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Auto Flame Electric Dove Pan Trick
Auto Flame Electric Dove Pan
Trick by JL Magic - $250.00

The magician places some paper into the pan. While looking for a lighter, the paper instantly catches fire. Putting the fire out with the lid the magician removes the lid to inspect the damage only to discover a dove inside! Setting the dove aside and placing the lid on the pan once more, the...

Magic Milk Diet Trick
Magic Milk Diet
Trick by G Sparks - $15.00

In this kids-friendly effect, you place a straw in a glass full of milk. A moment later, you are able to suspend the glass by holding only the straw! But wait, there's then pour the FULL glass of milk into a shot glass, and miraculously ALL the milk fits! This effect is ideal for...

Color Changing Candle Trick
Color Changing Candle
Trick by Mr. Magic - $12.00

Magician shows a picture of a white candle, which is inside a windowed envelope.  The Magician removes the card, shows both sides, and replaces it in the envelope.  The color of the candle changes to Red when he rubs the candle on the picture with a Red silk. ...

Pizza Oven Trick
Pizza Oven
Trick by Premium Magic - $120.00

This is a new concept based on the Die Box as far as the presentation is concerned, However, it is completely different in modus operandi. The magician shows his audience a big wooden box and proclaims it is a Pizza Oven and claims he can make a pizza appear and disappear right in...

Wand to Rabbit Trick
Wand to Rabbit
Trick by Graffix Magic - $65.00

Have some fun with the kids during your show! Ask if one of them would like to be turned into a Rabbit. One, Two, Three and POOF! The GIANT wand opens up and turns your eager volunteer into a Rabbit coming out of a Hat!!!! Giant Wand...

Flower Pan 777 Trick
Flower Pan 777
Trick by Panda Magic - $350.00

Take your dove pan to the next level. You will notice some key differences in this beautiful dove pan to every other dove pan you may own or have seen. First, it's attractive base allows it to sit on the table higher up, which makes it more visible and keeps the pan off the table top,...

Flower Crystals From Frame Trick
Flower Crystals From Frame
Trick by Tora Magic - $350.00

You show an empty black frame that folds flat and has nothing hidden inside it.  Yet, when you open the frame and reach inside, you produce a sturdy chrome box full of mylar flowers. The box has clear window panes on each side and the flowers inside glisten in the stage lights. You...

Bangel Insango Trick
Bangel Insango
Trick by Mark Presley - $25.00

You show your an empty paper bag. You then proceed to puncture a hole in the bag using a dowel rod. The dowel rod goes through one end of the bag and out the other.  Next you feed a rope through the holes that you just punctured. Now once again, you show your audience the bag and now all...

Traveling Egg Trick
Traveling Egg
Trick by Donato Colucci - $29.95

The magician shows an egg and vanishes it. He then displays a clear glass which, if he chooses, he can hand out to be examined. The audience having been satisfied that the glass is an ordinary one, the performer now shows a brown paper bag, which he says has some confetti in...

Appearing Straw Trick
Appearing Straw
Trick by Lloyd Mobley - $35.00

The Appearing Straw is an amazing 8 feet long! Perfect for any stage or children's magician to have in their arsenal.

Color Changing Dice Trick
Color Changing Dice
Trick by Tora Magic - $150.00

First, you show a Black and White Die to audience and put it in a box.  Then, get the Black and White Die out of the box but it has changed into a Red and White Die!  Now, put the Red and White Die inside the box. This time it changes into a Multi-Color Die!!...

Egg and Dove Mystery Trick
Egg and Dove Mystery
Trick - $25.00

With this product you will amaze and shock your audience by turning an egg into a dove. You will leave the audience wondering how you did it... Included: 2 Sponge Eggs 1 Sponge Dove

Jumping Stool Trick
Jumping Stool
Trick - $69.95

The assistant brings a folding stool out and places it on the stage.  The performer presses on one side of the stool with his leg, and when his leg is withdrawn the stool takes its shape... and jumps about 5-6 feet in the air.  The performer grabs the falling stool and places it on...

Thought Bubbles Accessory
Thought Bubbles
Accessory by Tim Sonefelt - $49.95

What if your audience could see what you're thinking?  Now they can with Wonder Imagery's Thought Bubbles. Someone makes a funny comment - the audience sees you thinking "LOL!" Someone takes a photo of you - everyone sees you thinking "I'm on Facebook!" You have someone pick a card...

