You balance a cup of water on it. Then you swing it, whirling it around, over and over again in a giant circle over your head! The water stays in the cup. The cup stays on the triangle and the audience is...

Super Squirter Trick
Super Squirter
Trick by No Sleeves Magic - Michael Rosander - $40.00

Imagine if the puppet you were talking to during a kid show actually sneezed! Imagine water going everywhere, kids going crazy and the adults laughing as they experienced their children's reaction. Imagine no more, as Super Squirter gives you the ability to produce a stream of water...

Magic Party Picture  Trick
Magic Party Picture
Trick by Samual P - $19.95

EFFECT: You show a simple black and white drawing of a room ready for a birthday party-except there are no balloons, no decorations, no presents and the cake has no candles! A volunteer writes his name across the cake, draws candles on the cake (matching his age) and writes his age on a party hat...

Mrs. Brown’s Magic Cookie Trick
Mrs. Brown’s Magic Cookie
Trick by Todd Brown - $85.00

Imagine doing a "Spot Card" routine with a giant chocolate chip cookie where the chocolate chips magically appear as the cookie is turned over. That's what Mrs. Brown's Magic Cookie is all about. You remove an enormous ‘cookie’ from its package while telling the audience about Mrs. Brown’s...

Whoopee Seat Cushion Trick
Whoopee Seat Cushion
Trick by No Sleeves Magic - Michael Rosander - $75.00

This trick is a gas! Literally! Imagine bringing a victim/volunteer up to the stage and asking him to have a seat. As the volunteer sits down, the audience hears the passing of gas. You look at the volunteer and ask him to stand up. Lifting up the seat cushion, you remove a deflated whoopee...

Seriously Silly Book
Seriously Silly
Book by Silly Billy - $60.00

This is the book that thousands of kid show magicians believe is the 21st century's bible of kids magic. Do you want to learn how to be a great magician for children? Seriously Silly has the answers. This is a complete guide to performing magic for children by New York City’s top kid...

Art of Presenting Magic to Children DVD
Art of Presenting Magic to Children
DVD by Danny Orleans - $129.00

This DVD/ Download set on how to do magic for kids has been recognized by critics worldwide as the best ever produced! Danny Orleans – a former Kindergarten teacher, shares over 40 years of experience performing more than 4000 shows to over one-million children, parents and teachers. This 3-DVD...

3D Kid Show Lecture DVD
3D Kid Show Lecture
DVD by David Kaye, Danny Orleans and Doug Scheer - $30.00

Direct from the IBM/SAM Combined Convention where Danny Orleans, David Kaye (Silly Billy) and Doug Scheer lectured on Family Magic, you get THE 3D KID SHOW DVD. This collaborative DVD contains 11 video clips teaching you routines, tricks, warm-ups, gags and more that are all part of...

Breakaway Crayon - Red Trick (pre-order)
Breakaway Crayon - Red
Trick (pre-order) by Danny Orleans - $55.00

What happens when a Giant Crayon and a Breakaway Wand have a baby? In 1981, Danny Orleans found out. He invented the "Breakaway Crayon." It's been one of the best sight gags in his children's show ever since. A few years ago, Danny finally shared his version with family entertainers all...

Banner Gags Trick
Banner Gags
Trick by Silly Billy - $40.00

Young children think Silly Billy's (aka David Kaye) recently released Banner Gags, are very, very funny. These represent a brand new idea for kid shows. The Banner Gag starts out as a thin 9-1/2 inch stick. It has a rolled up sign in it. When you pull the handles, it opens into a large 9-1/2" x...

Princess in a Pickle  Trick
Princess in a Pickle
Trick by Silly Billy - $295.00

This could be the ultimate photo opp kids routine. But it's also a contender for the ultimate Pack Flat/Plays Big routines for children’s audiences. David Kaye’s Princess in a Pickle is the first set of headless silks that can be combined with a complete story -- and it uses four child-helpers...

House Mouse Trick
House Mouse
Trick by Duraty - $25.00

From France's Duraty comes this funny, magical, entertaining routine for children and adults alike! The magician displays four jumbo cards, each depicting a piece of cheese. A fourth card is introduced, depicting a rather pesky mouse. Somehow, throughout the the routine, the...

Jumbo Inflatable Wands Trick
Jumbo Inflatable Wands
Trick by Silly Billy - $15.00

The reason that we, at Amazekids, like Silly Billy's Jumbo Inflatable Magic Wands so much is that you can use them in your show and then give them away to the party guests. These are easy-to-inflate, jumbo wands that are 27" long. You inflate them by blowing them up like a balloon, but they are...

Jumper Trick
Trick by Vernet Magic - $25.00

Kids love silks! They squash up real small. They expand into bright, bold colors. When they magically travel from one place to another, wondrous and funny moments can ensue. Jumper makes it possible. You’ll like the method – actually methods -- because you use two different ones to make the silk...

Celebri-Tie Trick
Trick - $140.00

Anytime during your show you take off your coat, let it hang casually over your shoulder and throw your tie backwards over the opposite shoulder. A split second later the tie rises above your shoulder and... it's alive! It can dance, sing and even find a card chosen by a spectator!...

Chick Cake Trick
Chick Cake
Trick by Goshman - $24.00

These colorful, high-quality and highly-compressible foam birthday cakes easily fit into the standard dove and chick pans, square circles, etc. Available in two sizes: Chick Cake (H10" x W4") and Dove Cake (H10.5" x 5.75").

Dove Cake Trick
Dove Cake
Trick by Goshman - $30.00

These colorful, high-quality and highly-compressible foam birthday cakes easily fit into the standard dove and chick pans, square circles, etc. Available in two sizes: Chick Cake (H10" x W4") and Dove Cake (H10.5" x 5.75").

Gypsy Balloon DVD
Gypsy Balloon
DVD by Tony Clark - $25.00

How do you make the classic Gypsy Thread routine play even better in your show? Well, Tony Clark has the answer! He's added a helium balloon. The string that holds your helium balloon is broken into several smaller pieces. You gently rub the pieces together into a small ball of string....

Gloves to Bouquet Trick
Gloves to Bouquet
Trick by Uday - $13.00

When you are through with your "White-Glove Routine," Remove your gloves, toss them into the air. The gloves disappear leaving a "spring bouquet" in its place!

Feather Duster - Silly Billy Trick
Feather Duster - Silly Billy
Trick by Silly Billy - $40.00

Designed by the one and only Silly Billy, the Feather Duster Wand lets you tickle your child helper as you "clean them off". A great clown gag and a very funny bit of business for kids magicians. You can use this as a running gag throughout your kids show or even a walk-around event. ...

Pancho the Pickin Duck Trick
Pancho the Pickin Duck
Trick by Vernet - $17.95

Kids love puppets and kids love magic. So, kids are really going to love Pancho the Pickin' Duck when he does a card trick while blindfolded! Watch the video and you’ll see the appeal that this darling, pack-flat-play-big, yellow duck will have on your audience. There are tons of...

Santa's Chimney Trick
Santa's Chimney
Trick by Daytona Magic - $118.13

Santa`s Chimney Your holiday utility production box! With Santa`s Chimney you can show the chimney to be empty, place it in the base and magically produce all sorts of items! Produce or transform silks, flowers, small live animals and more-anything that can fit! Dimensions...