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At AmazeKids., we take great pride in regularly improving our selection to ensure you always have access to all of the latest and greatest magic tricks—from sensational new effects to re-released classics.

Scroll down to see all of our favorite new magic tricks, or view a complete list of our newest magic tricks, magic books and, of course, magic downloads. Nearly every item has a video demo and, if you have any questions, we're always here to help!

The Yellow Adventure Trick
The Yellow Adventure
Trick by Aprendemagia - $75.00 NOW $57.00 (SAVE $18.00)

Here's a new and incredible magic trick for children. THE YELLOW ADVENTURE is an adventure story in which a series of surprising and unexpected events take place. The routine begins with the selection of one of the protagonists by someone from the audience. They will choose one of three...

Scott Green... And The Kitchen Sink DVD
Scott Green... And The Kitchen Sink
DVD by - $99.00

Scott Green is one of the rising stars in the field of children’s magic. In this 3-DVD set, he shares two different 45-minute shows and 18 original routines--some of them with props you may already own. The DVDs contain 10 hours of content that include: Live performance video in three...

Tarbell Course in Magic Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Tarbell Course in Magic
Book by Harlan Tarbell - Various prices

You hear this set talked about often, and it’s one you should own. But in the interest of honesty, let us tell you WHY you should own it, which may not be the reason you’re thinking of.  There’s very little in Tarbell you can read and perform AS IS. It was written long ago, and the...

AmazeCups Trick
Trick by Werry - $24.95

Coins. Glitter. Salt. Milk. Juice. M&Ms. You can make so many things appear when you perform AmazeCups. You show three small cups, one at a time. Each is completely empty. Snap your fingers and you can pour a stream of shiny pennies, a cascade of sprinkles, or a cupful of milk. Watch the video...

Wonder Pop Trick
Wonder Pop
Trick by Danny Weiser and Gee Magic - $39.95

Transform a floating soap bubble into a lollipop! It’s literally a double transformation eye-candy trick for kids. And it’s delightfully easy and fun to do. You explain, “Here’s how magicians make lollipops.” Then you blow a soap bubble using the familiar circular ring and bottle of...

Mini Cube to Chocolate Project Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Mini Cube to Chocolate Project
Trick by Henry Harrius - $74.95

When you instantly change a mini-Rubik’s Cube into a bunch of M&Ms, your audience’s jaws will drop. This is literally eye-candy. Henry Harrius has redefined cube magic with his extraordinary gimmicks and new techniques. His Mini Cube to Chocolate Project adds another dimension to anyone who...

Be More Funny Sample Magic download (ebook)
Be More Funny Sample
Magic download (ebook) by Christopher T. Magician and Christopher Barnes - Free

Download this free sample of Be More Funny to get a taste of Chris Barnes' terrific new book!

Book by Christopher T. Magician - $45.00

Get a master class in how to build comedy routines for adult and family audiences. Christopher W. Barnes' (internationally known as Christopher T. Magician) book, explains how he creates routines from the ground up. In its 492 pages, he lays out 29 classic comedy magic tropes (classic plots)...

Break Away Magic download (ebook)
Break Away
Magic download (ebook) by - $10.00

The Breakaway Wand. If you think it’s magic’s biggest cliché, wait until you've read this e-book! The traditional approach where the onstage kid assistant is blamed for the collapsing wand has been turned on its ear. You’ll learn modern-day strategies from 21 different working magicians from all...

The Cocktail Trick
The Cocktail
Trick by Gustavo Raley - $69.95

Imagine performing the classic effect, Sands of the Desert with colorful liquids! An original effect that is visual, easy to do and makes a big impact on your audiences. Click on the video to see this perplexing, audience-pleasing routine. You show an empty bucket, and three...

Magic Squeaky - Free Download Magic download (video)
Magic Squeaky - Free Download
Magic download (video) by JL Magic - Free

Learn this routine which you can do if you own Magic Squeaky!

Socks by Michel Huot Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Socks by Michel Huot
Trick by Michel Huot - $39.95

Doing unusual things with unusual props is a guaranteed way to make memorable magic. That's why Michel Huot's "Socks" is the most arresting, commercial piece of mentalism we've released in years. This trick, destined to become a hit, is simple and strong in premise: you display two...

Topsy Popsy Wand Trick
Topsy Popsy Wand
Trick by Unknown - $17.50 NOW $13.30 (SAVE $4.20)

Funniest. Wand. Ever. This is one of the funniest magic wands you'll ever use because the sight gag plays really big. When you give this big, plastic wand a squeeze in the center, one of the white tips pops off! Pick it up and put it back on and the other tip pops off! So much fun! ...

