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Multiplying Potato Chips Extra Set Trick
Multiplying Potato Chips Extra Set
Trick by Twister Magic - $80.00

The perfect compliment for the Multiplying Pringles (8 Set) Transform your 8 set into a 12 set! Contents: 1 Sets of 3 Gimmicked Pringles Cans 1 Instructional DVD 1 Special sticker to cover 1 real Pringles Can. 1 Special sticker to cover the top of 1 real...

Multiplying Potato Chips Set Trick
Multiplying Potato Chips Set
Trick by Twister Magic - From $120.00

Wouldn't it be a wonderful opportunity for the family or kid show entertainer, to be able to perform the Multiplying Bottle Routine with something more appropriate for children such as... Potato Chip Cans? Thanks to AmazeKids and our partners at Twister Magic, now you can. Effect: ...

Comedy (Passe-Passe) Potato Chips Trick
Comedy (Passe-Passe) Potato Chips
Trick by Twister Magic - $80.00

Wouldn't it be a great idea to perform the classic Passe-Passe Bottles with potato chip cans? Now you can thanks to George Iglesias' Comedy Potato Chips. It's the perfect solution for a family-friendly Passe-Passe routine. On the table your audience will see two yellow tubes, a Pringles...

Anti-Gravity Flower Pot Trick
Anti-Gravity Flower Pot
Trick by Premium Magic - $25.00

This is an old magic trick with a twist. Effect: The magician is seen holding a flower pot in one hand and a magic wand in the other. He inserts the wand in the pot and slowly removes the wand which holds the pot. Mysteriously the post is found to be suspended to the magic wand. He...

Change Bag with Turning Handle (Jumbo) Trick
Change Bag with Turning Handle (Jumbo)
Trick by Premium Magic - $45.00

A change bag is a classic magical utility prop that had numerous uses. You can use it to make something vanish, appear and change to something else. The bag you see here is more advanced that the usual one because it is very large and is capable of handling bigger objects. Therefore, many routines...

Hankey to Parasol Trick
Hankey to Parasol
Trick - $29.95

This is an extremely colorful visual effect of transformation, suitable for any type of show. Effect: A clear net tube and three different colored hankies are displayed by the performer. He pushes the hankies inside the tube. They are clearly visible inside the tube. the tube is then...

Amazing Split Sunflower Trick
Amazing Split Sunflower
Trick by Premium Magic - $20.00

This is another version of Wilting Rose or Dropping Flower. However, in this version the magician holds a bouquet of flowers instead of a single flower. Effect: The performer holds what looks like a bouquet of flowers. He says that the flowers are magical, and never need water to keep...

Mirror Tube Trick
Mirror Tube
Trick by Mr. Magic - $39.95

Effect: This is a magical utility apparatus which can be used in an endless number of ways to create beautiful magic. It's uses are limited only to your imagination. The Apparatus: This is a simple glass tube (9.5') with a double faced mirror situated lengthwise in the middle of the...

Owl Mail Trick
Owl Mail
Trick by Wild-Colombini - $10.00

Perfect for children's Harry Potter themed shows. Two jumbo cards with a picture of a white owl on the face of each are freely shown front and back. A story is told how a boy wizard in England gets his mail, by owl! The two cards are put together and magically a scroll of parchment...

Halloween Show DVD
Halloween Show
DVD by Tony Chris - $35.00

Are you planning a Halloween-themed magic show? Looking for ideas, inspirations, and routines to make your show “Spooktacular?” You’ll learn a lot from Tony Chris’ The Halloween Magic Show DVD. Tony’s been performing in character as “Count Zackula” at schools, shopping malls and corporate...

Square Circle  Trick
Square Circle
Trick by Mr. Magic - $110.00

The Square Circle is probably the easiest-to-work, most versatile production device for the family magician. You can use it to vanish or produce almost anything (smaller than a shoe). What objects would you like to make magically appear at your next show? Silks a Baseball ...

Appearing Wand Trick
Appearing Wand
Trick by Wood Crafters - $29.95

This wand is a total of 8 feet long! The white tips of the wand are extra large! Great for any appearing wand routine!

