Breakaway Crayon - Red

Trick by Danny Orleans
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Breakaway Crayon - Red

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Trick by Danny Orleans ($55.00)

In stock. Order in the next 4 hours, 44 minutes and it will go out today!
Breakaway Crayon - Red - magic

What happens when a giant crayon marries the Breakaway Wand? In 1981, Danny Orleans found out. He invented the "Breakaway Crayon." It's been one of the best sight gags in his children's show ever since. Although a smaller, inferior model was "manufactured without permission" for a number of years, Danny finally shared his version with family entertainers all over the world.

You show the oversize, 14" long, red wooden crayon to the children. That's when you'll get your first big reaction. The sheer size of it makes an impact. Then, when you hand it off to a child and it falls apart in his hands you'll get an even bigger laugh. Finally, you explain how to "fix" the pieces, only to have it fall apart yet again, in your hands, creating one more very funny moment.  Click on the video and see it all in Danny's live show.

If you have a parade of break-away props in your show, or perform a Coloring Book Routine, this will be a welcome addition and a perfect fit to enhance your presentations for children and family audiences.The crayons are "Made in the USA" by Lupe Nielsen of Nielsen Magic. Each is 14" long, made of solid poplar, two coats of glossy red paint, and a paper wrapper. Handling tips and instructions are included.

With every order, you'll get a FREE COPY of Danny Orleans' e-book, Break Away, which has 21 approaches from different magicians on how they handle the Breakaway Wand and other Breakaway props.

These were a total sell out at FISM2015 and again two months later at Magic Weekend in Sweden. Add a classic comedy bit to your show with a decidedly different prop. Watch your audience break out into a burst of laughter when you perform Danny Orleans' Red Breakaway Crayon!


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Erica Hughes

Like so many of us, I've used the breakaway wand for years. But no more! Danny's break away crayon is wonderful, and much more memorable. I've had mine for 2 years. I just bought another so I can hand one to both of my onstage helpers :)