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Jelly Bean Snake Can Trick
Jelly Bean Snake Can
Trick by Graffix Magic - $19.99

This is not your grandfather's Snake Can! Why? What can be so different? Because you don't have to switch the empty can for the snake-filled one! That's what makes The Jelly Bean Snake Can so amazing and why we recommend it so highly at AmazeKids. Imagine this. You offer some jellybeans to a...

Break Away Fan Trick
Break Away Fan
Trick - $15.00

You take out a Japanese fan to use for a volunteer to hold. Next you ask him or her to be VERY careful with it because it is very valuable. You fan it and as an afterthought hand it over to an assisting spectator to fan likewise. Wonder of wonders! When the assistant opens it, the blades of the...

Finger Flower Production Trick
Finger Flower Production
Trick by Mr. Magic - $8.00

The performer magically produces different colored flowers, one at a time from bare hands, causing an effective colorful opening to his/her platform/stage show. The trick is easy to perform, very strong in effect. This package contains 16 beautiful flowers in various colors! Set of 16

Airborne Flower Power Trick
Airborne Flower Power
Trick by G Sparks - $55.00

You show a Single Stem Flower Vase holding a single flower stem.  Magically they Float Around. Bringing the vase to rest, you add the secret ingredient, Water. While pouring the water into the vase you completely let the vase go. The Vase remains Floating in Mid-Air with the water pouring...

Milk Tumbler Trick
Milk Tumbler
Trick by Tenyo Magic - $12.00

A sheet of drawing paper is rolled into a cone. A full tumbler of milk is then poured into the cone. When the paper is opened, the milk has vanished. The tumbler is made of strong plastic and the simple preperation can be done very quickly before the performance. English instructions...

New Version Ultimate Dancing Hank Trick
New Version Ultimate Dancing Hank
Trick by Sean Bogunia - $399.00

This truly is the "Ultimate" design! The NEW gimmick is precision made and designed with our computer aided prototyping machine to last a lifetime. Many great moves are available with this gimmick. Make the hanky dance on the floor Fly up to the cloth Wiggle in...

Giant Cube Illusion Trick
Giant Cube Illusion
Trick by Joker Magic - $185.00

Instant and Easy Illusion for parlor, even for Stage show. Magician shows an empty black jumbo box and a solid jumbo cube that has orange balls painted on it. He places the jumbo cube into the black jumbo box. With magical finger snap, the jumbo cube changes into a...

Impossible Hank 2.0 Trick
Impossible Hank 2.0
Trick by Sean Bogunia - $375.00

Still No Strings, No Assistants, No Problems! But even better! This Impossible Hank can have 2 separate programs, up to 6 minutes of total program time, and now is REMOTELY ACTIVATED! A self working, hands free dancing hank that can be performed anywhere! This gimmick is easily...

Banner Magic! Trick
Banner Magic!
Trick by Michael Mode - $30.00

Banner Magic! is the latest magic product created by Michael Mode. Designed for professional magicians, Banner Magic! is three time-tested routines, Princess Card Trick, 52 on 1 and The Long Card, in a new banner format that opens and closes like magic. The perfect prop to have on hand when you...

Magic Marker Trick
Magic Marker
Trick by Keith Fields - $35.00

Probably the best magic gag since the Funkenring! A genuine sharpie marker turns into a cane in the blink of an eye - but the effect on the audience is even more amazing! Adults and kids will jump out of their skin, freak out for a moment, or just laugh out loud! This cool...

Jumping Jelly Beans Trick
Jumping Jelly Beans
Trick by Martin Lewis - $50.00

Updated and easier to perform, this transposition effect with colored, foam, giant jellybeans teaches the importance of sharing. Great audience participation trick for character building shows. Based on an effect by Eric Lewis, and props made by his son Martin Lewis, David Kaye, aka "Silly...

Rainbow Rabbit Production Trick
Rainbow Rabbit Production
Trick by Daytona Magic and - $175.00

The performer explains that every magician is supposed to produce a Rabbit from his hat but lo and behold you dropped your hat on the way to the show and a truck flattened it. The hat is introduced and shown to be empty. The performer exclaims that he knows that his rabbits are still some where...