Rabbit Wand Accessory
Rabbit Wand
Accessory by Ronjo - $59.99

Bring the birthday child up to help you with your next big trick! You explain you will turn him/her into a rabbit! Show everyone your magic wand. Place the wand in front of the spectator and let gravity unroll the wand revealing a digital printed picture of a rabbit with a cut out of...

Superior Hydrostatic Glass Trick
Superior Hydrostatic Glass
Trick by Steven Dick - $55.00

The Hydrostatic glass is a classic effect in magic and there must be 100's of marketed versions. We like the fact that this comes with a regular Drinking Glass that is actual glass. Many professionals like Bob Sheets and Alan Shaxon use it in their working repertoire because the effect...

Auto Silk to Egg Trick
Auto Silk to Egg
Trick by Taiwan Ben - $65.00

The magician holds a white silk in his hand. In a flash it changes into an egg! The egg is cracked over a glass proving that it is the real thing.

Instant Art  Trick
Instant Art
Trick by Ickle Pickle - $25.00

An empty, black Top Hat is shown. When the hat is pulled from it's frame, there for all to see is the Happy Birthday Rabbit! (the magic rabbit holding a Happy Birthday silk).

Spring Skunk Trick
Spring Skunk
Trick by Loftus - $19.95

Your audience will scream with laughter when this cute skunk comes alive in your hand, looking around, eating from your hand, climbing over your shoulder and more. A great kid and comedy show item. Measures approx. 11" long not counting the tail.

The Great Zucchini Live! DVD
The Great Zucchini Live!
DVD by Eric Knaus - $35.00

Eric Knaus, a.k.a. The Great Zucchini, invites you to see firsthand why he's Washington, DC's master entertainer for the Nursery School set. You join the little tykes, in a front row seat, to watch one of his full-length shows. Uncut, unedited, just like the kids see with complete with all the...

The Polka Dot Silk Trick
The Polka Dot Silk
Trick by Dominique Duvivier - $59.00

The magician presents both sides of a big black silk with white polka-dots. He shakes the silk and the polka-dots fly away. The silk turns entirely black on both sides! Then the magician tosses some polka-dot's into the silk. Magically, the white polka-dots return to the silk, on both sides!

Insta-Snake Trick
Trick by Chance Wolf - $65.00

Imagine being able to launch a Spring Snake from any container, including a paper bag, hat, silk, Halloween mask, your shoe or even another snake! Now you can throw away your can of peanuts, because AmazeKids and our partner from Wolfs Magic have Insta-Snake. This gimmick gives you the...

Appearing Bamboo Pole Trick
Appearing Bamboo Pole
Trick by Wood Crafters - $29.95

The Appearing Bamboo Pole is an amazing 8 feet long! Great item for any magician to have in their arsenal.

Appearing Pencil Trick
Appearing Pencil
Trick - $39.95

The Appearing Pencil is an amazing 8 feet long! The pencil is a No. 2 pencil so it will be great for those oversized illusions.

Doll Cylinder Trick
Doll Cylinder
Trick by JL Magic - $225.00

The Magician brings out the two sparkling cylinders, one of which is red, and the other which is silver.  After that the magician shows the audience that both cylinders are empty, or so they think... Here's where the Illusion begins and the Magician begins to amaze his audience...

Magic Coloring Book Trick
Magic Coloring Book
Trick by Di Fatta - $6.00

With this magic coloring book, the magician will be able to take the audience by surprise and show them a book that starts out BLANK...  and MYSTERIOUSLY has black and white drawings and then just as MYSTERIOUSLY every image is in FULL COLOR. Featuring wild animals and jungle scenes....

Cakes and Adders DVD
Cakes and Adders
DVD by Gary Dunn and Ricky McLeod - From $33.50

A Professional 5 minute routine that will both entertain and astound your family audience. Every child loves a Snake on their Birthday... Sorry did I say Snake? I think I meant Cake! Let the fun begin. The Snake just keeps coming back - provoking much hilarity and amazement...