Kids Show Masterclass Free Video Series

Magic download (video) by Danny Orleans (Free)

We are so excited about this. 'Kids Show Masterclass' is a brand new weekly video series that is COMPLETELY FREE. Each week, Danny Orleans is going to share something new. From tricks, to audience management tips to performance advice. This promises to be an absolute treasure trove of material.

Magicians tend to closely guard their 'real-world performances' but in this series, Danny fives you a first person view of his show, how he prepares and how he deals with unprecedented situations. It is a rare and valuable opportunity to learn from one of America's best kids show performers.

Download this video and new episode will be added each week.


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Christopher Kram

The Master class is short,to the point and has improved my kids shows greatly. Just because they are free don't underestimate these, even the pro's could find something useful, as we all need to keep learning and improving. And I am always looking for feedback good or bad.