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Transforming Cube Trick
Transforming Cube
Trick by - $100.00

The Transforming Cube from Joker Magic is a wonderfully made giant die production device. One cube with endless possibilities. The giant die is placed into a black box and covered with a lid. A click of the fingers and when the lid is removed, items can be produced from the box, such as...

Wand Explosion Trick
Wand Explosion
Trick by - $60.00

Up, up, up it rises -- out of a box of magic wands, a single wand stands above the rest. When your audience of youngsters see it rise (and you don't!), the laughter is inevitable. But it gets better when the wand surprises everyone by leaping 3 feet into the air! Finally, when your audience least...

A Trip to The Circus Trick
A Trip to The Circus
Trick by - $85.00

A Trip to The Circus is an effect inspired by David Copperfield and Frederic Culpit's classic Abbotts's Bathing Beauty effect. In this, George Iglesias brings us his children's version as a 7-minute solid comedy routine with a great twist and plot that's ready to entertain audiences of...

Appearing 4 CD player from Frame Trick
Appearing 4 CD player from Frame
Trick by - $2500.00

The magician shows an empty frame to the audience and then puts it on the table. Then produces four big CD Players one by one. This item includes two special folding tables and 4 PCS - big appearing CD Players in different colors.

Mutilated Parasol Trick
Mutilated Parasol
Trick by - $450.00

The magician shows a large umbrella and wraps it inside a folded beach mat or a double sheet of newspaper. The magician then displays six colored silks and places them in a bag or a bag with a handle. After a magical gesture, from the bag is pulled out of the beach mat or...

Glassy Briefcase Trick
Glassy Briefcase
Trick by - $350.00

This product has been designed and produced at Tora Magic Company. At first the magician shows a glassy briefcase that is totally glassy and the audience can see into it easily. Then with a gesture the briefcase filled by USD bills. After production of bills; you bring the bills...

Book to CD Player Trick
Book to CD Player
Trick by - $300.00

At first the magician has only a book in this hands... He shows its dimensions, and then he opens the book and turns through the pages and shows audience. So the spectators may see that it is a normal book. He then draws a CD player on a page in the book and then places the book on the table,...

Smart Cubes RED Trick
Smart Cubes RED
Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $275.00

You present two columns of dice with the numbers 1 through 6 on them. In one of the columns, the number sequence is from top to bottom, in the second column of cubes exactly the opposite. You cover one of the columns and instantly the cubes match the other column. The audience can see...

Wand2Cane Trick
Trick by - $35.00

A magic wand that suddenly turns into an appearing cane! This is Keith Fields’ favorite gag and he uses it almost everywhere because it always gets a great reaction from his audience. Terrific for family shows, birthday parties and even close-up, it can be set in your prop box and ready to go...

Bowled Over Trick
Bowled Over
Trick by Christopher Talbot - $35.00

Kids love surprises – and Bowled Over packs a big one – and it’s all packaged neatly into a shopping bag. Imagine this: You carry a shopping bag by the corded handle and set it on the floor where the kids are sitting. You pick it up, turn it upside down and a scarf falls out onto the floor. Then...

Cut and Restored Necklace Trick
Cut and Restored Necklace
Trick by - $24.95

The magician has a female member of the audience come forward. She is told that he has a special gift for her. It is a necklace from the far away land of China! The magician then shows her the necklace of plastic beads. This gets a laugh from the audience. The magician explains that this...

Dancing Selfie Stick Trick
Dancing Selfie Stick
Trick by Doug Bennett - $125.00

If the Dancing Cane married an iPhone, they’d probably spawn a Dancing Selfie Stick! But inventor Doug Bennett created it first. Check out the video. This is a great opener for stage or platform. It has all the animation of the Dancing Cane, but you perform it with a contemporary device that...

Breakaway Crayon - Yellow Trick
Breakaway Crayon - Yellow
Trick by - $55.00

What happens when a Giant Crayon and a Breakaway Wand have a baby? In 1981, Danny Orleans found out. He invented the "Breakaway Crayon." It's been one of the best sight gags in his children's show ever since. A few years ago, Danny finally shared his version with family entertainers all over the...

