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Top Crystal Box Trick
Top Crystal Box
Trick by Vincenzo DiFatta - $300.00

Show an empty transparent box, just blow on it, and it will magically fill with a colored flowers bouquet.  Empty it, close it again with its lid, a magic gesture... and the box will instantly refill with 8 juggler's colored balls! Two astonishing productions from nothing,...

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Mujinzo Trick
Trick by Mikame - $192.00

Impossibly produce objects from a seemingly empty box, which can be examined! Dimension Approximately 11 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 4 3/4" (29cm x 19cm x 12cm)

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Shrinking And Growing Head Spiral Extreme Trick
Shrinking And Growing Head Spiral Extreme
Trick by Bruce Kalver - $85.00

The magician displays a spinning spiral. The audience is asked to stare at the spiral while the magician counts backwards from ten to one. When the audience looks at the magician, his head appears to inflate like a balloon! A spectator is brought on stage and the process is repeated. Now when the...

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Color Changing Rabbits Trick
Color Changing Rabbits
Trick by Uday - $50.00

The magician places a wooden cut-out of a white rabbit on the table and covers it with a wooden tube. He lifts the whole set-up and tells the audience that magically he will cause the rabbit to change its color. Then set-up is placed back on the table and the tube lifted. To the surprise of the...

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Change Bag (Santa Cap) Trick
Change Bag (Santa Cap)
Trick by Uday - $24.00

A new model of change bag resembling Santa's cap with a smooth finishing. Ideal for X-mas shows.

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Milk Wonder Perfect Trick
Milk Wonder Perfect
Trick by Herbert von der Linden - $49.50

Here it is, Herbert von der Linden's MILK WONDER PERFECT, the best milk glass ever! Works automatically and is always ready. Requires no preparation. The clear glass is made from high quality plastic, has a height of 5.5 inches and top diameter of 3.5 inches. Visible on the main...

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Metallic Spring Flowers Trick
Metallic Spring Flowers
Trick by Vincenzo DiFatta - $13.00

Wonderful colored flowers appear out of an ancient magic book, or out of a wallet, a pan or anything else you can think of! When closed they are 6.5 x 5 in. (16.5 x 13.5 cm) Bright colorsSuper resistantHigh quality material. 

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Fraidy Cat Rabbit Trick
Fraidy Cat Rabbit
Trick - $90.00

Display a wood frame, and open the front & back swinging doors. Now show a wood plaque that fits inside the frame with the picture of a black rabbit's face. This rabbit plaque is put into the frame, and now for the magic!  The kids yell, "Boo!" The BLACK rabbit changes WHITE with...

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Vanishing Milk Pitcher Trick
Vanishing Milk Pitcher
Trick - $18.00

Milk or other liquid is poured into a paper cone. The cone is flipped open and the milk is gone! Easy to do. Includes pitcher and instruction sheet. Pitch Dimensions Approximately: 6.5" Tall x 4" Wide

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The Real Color Changing Flower Trick
The Real Color Changing Flower
Trick - $19.95

Imagine this: A purple rose, held gently in your hand, gradually changes in real-time from purple to pink to white. What makes this happen? All you have to do is breathe on it! Here's the secret: The color of the flower is sensitive to temperature. So the heat or coolness of your breath, your...

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Circus Wagon Trick
Circus Wagon
Trick - $325.00

The Magician shows a beautiful Circus Wagon to be totally empty. Next, he takes out a white balloon and draws a rabbit on it with a black marker. He then lowers the front bars on the wagon and places the newly drawn balloon "Rabbit" inside. As the Magician locks the balloon "rabbit" inside the...

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Reelectric 13A  Trick
Reelectric 13A
Trick by Cerebro Magic - $80.00

The magician can send away and recall a handkerchief or similar object. This accessory is a reel with 15 meters of thread, which runs on 2 AAA batteries. Its size and design allow splicing and use without being perceived by viewers. Includes gimmick and instruction sheet. ...