Wack-O Bowling Pin Production Trick
Wack-O Bowling Pin Production
Trick by Wack-O-Magic - $50.00

Look at the photo. This is the ONLY Rubber Bowling Pin that's the actual size of a real bowling pin!! Better yet, watch the video clip of me performing three quick routines with it. (The last one will surprise you!) What I really like about the Rubber Bowling Pin is that provides a...

Silkola Trick
Trick by Wack-O-Magic - $75.00

The SILKOLA has been around for a long time. The effect is basic. A handkerchief vanishes, then reappears inside a sealed soda bottle hidden within a tube. The Wack-O-Magic version has SEVERAL significant improvements over every other Silkola. What makes Wack-O-Magic's...

Refill Sand for Pendragon Sands Refill
Refill Sand for Pendragon Sands
Refill by Pendragons - $99.95

Find your sand getting low? Charlotte Pendragon's Magical Mystery Sands refill packet now is available. This is the same high quality sand sold with the Charlotte Pendragon's Magical Mystery Sand illusion. Charlotte's sand is specially treated therefore the sand stays together and does not...

Coin Can Magic Trick
Coin Can Magic
Trick by G Sparks - $40.00

"The Misers Dream Comes to the Modern World." Produce a coin from thin air Produce 12 Half Dollars from the empty can Have a coin penetrate the tan Comes with the Magic Tomato Soup Can and a coin clip.NOTE: Half Dollar coins are not supplied

The Gingerbread Man Trick
The Gingerbread Man
Trick by Premium Magic - $75.00

A cut out of a gingerbread man is seen to be standing on the magician's table. He is holding an inflated balloon. The magician tells the story of how the Gingerbread Man lost his head. During this story, the magician removes the gingerbread man's head and puts it inside a hanky held at the corners...

Professional Coin Pail Trick
Professional Coin Pail
Trick by Premium Magic - $49.95

The magician shows his hands to be empty and can even roll up his sleeves. He then picks up a pail from his table and shows that it too is empty. Now the fun begins as he starts producing coins from almost everywhere - from the microphone stand, table top, curtain or even some one's person! The...

Dice Production Frame Trick
Dice Production Frame
Trick by Sumit Chhajer - $175.00

Produce 3 crazy dice cubes one after another from an empty frame, without stopping produce another 3 dice. Then, produce another 6! Features: Produce 12 Big Dice Cubes Perform surrounded Self Contained Easy to carry and Packs Flat Easy to Perform with great...

Chico Routine
Chico Routine "Light" Package Deluxe Routine
DVD by Bill Abbott - $99.95

For the family show entertainer on a budget Chico the Mind Reader "Light" Package contains all of the professional instruction, full performances, practice poster and royalty-free music tracks minus the puppet and props. And you still get the complete hilarious show-stopping and solid laughed...

Center Tear Jumbo Card  Trick
Center Tear Jumbo Card
Trick by Sumit Chhajer - $9.95

The Diamond Cut, Restore Card is easiest, simplest and the most effective torn and restore trick, to be perform for small or large audience. Display a full sized giant card. Fold it twice and cut the center corner. Burn or vanish the piece in front of the audience and with just a wave...

See Thru Production Screen Trick
See Thru Production Screen
Trick - $165.00

The magician shows a beautiful wooden three paneled screen. The screen is shown on both sides and is proven to be totally empty. The screen is folded into the shape of a triangle and a magical gesture is made. To the amazement of the audience the magician pulls out streamers, silks, flowers, even a...

Baxt, a Boy & a Bucket  DVD
Baxt, a Boy & a Bucket
DVD by Robert Baxt - $25.00

Robert Baxt has put the classic Miser's Dream on steroids. Even Amazekids' Danny Orleans, who has his own fabulous version of this trick, loves Baxt's approach. This is a super-easy, laugh-filled routine! It's light on the sleights, but heavy on the fun, and the DVD includes all the...

Confusing Die Trick
Confusing Die
Trick by John Fabjance - $74.95

Magician displays card representing a flat die with one spot on the front and two spots on the back. He then turns the card over and reveals three spots and over again to reveal four spots. The magician now explains how the trick is done only to further confuse the audience by displaying...

Dots to Die  Trick
Dots to Die
Trick by Sumit Chhajer - $45.00

A flat square with 1 dot at one side and 4 at another side, when thurned changes to 2 and 5 dots respectively. Finally they change to 3 and 6 dots. Further toss the flat square in mid-air, instantly it changes to a Jumbo Dice.