Rabbit Hand Puppet Trick
Rabbit Hand Puppet
Trick by - $49.95

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND... Perry Maynard and the LAS VEGAS MAGIC COMPANY bring back, by popular demand, the ORIGINAL MAGIC MASTERS SPRING ANIMALS. These adorable life-like "critters" are designed and hand crafted exclusively by the Las Vegas Magic Company. Each one is just...

AbracaDAMMIT! 2 Disaster Stories & Life Lessons From the World's Top Magicians Book
AbracaDAMMIT! 2 Disaster Stories & Life Lessons From the World's Top Magicians
Book by Benjamin Zabin - $19.95

AbracaDAMMIT! 2 is a compilation of mistakes and life lessons from the world's top magicians! This is a cherished collection of candid conversations. Imagine if someone transcribed TED Talks delivered by exceptional professionals in the magic industry and put them into a book. Each...

Lost Fish Trick
Lost Fish
Trick by Aprendemagia - $35.00 NOW $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

Q: What do children love more than Magic? A: Disney. But they get Disney and Magic when you perform Lost Fish at your next kids show. This routine combines Disney-like artwork, animated movie characters, and a cool robotic fish to create magic. Imagine how well you...

The Daycare Magician FREE Sample Magic download (ebook)
The Daycare Magician FREE Sample
Magic download (ebook) by - Free

A 23-page sample of The Daycare Magician by Tom Boleware.

The Comedy Cockpit! Book or download
The Comedy Cockpit!
Book or download by Graham Hey - $14.95

A brand new collection of visual gags, one liners and ideas for anyone who would like to add a bit of comedy to their stage act or close-up performances! These are easy-to-do bits and pieces that will get you laughs! You don't need to be a pro! The Comedy Cockpit! is 28 pages and contains a load...

The Daycare Magician Magic download (ebook)
The Daycare Magician
Magic download (ebook) by - $29.00

Ever met a pro kids magician who, for 20 years, also owned a childcare center? What could he teach you about doing kids magic at preschools? As it turns out, quite a lot! And it’s all in Tom Boleware’s e-book The Daycare Magician. First published over 10 years ago, Amazekids’ Danny...

Magic Squeaky Trick
Magic Squeaky
Trick by JL Magic - $15.00

Imagine a squeaker with a secret on-off switch. A squeaker that you can control, so you can make it squeak, but your spectator can’t! Imagine the possibilities! Well, at AmazeKids we have not only imagined such a Squeaker, but we’ve made it a reality. Check out the video for Magic Squeaky! ...

Rocco's SUPER BRIGHT Prisma Lites Pair JUNIOR (Green)  Trick
Rocco's SUPER BRIGHT Prisma Lites Pair JUNIOR (Green)
Trick by Rocco Silano - $14.95 NOW $11.36 (SAVE $3.59)

Rocco, the originator of "light from anywhere" and Murphy's Magic are proud to announce SUPER BRIGHT PRISMA LITES™ JUNIOR. For hundreds of years magicians have dreamed of harnessing light with their bare hands. With SUPER BRIGHT PRISMA LITES™ JUNIOR you will have the ability to...

Transition Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic and Way - $29.95

Audiences love seeing one object magically transform into another. And turning Coke into water? WOW! Transition is a very visual magic. Effects: 1. Cola slowly flows out and changes into water. Slowly pour the bottle into a glass. As the liquid flows from behind...

Doors Illusion Trick
Doors Illusion
Trick by - $21.00

The magician shows a toy building-block box all around, and then opens the doors front and back to show that it is empty. Closing the doors, the magician instantly re-opens them to reveal that a mini-performer has appeared inside the box! No sleight of hand necessary. You receive a complete set...

Twister Flavor Trick
Twister Flavor
Trick by Tumi Magic - $34.95 NOW $26.56 (SAVE $8.39)

Kids, teens, adults... everyone likes gum! That's why Twister Flavor is so great for close-up and parlor magicians no matter if their audience is young or old. Check out the video and you'll see why this hyper-visual trick will appeal to all ages. Be honest, when was the last time you saw a...

Extreme Change Bag Accessory
Extreme Change Bag
Accessory by - $85.00

Imagine you putting an object -- any object -- into a change bag and suddenly the rim of the bag is engulfed in flames! Now, with Jim Pace's Extreme Change Bag, you can make it happen. This is a revolutionary way to perform a transformation. Here are just a few great ideas that you can do at a...