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Audio Transposition Trick
Audio Transposition
Trick by Daryl Easton - $39.95

From Daryl, the magicians' magician, it's the ultimate kiddie trick performed with kiddie toys! At AmazeKids, we're loving this because props like these are unusual for a magic show. Better yet, the effect, "a sound transposition," is even more unusual. That's right! It's an Audio Transposition....

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Rabbit Rampage Trick
Rabbit Rampage
Trick by Razamatazz Magic - $125.00

An updated and modified version of the classic Farmyard Frolics (by Edwin Hooper) style children's effect, but with a twist at the end. Great fun where Rodney the magic rabbit vanishes and appears in a funny comical routine with a totally different ending to the original. After...

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Santa's Suprise Trick
Santa's Suprise
Trick by Razamatazz Magic - $125.00

This is an updated and modified version of the classic Farmyard Frolics (Edwin Hooper) style children's effect again with a twist. Great festive fun routine where Santa vanishes and appears in a funny comical routine with a different ending to the original style of effect. ...

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Westgate Bowl Production Illusion Trick
Westgate Bowl Production Illusion
Trick - $125.00

The magician holds a cloth covered tray in his hand. On the tray is resting a square panel. The performer removes the panel from the table. He then holds it up so that the audience can see that it contains nothing. At this point the magician is holding just the cloth covered empty tray....

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Crystal Botania Trick
Crystal Botania
Trick - $150.00

The magician shows a crystal clear tube. He places a wand inside the tube to prove NOTHING is hidden inside.  Next, the tube is placed onto a thin acrylic stand and once again shown empty on all sides. The audience can clearly see through the tube. When the magician places his wand inside...

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Folding Plastic Mirror Box Trick
Folding Plastic Mirror Box
Trick - $60.00

This might be the most practical Production Box for kids magicians. It's a Mirror Box that folds flat for easy packing in your magic case. The 10" cube is attractive, but made of synthetic polymer so it's going to last a long time. Best of all, the mirror is unbreakable plastic, so it's safer to...

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Linking Column Balloons Accessory
Linking Column Balloons
Accessory by Will Roya - $9.95

Balloon Artist Linking Balloon Column (2 sets) Kit. Includes 50 balloons, accessaries and instruction sheet.

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Evaporating Milk Bottle Trick
Evaporating Milk Bottle
Trick - $15.00

The magician shows a milk bottle full of milk. Picking up a sheet of newspaper from a table, he forms it into a cone and purse almost all the milk into it. The almost empty bottle is replaces on the table and with a quick whisk of hand the cone is opened and shown to be absolutely empty. Not...

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Pro Card Duck Trick
Pro Card Duck
Trick - $60.00

The magician asks an audience member to take ANY card and sign it.  The card is then placed back into the deck. Next, the magician introduces his pet "duck". The deck is placed into a card holder that sits next to the duck. The duck looks at the deck then instantly lunges forward and...

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Jelly Bean Snake Can Trick
Jelly Bean Snake Can
Trick by Graffix Magic - $19.99

This is not your grandfather's Snake Can! Why? What can be so different? Because you don't have to switch the empty can for the snake-filled one! That's what makes The Jelly Bean Snake Can so amazing and why we recommend it so highly at AmazeKids. Imagine this. You offer some jellybeans to a...

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Break Away Fan Trick
Break Away Fan
Trick - $15.00

You take out a Japanese fan to use for a volunteer to hold. Next you ask him or her to be VERY careful with it because it is very valuable. You fan it and as an afterthought hand it over to an assisting spectator to fan likewise. Wonder of wonders! When the assistant opens it, the blades of the...

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Finger Flower Production Trick
Finger Flower Production
Trick by Mr. Magic - $8.00

The performer magically produces different colored flowers, one at a time from bare hands, causing an effective colorful opening to his/her platform/stage show. The trick is easy to perform, very strong in effect. This package contains 16 beautiful flowers in various colors! Set of 16

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Airborne Flower Power Trick
Airborne Flower Power
Trick by G Sparks - $55.00

You show a Single Stem Flower Vase holding a single flower stem.  Magically they Float Around. Bringing the vase to rest, you add the secret ingredient, Water. While pouring the water into the vase you completely let the vase go. The Vase remains Floating in Mid-Air with the water pouring...

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