Hippity-Hop Aliens Trick
Hippity-Hop Aliens
Trick by Imagine-If Magic - $75.00

What do you get when you update the classic Hippity-Hop Rabbits to the 21st century? Hippity-Hop Aliens! Standing at nearly 11" tall, you show two aliens, red and blue, and the identical spaceships in which they arrived to earth. When you put them inside the ships, and they magically "teleport" to...

Skeleton and the Haunted House Trick
Skeleton and the Haunted House
Trick - $65.00

A spooky skeleton meets the Strat-O-Sphere plot. What a great idea for a prop and presentation! Three blocks with images of a skeleton are placed, one at a time, into a "haunted house."  Even though you put them in, feet, body, then skull, the tricky skeleton gets all mixed up! How...

The Black Chest Trick
The Black Chest
Trick by Taiwan Ben - $149.95

There is something very mysterious and inexplicable about a simple black Chest... A curious black chest sits on a table. This simple Chest is shown to be 100% empty. However, this is not the case. The Magician reaches into this surreptitious Chest and takes out item after...

Forgetful Freddy  Trick
Forgetful Freddy
Trick by Milbourne Christopher - From $60.00

This hip, new design of the classic kids prop, Forgetful Freddie, is perfect for today's children's performer. You begin the routine by displaying a 23" tall (a smaller size is available, also) full-color figure of "Freddie" as you tell the kids about how hard he works in school, what a great...

Fooled and Fooled Again Rabbits Trick
Fooled and Fooled Again Rabbits
Trick by Graffix Magic - $22.00

Here's a classic sucker effect reformulated for the kids magician. It's the Fooled and Fooled Again plot with colorful jumbo cards portraying very cute, very kid-friendly pictures of bunny rabbits. You show a fan of just three jumbo cards with different colored rabbits -- two...

Sponge Tomatoes Trick
Sponge Tomatoes
Trick by Under Magic - $65.00

How do you make your sponge magic more organic? With Sponge Tomatoes from Undermagic. These Sponge Tomatoes let you do all your best sponge ball moves. They're "super-soft" for maximum compression and designed and manufactured by Goshman. Then Undermagic adds the final touches including the cute...

The Incredible Growing Sponge Tomato Accessory
The Incredible Growing Sponge Tomato
Accessory by Magic by Gosh - $49.95 NOW $39.96 (SAVE $9.99)

Holy Tomato! This giant tomato has all the strength and versatility of a 6" Goshman sponge ball. That's because it's made by Goshman and then the finishing touches are added in Spain by Vanishing Inc. Magic partner Undermagic. Check out the above video and see how it magically (and automatically)...

Devil's Hank Pro - Black Trick
Devil's Hank Pro - Black
Trick by Sumit Chhajer - $19.95

The Devil's Hank is a magician's utility device used primarily to vanish small objects. Coins, cards, finger rings disappear like magic! The method is simple and easy to do, but extremely convincing in the eyes of laymen. Best of all, AmazeKids loves how this is packs flat and has an organic feel...

5 Minutes with a Pocket Handkerchief Trick
5 Minutes with a Pocket Handkerchief
Trick by Quentin Reynolds - $29.95

Screaming with delight! That’s what your kids audience will be doing when you learn this classic trick with an ungimmicked cloth handkerchief. With a few simple folds of the hanky, you turn it into a mustache, an iron, an earring, a candy wrapper, and finally an animated little mouse. ...

Color Changing Silk (China Silk) Accessory
Color Changing Silk (China Silk)
Accessory by Uday Jadugar - $7.95 NOW $6.36 (SAVE $1.59)

Two brightly colored 15-inch silks tied together. By simply stroking the silks with an empty hand, the color changes visibly.

Audience Management Book
Audience Management
Book by Gay Ljungberg - $34.95 NOW $27.96 (SAVE $6.99)

Whether you are a performing magician, clown, juggler, ventriloquist, or stand in front of an audience for any other reason; you can improve your act by reading this book. In this book, Gay Ljungberg shares his performing experience with the reader and reveals a treasure of valuable...