Metamorpho Spots Trick
Metamorpho Spots
Trick by Mr. Magic - $24.95

The magician displays an empty black can with white spots, and two silks - one black, and another white. "This is a white silk dyed black, and this is a black silk dyed white" he says, "and this is my black and white transformation tank, which will make the white silk black and the black...

Evaporating Milk Glass (with handle) Trick
Evaporating Milk Glass (with handle)
Trick by Mr. Magic - $9.95

The performer forms a paper cone using a sheet of newspaper. From a transparent jug he pours milk into the paper cone, leaving a little quantity in the jug, which he places aside on the table. Making magical passes around the paper cone he suddenly unfurls it, makes a throwing motion towards the...

Ever Filling Glass (Locking) Trick
Ever Filling Glass (Locking)
Trick by Mr. Magic - $9.95

This model of the Ever Filling Glass has some special features. The outer visible glass is now made from a much tougher grade of plastic, which will not break easily, even if dropped. It has a simple but clever "lock" fitted which greatly enhances the effect. This enables you to...

Comedy Magic Silk Box Trick
Comedy Magic Silk Box
Trick by - $129.00

Imagine this: A yellow scarf flies from a kid helper’s hands, through the air, and into a Magic Box that you’re holding. A red scarf leaps from the box, over your head. When you retrieve it, a white one jumps out! Then you bunch the scarves together, put them into the box and they melt right...

Heart Scarf Set Trick
Heart Scarf Set
Trick by JL Magic - $14.95

Use magic to profess your love with the Flirt with Hearts Scarf. The magician starts with a red scarf and a white scarf. Then folds the two scarves together and closes his hand into a fist around the scarf. Then he magically pulls out one scarf through his hand and the scarf is now...

Never Ending Case Trick
Never Ending Case
Trick by JL Magic - $120.00

A really mysterious magic case from which the magician can pull out a large volleyball and will continue to take out more items than could possibly have fitted in the case to begin with! The back of the never ending case is shown so everybody can see. NOTE: Only...

Buddha Envelopes Trick
Buddha Envelopes
Trick by Nikhil Magic - $19.95

The Professional Buddha Envelopes takes the classic Buddha Papers to a whole new level. Instead of just one transformation, with this new and improved version you can do up to three changes. Turn a blank piece of paper into a dollar, then a $20 and then a $100! How is this possible? ...

Appearing Billiard Stick Trick
Appearing Billiard Stick
Trick by Tora Magic - $59.95

This high quality production item from Tora Magic is ideal for either a themed act or simply as a shocking moment in your show. The telescoping prop begins a little larger than a foot in length, and telescopes to a huge, full-size pool cue. The ideal use for this prop would be as a final...

Peek-A-Boo Santa Trick
Peek-A-Boo Santa
Trick by - $247.00

Danny Orleans of AmazeKids thinks Silly Billy has the best Santa Claus trick ever created for young children (aged 3 - 6 years). It's reminiscent of Run Rabbit Run, but with a chimney and Jolly Old St. Nick. Plus, the finale has so many possibilities. It is Santa Claus’ first day on the...

Color Sticks Trick
Color Sticks
Trick by - $39.95

Here's a new twist on an old classic. Color Sticks adds three delightful elements to the classic Chinese Sticks to make it perfect for a library, school or for that matter any kids show. First of all there’s a third stick. Secondly, they’re all different colors. Thirdly (and this is the best...

Linking Hearts 2.0 Trick
Linking Hearts 2.0
Trick by Vortex Magic - $29.95

Vortex Magic has permission to offer a very limited supply of Linking Hearts with a brand new routine by Mike Liu. This is a Linking Ring Routine that offers more possibilities than any other close-up linking ring routine on the market. Mike Liu has created one of the most commercial routines for...

Milk To Trick
Milk To
Trick by Bazar De Magia - $30.00

Children and adults will enjoy this as you impossible turn a glass of milk into candy or even a live goldfish!This looks fantastic and most importantly, it is very magical.Includes:GlassSilk