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Russian Roulegg (Brown) Trick
Russian Roulegg (Brown)
Trick by Luis Enrique Peralta - $60.00

A Russian Roulette style routine that is suitable for ALL ages. An egg is placed into 1 of 4 paper bags. All of the bags are then closed and then quickly mixed to ensure nobody is able to track which bag holds the egg. A spectator is then invited to try and figure out where the egg is. They can...

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub -  Full Show Script Magic download (ebook)
Scrub-a-Dub-Dub - Full Show Script
Magic download (ebook) by Danny Orleans and Chris Michael - $25.00

Preventing the spread of germs and viruses. That’s the #1 topic on everyone’s mind. That’s why AmazeKids’ Danny Orleans and Chris Michael have written a magic show that you can do for young children that speaks to this very topic. Click on the video to see Chris talk about how he booked the Scrub-a...

Becoming FizzWizzPop Magic download (ebook)
Becoming FizzWizzPop
Magic download (ebook) by Nikola Arkane - $25.00

How do you go from unemployed to becoming the busiest kids magician in your country? You’ll find out how Nikola Arkane did it when you read her semi-autobiography Becoming FizzWizzPop. This ebook details her journey. It’s a step-by-step guide to working with children through performance and turning...

Scrub-A-Dub-Dub (Show Outline) - Free Download Magic download (ebook)
Scrub-A-Dub-Dub (Show Outline) - Free Download
Magic download (ebook) by Danny Orleans and Chris Michael - Free

Here’s an idea for a show that will allow you to give back to your community and teach young children about how to prevent the spread of the virus. Chris Michael, a magician from Virginia has already booked this themed show to preschools in his area in the weeks before schools were shutting...

Hydrostatic Wine Glass Trick
Hydrostatic Wine Glass
Trick by Jeimin Lee and Alan Wong - $45.00

Impossibly suspend water in mid-air! From Tenyo magician and Silk Thru Phone creator Jeimin Lee comes the amazing Hydrostatic Wine Glass. This is a true worker for professional magicians and is perfect for any parlor or stage magic performance. First, you fill an elegant, long-stem wine glass with...

Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers (Download) Magic download (video)
Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers (Download)
Magic download (video) by Danny Orleans - $75.00

Teenagers! They are so obnoxious and skeptical! Right? Not necessarily! Danny Orleans is an expert in presenting magic to preteen and teenage audiences. In this download, he shares over 35 years of experience performing more than 2000 shows at junior highs, high schools and private parties...

Unicorns, Dragons and Bookworms…Oh My! Magic download (ebook)
Unicorns, Dragons and Bookworms…Oh My!
Magic download (ebook) by Tom Hughes - $29.00

“Imagine Your Story.” That’s the 2020 Collaborative Summer Library Program theme. Are you ready to incorporate that theme in your summer library show? Tom Hughes is. And he’s sharing his approach plus 12 new routines in his just-released ebook, “Unicorns, Dragons and Bookworms…Oh My!” Tom’s name...

Never Out Action Games Book
Never Out Action Games
Book by John Breeds - $35.00

Simon Says. Musical Chairs. Hide and Seek. What’s the biggest problem with running traditional games at kids parties? One by one, the kids are eliminated. And we all remember from our childhood that it never feels good to be “out.” Along with being a magician, do you run games for the kids at...

Food To Go 2.0 Trick
Food To Go 2.0
Trick by George Iglesias and Twister Magic - $50.00

In our opinion, this prop should be named “Anything to Go.” Because you can show it empty on both sides and produce just about anything from it! A book, a doll, a baseball, burgers, headphones, candy bars, a cupcake, a coffee cup…the list is endless. This is a 21st century version of U.F. Grant’s...

Pringles Go Trick
Pringles Go
Trick by Julio Montoro and Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $29.95 NOW $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

Kids love snacks. Pringles potato chips are a snack. So kids love Pringles. Right? Of course! And when we do magic with snacks that kids love… well maybe that’s why Pringles Go has been a hit for kid show entertainers. Check out just how fast the can’s label changes from green to red in the video...

Santa's List Trick
Santa's List
Trick by Scott Green - $29.00

Imagine if a child could pick a toy from Santa’s List and you could make that toy appear in a box, bag or even from Santa’s Sack! Sound impossible? Not if you perform Scott Green’s Santa’s List! Each list is over three feet long, printed in red and green ink on glossy paper, so it’ll glisten like a...

Buzz Kill Trick
Buzz Kill
Trick by John Bannon - $19.99

Kids will delight at the cartoon images of flying insects that appear, vanish and transform in John Bannon's Buzz Kill. It's a packet trick that packs a STING! Buzz Kill is a brilliant bit of commercial magic that packs small (just a thin packet of cards) but will be your most remembered routine....

