Triangle of Terror

Trick by Keith Fields ($45.00)

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Imagine this: You attach a leash to a wooden triangle that is used in billiards games. You balance a cup of water on it. Then you swing it, whirling it around, over and over again in a giant circle over your head! The water stays in the cup. The cup stays on the triangle and the audience is riveted to their seats! It's all written up in Keith’s book ‘If Ever A Wiz There Was’ and now he's made it available to the magic community.

This is a fantastic effect which will keep them talking. And though it takes a knack, and some practice, it's much easier than it looks because you have the science of centripetal force working for you. Perhaps this is why Keith and school show magician Doug Scheer have made this a highlight of their educational magic shows in schools.

You may be thinking, "I could never do that," but Doug Scheer actually teaches a kid audience member how to do it during his show! And he or she is successful, every time!

The set is complete and exactly as Keith uses in his shows. All you need to add is a cup of water.

If you want to do something really impressive then buy two sets and have double the fun. See the above video. If Keith can do this with two triangles, then certainly YOU can amaze your audiences with Triangle of Terror.


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