The Zombie Book Book
The Zombie Book
Book by - $50.00

The Zombie Book – it’s not what you think it is! No floating silver balls here! It’s a full-blown kid show routine filled with thrills, chills and silly, scary stuff. Perfect for the Halloween or a show themed with ghoulish creatures. This trick starts with you showing a “Family Picture Album”...

Bretzels Trick
Trick by Mickael Chatelain - $39.95

Everyone loves pretzels. They’re salty. They’re crunchy. And now you can link them together thanks to Mickael Chatelain. This is a sensational close-up trick for a party, the bar or restaurant, or any place that you’d naturally find pretzels. The name of the trick, “Bretzels,” means “pretzels” in...

Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition Trick
Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition
Trick by Martin Lewis - $69.95

Martin Lewis has done it again. And this time it’s for the children’s magician. If his famous Cardiographic Sketch Pad met up with the Look Don’t See Principle, you’d get the Action Bunny Birthday Cardiographic Lite. Watch the video and you’ll see the potential for your kids birthday party shows....

Custom Party Prep Video Magic download (video)
Custom Party Prep Video
Magic download (video) by - $97.00

Ever wish your birthday party client had everything “just right” when you arrived? A parking space reserved for you Toys hidden so they won’t distract the kids A room that’s just the right size A start time that anticipates late comers Seating for the adults …and more AmazeKids has the solution....

A.F. Table Accessory
A.F. Table
Accessory by Lee Jah Bond and Magiclism Store - $139.95

Walk into the living room filled with kids. Make your table appear. Put your case on top. Open it and start your show. No set up time. No prep. Every kid show magician's dream? Check out the video and you'll see a table that will help you achieve that goal. It's the A.F. Table (The AF is for...

Maximum Entertainment 2.0: Expanded & Revised Book
Maximum Entertainment 2.0: Expanded & Revised
Book by Ken Weber - $39.95

Ken Weber has done something remarkable: he has written a modern classic. This site is NOT about hyperbole, so you won’t hear us mention this often. Many magic books—good magic books—will have their moment and then fade away. This book is here to stay. It’s an undisputed classic. And a success!...

Marketing on-a-Budget for Kids Entertainers Magic download (ebook)
Marketing on-a-Budget for Kids Entertainers
Magic download (ebook) by - $25.00

Getting the gigs. That’s probably the biggest challenge for kids entertainers. And getting them without spending a lot of money. Right? Meet the expert you’ve never heard of -- Mitch Zeltzer. Nope, he’s not a magician, but he’s probably the most qualified guy we’ve ever met to teach you about...

Inside the Cage Magic download (ebook)
Inside the Cage
Magic download (ebook) by Graham Hey - $19.95

Graham Hey knows what tickles kids’ funny bones. And you will too when you get his 24-page e-book, Inside the Cage. His combination of quirky and oh-so-silly routines and bits o’ business can be instantly injected into your kids show to make them roar with laughter.How much funny can be packed into...

Airship Wand Trick
Airship Wand
Trick by Silly Billy Entertainment - $47.00

Bigger is better—especially when you’re doing kid shows. And that’s why Silly Billy’s 6-foot Airship Wand is a great fit for the children’s entertainer. It’s an inflatable wand that packs small, and when you blow it up it’ll be 6 foot tall. Funniest part? When your kid helper tries to wave it in...

Clap and Cheer - Free Sample Magic download (ebook)
Clap and Cheer - Free Sample
Magic download (ebook) by - Free

Download this free sample to get a flavor of what Clap and Cheer by Tom Hughes is all about.

Clap and Cheer Magic download (ebook)
Clap and Cheer
Magic download (ebook) by Tom Hughes - $19.00

“Clap and Cheer!” It’s the cry of the busker—the street performer—who captivates a crowd, delights them with his antics, and then passes his hat to earn a daily wage. What’s that got to do with kid shows? Actually, everything! “Clap and Cheer!” It’s the cry of the busker—the street performer—who...

Lotz of Magic for Kidz Book
Lotz of Magic for Kidz
Book by - $49.95

In this new 200-page book LOTZ of MAGIC for KIDZ, John Breeds treats you to over 30 routines from his working repertoire. His full explanations, attention to the smallest detail, and over 300 crystal-clear illustrations and photos show you how someone with 35 years of performing experience...

Animal Mistake Trick
Animal Mistake
Trick by Professor Otto and Luis Zavaleta - $39.95

How can you fit a magical collection of kids' favorite animals in your pocket? Imagine a magical piece of folding paper that gets really, really big ... and it's filled with colorful cartoon images of kids' favorite animals. Now imagine those images morphing into each other each time you unfold the...